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I read somewhere that roasting date seeds is a great substitute for coffee. You can even add other spices like cardamom to enhance a more mature flavor.   Has anyone any idea how I would go about roasting the dates, time, temperature, what to add with it, or any thoughts on this matter?   Thanks much!
Hello,   I made some wasabi from powder and let it sit a little so the flavors can mature, then i stuffed the wasabi inside a small batch of dates and then dipped them in tempered dark chocolate. They tasted great! The only thing is that when i came back to eat another date a few days later, the wasabi tasted horrible. I know that wasabi has a shelf life of two or three days max!    My question is how do the Japanese and Asians cover nuts and crackers in wasabi?...
After I stuff the date with wasabi, and after I cover it with tempered chocolate, what do you suppose I can garnish it with that wont be a hassle when I produce mass quantities? Also if I decide to stack them on top of eachother in a tray. 
Excellent! I figured that much but thank you for confirming it. Also, thank you for beating me with pairing dates and wasabi =) how did they turn out?
Hello, I'm trying to make a wasabi flavored filling that I can stuff inside dates, then roll the date like a cigar, then dip it the date in tempered chocolate. I would imagine this wasabi filling would be a bit on the confectionary side that can be used for pastries and sweets. Any ideas?
Cool, Thanks food pump.
Nice. Let me know what she says.
While I was attending culinary school. 
Staging is more important to you than your resume. You can't really brag about staging somewhere and/or put in on your resume. I mean you can, but unless you staged for some heavy hitter chefs and for a long time, then don't really stress staging.    If you want to play it safe, one of the easiest ways to get into another country's culinary industry is through a hotel. You can apply online and hotels hire tons of people all time with high turn over. Start messing...
If you were a restaurant owner and two guys are applying for a job. They both have great experience. One has a degree and the other doesn't. Who would you choose to work for you?   I have never staged at restaurants before. In the beginning, I would tell them that I wanted to stage and work for free and they would approve. But come time at the end of the month, They would end up paying me because of several reasons: They were once in my shoes, Their morals wouldn't...
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