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Real world advice, I would suggest starting with a stage or maybe a part time kitchen job that you can do around your current job. Remember you can always cook at home, and chances are when you cook at home you'll be cooking the food you want to cook. I personally roll home, have a spoonful of peanut butter for dinner and go to sleep. I have not had a valentines day with my girlfriend or a mothers day with my mom in the last 10 years. Cooking is not the glam life that some...
hygiene? I've never worked for a place that required me to wear a hair or beard net, and I've managed to keep my hair out of the food. How exactly would one go about accidentally getting leg hair into the food, shorts or not. 
are you located in a large city?
Are you ready to earn in the 20's? Can you handle 55 hours a week? Are your knife skills still good? Have you read this? http://ruhlman.com/2010/09/so-you-wanna-be-a-chef%E2%80%94-by-bourdain-2/ 
I like my corn grilled like most of the others here have said, generally we put a little butter and parm on it. I've done it as a custard to go with shrimp. 
I've visited a few times, and I have a pretty good idea of what I'll be paying in rent. Thank you for the suggestion though!
Hey guys, I was wondering how you guys that transplanted to new york went about doing so? I have a trip planned to drop off resumes and maybe do a few trials if all goes well. Is it true that most places will only accept new york experience? I'm counting on it being super competitive. My plan was to only shoot for places that got at least 2 star reviews from the new york times. Should I look into smaller places as well? I'm a line cook with about 9 years experience. 23...
going to echo that one more time. As soon as it gets called the protein goes onto a sizzle platter on my board. This way it starts to temper even if I cant start it right away, and I know its on order. If you have an extra burner, keep a stack of hot pans on it, this will reduce cook times. If you don't have a burner try the oven on your stove, unless you use it during service.
Nothing magical about it, when the long starches freeze they break down into shorter starches which are sweet, freezing a raw potato will make it pretty sweet, so I'm sure some time in the fridge starts the process.
If it were my menu I would add leeks and get rid if the tomato and apple.
New Posts  All Forums: