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Scottish recipe: AP flour/33% cornstarch/light ale/Onion salt/pepper/pinch of garlic/tumeric/pinch baking powder/pinch sugar   Use whitefish: halibut/cod/haddock/tilapia/catfish/mackerel(it's oily, careful)   Chips:  If you're american, cut "steak fries."  Chips are much thicker in the BCW than in the states...wait, you call them "fries."   I fry my fish/chips in peanut oil mixed with lard.  No, I'm not concerned with the health effects, just the...
Drugs, alcohol and incompetence all have absolutely no place in a commercial kitchen.  I rarely give a warning; if I do, there's just one.  One and done.  It's a matter of who you surround yourself with, pissants or people that actually have some passion for the kitchen.
Drugs: Fired. Hungover: Fired. Still Drunk: Fired. Unable to deal with a rush: Fired.   How hard is that?
Try more things; cook them different ways.  Understand how they're supposed to taste, go from there.  Do you have a mentor?  If you can't taste and judge what you create it's kind of pointless.
My 2 cents:   I agree with Meez.  You're the perfect age. (We're the same age).  Whereas I ran my first kitchen 10 years ago, I met a lot of resentment from older cooks and applicants.  Now it's much easier to deal with, and I've made a name for myself.  We're young enough to run circles around the rooks as well as the old fogies.  We're old enough to know what we're doing.  That's perfect, as far as I'm concerned. :)
It's actually funny you posted that.  I worked at an oldschool italian place once upon a time and sometimes people would ask if they could have a shrimp scampi.  The owner (80yrs old, still worked on the line) would scream and cuss "It not onna da menu, she canna have it, you tell her to go -------" etc.  So what the server ended up doing was putting in a ticket for a linguine, garlic and oil, add shrimp.  That was perfectly fine.  Granted, it wasn't a scampi, but the...
For the record, I dropped out of Pre-Med to continue cooking.  Sayin'.  
When I was younger, I worked for a chef named Doug Harris (NOT the Doug Harris of Spinnaker's).  He grew up in Arizona or New Mexico and moved to upstate NY to raise a family, which is where I met him.  It was very early on in my career, and he taught me *many* things, from easier ways to filet a salmon to how to make marbled chocolate, mousse-filled desserts.  That's all on top of all the Mexican techniques he taught me.  He moved to Texas to take a job as the EC at a...
This is me, beating a dead horse.   When I was a kid and prepping, I didn't drive.  I called a cab 45 minutes before my shift, to make sure I was there at least 15 minutes early, no matter what.  I actually enjoyed being there early, because it gave me time to chat with the Chef.  I'd work alongside him off the clock and he ended up telling me "Know what, just clock in as soon as you get here everyday.  You bust your @ss, I see that."  That man taught me a lot about...
Exactly, Ed.
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