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Hi! I'm opening up a take out food/catering business and I'm looking for a commerical kitchen to lease in SFV. Preferably northridge. I am also open to leasing a kitchen from a non operating restaurant/lounge/bar. Maybe taking over their lease. Only serious inquiries. Help! Thanks! Contact me 310-993-8646 Dee
EDG,   I truly appreciate your post. You opened my eyes and made me realize that there could be something wrong with the idea or the type of cuisine. I have made an extensive research and believe it or not but NO ONE has ever opened a Khaleeji cuisine in the U.S. Khaleejis are a small percentage here in the U.S. Most of them come to pursue their education and go back to their countries. I will consider everything you said. Khaleeji cuisine is a bit similar to Indian...
Thank you. I really like the name but it's kind of typical. I named my business ChefKhaleeji.
Cardamom in the Arab world is called Hail. Close to what you said :) I'll definitely update you guys so you can learn about my kind of cuisine, the Khaleeji cuisine :) You'll love it. So flavorful and different :)
I totally agree about the Gulfspice. Funny because my business partner has always said there's something wrong about this name I don't like it. LOL. I thank you for all your suggestions and kind comment. I decided I'm going to name my business ChefKhaleeji :)   Thanks!
Thank you so much I will consider your advice. You're right gulfspice is weird, maybe Arabianspice or Khaleejispice.
Hi everyone, My name is Dee, a 25 yrs old female international student residing in California. I, originally come from Kuwait. I'm launching a new catering business in September and it's dedicated only for the type of cuisine from my side of the world. The Arabian gulf countries. A little brief about them, there are 6 Arabian gulf countries and theyre Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. The catering business idea came mostly from my fellow students who...
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