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Try it in Paprika Chicken, Pork stews, Cabbage Rolls. Look up and click on the English version for a large recipe database, you will find many there.
Paprika in Hungary is produced in many districts, this is why  there are different tasting paprikas. Some districts claim theirs is the best, refuted by others of course. Generally, those from the southern "flat" lands are the highest quality. Some commercal producers in order to save costs mixed genuine Hungarian paprika with imported varieties, leading to prohibition of the practice.In fact, the lighter, orange colour paprika is the hot. The seeds, which are white, and...
Must not use nitrate in bacon !!! Nitrite is the go.
Thanks Petals, ChefOliver and Twyst for the suggestions, there is plenty there to play with !
Thank you Ordo, Jamie, as always, comes up with the good stuff !
Usually I serve sauté potatoes and garlic butter green beans with this dish, and looking for something different for sides. What is your favourite accompaniment ? Thyme is the herb I use for the duck.
Hey HealthyFood365, Which family's version of this much maligned dish are you discussing ..... ? I had one, a brother's, the bugger wants to keep his secret ingredient secret ! It was a standout in a field of a thousand recipes. I suspected a touch of nutmeg, but he didn't take the bait.
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