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Let me get this straight...you burned yourself. You told your chef you were fine. Your chef tried to give you an ice pack and you didn't take it. Now you're upset that he did say he was sorry because you burnt yourself? Just so we're clear here generally when I get a burn like that, I keep working. When my co-workers get burns like that, they keep working. When my chef gets a burn like that he keeps working. The kitchen world is rough. we get cuts, we get burns, some of us...
I really hope you're not charging by the hour. 10 hours to prepare 7 meals, even at 3 courses seems like a lot of time. I would look into charging a fee per meal.
The only product that comes to mind is bourbon. For me personally its all about flavor. I can understand people getting angry about name theft though.
Sorry my phone won't let me quote. Right now I work sautee and am training to expo, I work with 7 burners. We put out a lot of risotto and pasta. A fish app and steak special every day. Pantry here does dessert and salad. We have a grill guy who also mans the wood oven. Just remember, what doesn't kill you....
We push 170-220 with 3 cooks and an expo, no prep cooks set your own station.
I'll second the pressure cooker, beautiful stocks with great mouth feel
no towel under them, the towel on top is plenty. Good luck!
Alright you got me there, I'm on my way back into real restaurant life I swear!
Ross,my phone wont let me quote, the country club I worked for has been running benedict for $10 for years. I was under the impression it was fairly common? Then again I don't go out to breakfast often.
I would just use the weight from your second picture, or a cast iron skillet, or a brick wrapped in foil, or a #10 can 1/4 full of cement, or a sheet tray with #10 can on it, or anything else moderately heavy.
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