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Has anyone ever tried their hand at a Tiramisu Wedding cake?  I have (or had) a great recipe, and tried all over Houston (in 2004) for someone to make it for me...  But all said NO!  Even though I was having a very small wedding (20 people), and it is the only cake that I really love.
Mini Ky Hot Browns, Mint Juleps (in your Juleps Cups of course), spicy beer cheese and crackers, Cheese Grits casserole squares, Tomato Aspic, Benedictine Finger Sandwiches, Pimento Cheese Finger Sandwiches, Olive Nut Sandwiches, Bread Pudding, Bourbon pecan balls, Bourbon Adult Snowcones...   (ditto on the Beaten Biscuits, a little mayonnaise, and Ky Country Ham (so yum)).
Five Leading (mother) sauces (used to create a wide variety of small/compound sauces) Bechamel: milk & Roux (below popular small sauces) Cream Cheddar Mornay (add gruyere and parmesan) Nantua (add heavy cream and crayfish butter, paprika) Soubise (sweat onion in butter (no browning), add bechamel and simmer fully cook, strain) Veloute: White Stock (fowl/...
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