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For those who are interested, I tracked down Ignio Massari and got the answer from the horse's mouth......   MichaelGA guessed correctly.  Mistake in translation.  Should have read baking powder, not yeast.   Somewhat disappointing for me though, I thought I might have uncovered some new secret to even better pastry !  
Possibly flavouring, I guess.... but the dough already has lemon zest, honey, egg yolk, whole egg in there.   But then again, at 0.5% of flour weight, it's not going to provide much rise either.   The only other reference I've found to yeast in pastry so far is in relation to Coulibac. Which is a Russian dish, essentially salmon en-croute.  But instead of puff or rough-puff, it traditionally uses a yeasted dough to yield a flaky pastry.   But then that dough has a...
Hope someone here can enlighten me. Although I'm a relative newbie to the pastry biz, I thought I'd seen most of the common variations on the old pâte sucrée theme. Until today. Perusing a through a new acquisition to my library during some rare time-off, I encounter a recipe with a specific "rich shortcrust pastry" that calls for 5g of powdered yeast.  What's going on there then ? I've seen innumerable patsuc recipes in books from the Pierre Hermé type league...
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