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The towel trick works pretty well, I prefer a towel laid into a sautee pan, same idea, quicker to set up. Also if you add your acid first it brings up the coagulation temp of the protein in the eggs. This will make it harder to scramble the eggs. A note on not scrambling eggs, keep your water just below a summer and don't stop whisking.
I personally add my butter off the heat. Reduction and egg yolk with a splash of water get whisked over the grill (boiling water would be better for a beginner) until the bottom of the bowl starts to streak. Then I add 6-8 oz of clarified butter per egg yolk.
I've never worked for a constant buffet, only put them out on mothers day and such. But, the first thing I would address is the resentment on the team. Generally it occurs when you have weak team members not striving for improvement. Sit everyone down and be straight with them. We've all been the weak link at some point and those of us that have had the experience being the strong player should be all about helping to make sure things go smoothly.
I don't wear them. I've never met another cook that seemed worth his weight that wore them.
Where in AZ? We have Diablo trust for beef, so many decent farms, queen creek olive mill, black mesa ranch sells great goat cheese and the occasional goat.
Steam can get much hotter than 212. 212 is simply the boiling point of water.
Flour salt water to desired consistency roll it into a snake and wrap around a stick
Still seems like a no brainer. Take the sous position unless apple bees is the sort of place you want to have to list on a resume
Can you elaborate a bit on the meat fork? I've never used one other than carving.
Not as long as you're sure to pat them dry upon removal from the brine
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