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I also really love my vertical smoker
I was thinking along the same lines as @phatch but I was leaning more Caribbean with it. Sweet potato and plantain hash spiced up with some peppers served with fresh snapper. Cilantro cream and some roasted tomato vinaigrette?
Just a thought, but I worked for a place for a long while that started as a cafe similar to yours. We had 30 seats but from 10-4 we turned it 4-5 times. so we'd do 120 covers in a day. we did this with 4 people total. Chef, sous, pastry, and line cook. Everything from scratch, including bread, sauerkraut, and pastrami. Everyone was on salary and we each put in about 50 hours a week.     When service got going two of us would put out food, and two of us would act as...
I'm assuming you're looking at 1.5" chops, I would heat a pan up just until its smoking. Add a splash of oil, and season your chops. Drop them into the pan with a couple of whole cloves of garlic. after 2 minutes flip and add a knob of butter and some thyme. use the drippings and oils to baste the chops until they're at medium. 
Hunters chef has a good point about pressure cooked meat, but I've found that its not the only way. I've found that a lot of hunters for what ever reason don't age meats. I do a lot of hunting, and I've found my game to be consistently better than my buddies because I age everything I take with the exception of fish. My garage has a pair of evap coolers hooked up to it between those and some ice I can get it down to about 47 degrees in the winter. Game hangs until its lost...
What sorts of places are you applying? I've spent most of my career working at free standing restaurants and have never had one of them give me a background check. The one country club I worked for did backgrounds and drug tests though.
I used the sun, I haven't tried rehydrating it, but that might work.
A few months ago I caught about 15 pounds of fish that I didn't wind up using (snapper). So thinking back to all the fish I've seen in Asian markets I dried it. Now I'm having issues using it. I've grated it over pasta, I've used it in dressings, and I've made broths with it. How do you guys use preserved fish?
Just a thought, yolks dont start to set until 65c but whites set a few degrees lower. Cooking at 64c should do what you want.
Yes before its distilled gin is juniper wine. But, that doesn't mean it goes back to being wine if you lower the alcohol content. Chicken+heat=cooked chicken cooked chicken-heat=/raw chicken
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