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Ok so ...Ive had a job offer to work downtown on the square at one of the best places in the area. Its a line cooks job with less pay but more to learn would it look bad on my rrdume to gave moved backwards?
You guys did. The forums have been a HUGE help and even if im not posting im learning alit by reading and adapting advice from everyone to my place
Okay new laptop and some time to drop a post. My stress level has went to almost nonexistant. I'm enjoying work again now. The problem child I originally posted about decided to no call no show on a friday night. No one could save him from his own stupidity then. Since hes been gone I've been relaxed and having fun again with it. The Owners actually turning over more and more to me so its slowly really becoming my kitchen an staff. I just hired a new line cook after a...
And Bubba my laptop died im on from my phone. Sorry for the spelling errors
Young gun is loyal to me. Tge cul svool program director is finding me a new slot. And yes taking the kid with me. Were off this equivlent of the uss galaxy.. .and im starting school. 4 5am-2am shifts back to back was more than i could handle sadly. Guess im getting old
Because the owner hates firing anyone and a top that tge problem here hikd is best buddies with the gm. Ot seems like rhe only control i get over my kitchen is specials and ordering. The director at tge cul school has offered to find me a lateral job that will work around my school. Monday if this doesnt change anything i am going to take hin up on it.
Okay so another update. Yet again 19 year old stepping up and kicking up thse slack..hes actually decided he wants this life as a career.The older problem child is still a problem. Last night at 1am he called off of breakfast/lunch so 3 hours later I'm in the kitchen plugging away. My boss once more has been ignoreing my requests to get help wanted ads up and try to get me a new cook because he refuses to let the guy go. On a side note, after spending almost every...
I guess maybe its sysco. I'm from the gulf coast of florida grew up with seafood and good fish so one of my strong points here in Wisconsin is knowing seafood better than the next guy. I'lll try contacting Hon Fish directly.
Okay so. My 19 year old is stepping up majorly. I followed Meez's advice on that one. Now running my kitchen with the older problem child? He went around me this week to have his hour adjusted to not close at 10 then be back at 10am. for lunch. Soooo...that set off a bad service to start but unsual for me I was able to not say a word until after service and again did what meez suggested and reminded him this is *MY* name on the food and its my reputation not his on the...
True enough and I guess its time to run a craigslist ad for a new line cook. After service friday night I've been considering just what you're suggesting in terms of firing him. Friday I about did on the spot. I have my flattop grill full melts and sandwiches typical friday in a grill and pub. I told him to get me some bacon in the oven, he proceeds while I was plating to drop it on my flattop when I turned around, my melts had bacon grease all over the bread. 5 new...
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