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I worked in a 500 cover a night restaurant as my first real job in a kitchen. Now I work in a starred restaurant, and I can cook the other guys under the table. Stick with a busy place, because you can learn to cook quality, if you already know how to handle the pressure. Having all the quality but crumbling when you have 3 tables away is worthless.   As for the BS? Rise above it. You're a prep chef, you have no responsibility. If something goes wrong, its someone elses...
If your pull cutting is what I imagine it to be, consider getting a cleaver.
Does anyone have any idea what    http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-01/enhanced/webdr05/9/12/enhanced-buzz-6067-1389288787-0.jpg   is? I've got blood orange segments, lentils, striped bass, but i dont recognise the puree..
If you're using a serrated that much, maybe you should consider getting the tojiro itk bread knife.
Probably old eggs
Personally I don't like the handle on the Ikon, the end cap to me is just something that looks 'fancy', but adds unneeded weight, and changes the balance of the knife. Probably in a negative way.   If you're okay with German - most people want Japanese. They have distinct differences in just about everything.    I prefer the CN because in my experience it had little to no disadvantages. I couldn't really tell at the time, but the blade was thin, easy to get very...
Okay, heres what I'd say. First off, scratch Pernods comment about not expecting duty. Expect it. If you get away with it, then you're happy, if you don't then you aren't any worse off. Don't expect it and you're going to be very angry when you get a bill for £20 customs.   Forget all the stuff on Amazon. I've used co workers I O Shens and I find them poor. They're very heavy due to the handle, and I can't find any info on the alloy they're from. So, I'd guess its...
I would flip out if someone did that to my food..
I've only worked in a couple of places, but I haven't seen these anywhere else. Excuse me if its a common thing and I'm just ignorant about it. When I worked Italian, we had kind of drop wells in front of the flat top, where all the ala minute pastas were made. They were the perfect size for four 9pans to be slotted in to. We had salt, pepper, chilli paste, garlic paste (literally just pureed garlic and olive oil, made in house), capers, anchovies, chilli flakes and...
I'm confused as to why you can't get the knife sharp. AFAIK they are made from an xcrmov, and should be able to get reasonably sharp but not keep it for long. As for the ebay thing, just relist it.
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