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no towel under them, the towel on top is plenty. Good luck!
Alright you got me there, I'm on my way back into real restaurant life I swear!
Ross,my phone wont let me quote, the country club I worked for has been running benedict for $10 for years. I was under the impression it was fairly common? Then again I don't go out to breakfast often.
I would just use the weight from your second picture, or a cast iron skillet, or a brick wrapped in foil, or a #10 can 1/4 full of cement, or a sheet tray with #10 can on it, or anything else moderately heavy.
If you don't ask the answer is always no. Getting in at a place like alinea at 17 could be great for your career, assuming you have the skill you seem to think you do.
I just bought the gesshin in carbon steel. I'm loving it.
I assume you're in the phx area? I am as well, and I've never even set foot in a culinary school. I've worked some nice places and have a trial coming up for one of the nicer places in the city. We're not all culinary graduates. 
Thanks a lot man, I'll be placing an order tonight. I've never ordered from you, but I'm liking the customer service already
I'm looking to buy my first Gyuto, but I'm lefty. I've been looking at the Gesshin Uraku in white #2. The problem I'm having is that the knife pops up in the ambidextrous section but the pictures of it are single beveled. I sent an email to Jon a couple of nights ago, still waiting for a response. I was hoping one of you would have the answer in the mean time. 
I recently bought 3 pairs of pants. They all ripped within 3 weeks. I was told it was my fault and that they would not be replaced.
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