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Nicely done.  I'm going back to spend more time reading through your posts.  I think you'll find this especially helpful as you progress and look back on your journey.  Good luck.  If you'd like to trade links, let me know.  My blog is PM me if you are interested  I think your blog would be of interest to my readers who may be interested in pursuing a culinary career.  It's a new blog, but I have followers from my other blogs and from Pinterest.
I have a blog: PM me if you are interested.  I'd be happy to trade links with you.  My blog highlights my 40+ years cooking, entertaining, and catering special events.  I cover food through recipes, techniques and hints.  Check it out and let me know if you want to trade links.
You are so lucky to have received such a gift.  This set is discontinued, and it can be hard to find.  Even the eBay price of $60 is a good deal.  I've had this cookbook set since the 1970's when it was first published, and it is a treasure.  Start out by browsing Volume 20, which is the index and glossary.  Just that volume alone is worth its weight in gold!    In volume 17, pg 127, there is a wonderful recipe for a "Salmon and Cavier Checkerboard."  I've made this...
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