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I drooled a bit while reading your post... I imagine the result to be incredible. It might take some time for me though... and maybe some trial and error, as I have never made ice-cream before and this seems a bit tricky.   I'll try to find Lebovitz's recipe and I might give it a try next weekend. I'll post the result here, of course.
I love to make a specific kind of sauce when I'm camping, and it goes something like this:     I cook the ripe tomatoes on the grill or straight over the fire until the outer side is easy to peel off, then put them in a dish with garlic, olive oil and paprika. I sometimes add a bit of vinegar and black pepper too.   I don't know what it's called, It's just something my grandma used to do when we were camping.
There is a specific type of sausage that goes great cooked in the fire, not on the grill / coals. It's called "cabanos", It's a kind of dry and smoked sausage, made out of pork / beef. All the grease melts over the fire, and the result is just delicious.
Yes, I wrote potatoes but I meant vegetables :)Should have mentioned that I'm both curious and confused.   Only tried it once, and it was a variation that I've found online, the recipe involved some chicken breast as well. However, the tastes didn't mix so well, so I haven't tried anything similar since. I will try Thomas Keller's version, maybe that will change my mind.
Congrats for all that you've done so far, and all that you will do. With that kind of ambition, I'm sure it will all work out for the best. After all, there is more to life than rules and procedures, and if you will put all your arguments on the table for your teachers to "digest", I'm sure they will be able to respond to reason.   I wish you the best of luck, your kid is lucky to have you as a father.
I'm looking to surprise somebody special and the idea is to combine these elements into a desert, but i have yet to discover a proper recipe to do it. Any ideas?
Any opinions on ratatouille? i was always curious about that potato and meat combination
  I have to agree. I have tasted "gulas" some years ago, in Romania (there are many Hungarians living there, and this meal was prepared for me by an old lady in an iron pot, on a fire in the garden). I have to say that I've tried to reproduce that recipe many times... couldn't even come close to it. So I must second that thought, original ingredients are a must (and I mean pork grease, not olive oil, and so on).
Welcome, A9.   Great to have you here, you're one more awesome Chef I'm sure I can learn alot from. Best of luck with your catering and the upcoming wedding.  
  There are also some acrylic 3d paints that you could use. They work best on glass, but they hold up OK on plastic too. The paint has the consistency of rubber/latex once it's dried (it only takes about 10 minutes to dry) I think you can find those in craft stores, that's where I got mine (I used it to make a personalized coffee mug).
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