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I'm fine getting it clean at the end of the night, we have the equipment for that, but during service I don't have anything other than my turner, which is alright for about an hour, but then stops keeping it clean. I'll look into getting something like what you've posted; don't suppose you have a link to a supplier do you?
I've just started a new job, where I'm working on the fish section. I'm required to use a plancher (I think thats the word for it, basically a flat top that you cook straight onto) to seal all the fish. The problem is that during a busy service, the thing gets ruined. Totally blackened, to the point where it starts to taint the fish that I'm cooking on it.    Anyone have any tips to keep this thing clean during service?
Hi all, I'm stating a new job in 2 weeks. I've only worked at one place prior to this, where instead of the tradition tickets we have screens which show you when an order comes on, and keep a timer next to the item. Obviously this means that if an item takes 12 mins to cook, you know when its been cooking 12 mins. The place I'm going to work has traditional tickets. I see this as my biggest worry in moving because I'm not really sure how to orientate my...
  I believe benuser was addressing me.   In the event that it's not a case of overgrind, what else would it be? What are the long term problems with an overgrind?   Do you have any idea how the carbonext (discount the f&f, handle comfort etc, purely talking about edge taking ability and profile) would compare to something like the misono sweden, or kono hd?   I want a new 240mm gyuto, the CN is high on my list, but I'm curious as to how good the knife is compared to...
What about when you clock in and out correctly, but then your wages are different?
I recently bought a vintage knife off ebay, wasn't all that expensive or anything. When I got it, I sharpened it up and I can see that there is an uneven point on the bevel that I've sharpened, only on one side, around 2/3 of the way up, the bevel is larger. The other side has a perfectly even bevel.   I think that this might be caused by the knife being slightly warped, but I can't see any bend in the knife. Is it because its bent or is there another issue at heart?
  In a nutshell, thats how I feel too.   When writing a CV for a new job, is supplying the reason that I've reached my learning capacity at my current place a good reason or will it lead the potential employer to think that I'll also leave when I've learnt everything there?   What other reason would be good?    I feel like going into the truth will be very damaging to my image to a new employer.
So, its been a month. I'm still pretty conflicted (moreso than ever maybe)   I had a meeting with my chef as I said. When I asked about a promotion, I was told that I had the ability but there just wasn't the position available at the moment. From this, I thought I was first in line for the promotion, but about a week after I had the meeting with him someone else got promoted to the position which I thought was mine. Oh.. and this guy lived with the sous chef for 4...
IMO there are pros and cons of clogs vs shoes.   Shoes are heavier, can have steel toe caps easier, stay on better, perhaps they could last longer.   Clogs are lighter. They can come off much easier if you manage to spill something in your shoe. They can have vents added in to them to get some air to your feet, or if not they are probably going to be more waterproof than shoes.   I wear bistro crocs. They are comfortable and I feel little to no pain in my...
If you have a 270mm gyuto, then there is no point at all getting a 240 suji. I'd also venture to say that a 270mm may end up being redundant.  I'd look at a 300, or longer.
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