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Sorry i wasnt very clear earlier.     what i have been doing the past 18 months is first par cooking my chips by steaming them for around 30 minutes then frying them for roughly 3 minutes or until golden brown in oil (180'c)   but recently the chips havent been tasting the same.   i was just wondering how other people have been cooking chips to make them taste better. i have tried triple cooked chips but im not a fan
Ive been having a few issues at work with our chips wondered if any one could help   For the last 18 months we have been steaming the chips in the oven with garlic, thyme, salt and pepper but recently the results havent been the same, we have tried 3 different types of potatoes and different cooking times but the end product isnt as nice as we want.   can anyone help? or have any good ideas for the perfect chips?   thanks
Looking for some killer recipes for pork dishes, just recently took one of my pigs to slaughter so i looking for a little imspiration!   So far ive got one of the legs soaking in Brine for around 2 weeks and then im planning on hanging it for a few months...   And im thinking of making some sort of pancetta with the belly soon.   Any ideas, and recipes for these things, or anything else would be cool. Thanks
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