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My mom had once cook the stuffed pepper, and I like it very much. It reminds me of my mom. After qick review the recipes, it seems not much difficult and I would have a good try.
My friends and I are planning a outside camp next week. I would prefer the place besides a lake or a river where we can catch some fresh fish for our camp treat, and I think it would be very delicious and different from those we eat at home or restaurant.
  Good! This step is a huge challenge for me. If there is rare need to render the fat from the breast, that would become much easier for me. However, if it would be more tasty, I would challenge this step.
    It must tast delicious! But step 7 looks much complicated for me if I try by myself, although duck is my favorite.  
I think Khaleeji Cuisine is a good name for your new business.
I had stewed duck last night. It tasts very delicious! Very easy to cook. The most important step is to frying the duck with all the needy sauce before put it into stewpot.
I'm new in the Community too. Nice to meet you guys here. Hopefully, we will share information together.
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