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NYC honestly isn't bad as a line cook, at least so far. With the hours I'm making about 43k a year. And realistically living with a roommate that's plenty of money, and living without a roommate would be possible if I looked hard enough.
It seems like you're leaning bbq/steak house so just a thought Brisket Pork Chicken Ribs Meat of the day Burger Porter house NY strip Grilled salmon Salad one Salad two Fries Chicken fingers Side one Side two Side three You almost have a full page. And nothing that a team of 6 couldn't prep out. 2 prep cooks a grill cook a pit master a pantry cook and a fry cook. Even doing your own butchery, cutting down lettuces and cutting your own fries you'd be fine.
Its really funny you post that. I'm 24 and am regularly astounded at the things people my age still have to figure out. I had to help a 22 year old girl turn on the power to her apartment about 2 weeks back. She had no idea how to call the electric company to set up a power account.
Whisk. Even when I had to do 3 gallon batches for Easter and mothers day brunch. The product is much nicer whisked.
Seafood doesn't have to be expensive. I dont know how far away from the gulf you are, but I find gulf coast fish cheaper and I personally think they taste better.Some ideasSheepshead fish (I found them whole for $1.40 a pound in march)CrayfishBarracudaThink fish that you don't see all the time.
Standard robot coup. You turn it on inside the freezer and once its running pour cold custard in through the top. It spins until its got good solid consistency.
I had a chef once that asked for an ice cream machine (the big fancy ones with two horizontal spinning cylinders side by side) when corporate decided not to swing for it he set up the food processor in the walk in freezer and would pour custard into it. It made the closest to grocery store I've cream I've ever had.
For squeezing spinach it really helps to use a thin cloth. I've used server napkins in the past, that way you can really get a good spin on it, regular towels will rip if you try this with them.
If i could go back to 17. I would move to NYC, Chicago, or sanfran and send out letters to all the Michelin star rated places until I got something. 18 months per restaurant seems to be standard. That gives you 9 years experience at 6 different Michelin stared places by the time you're 26. I dont see a way in the world you would be a fantastic cook at that point.
Your flavors are all over the place, and why so many? 1. Beet, quail egg, and cinnamon garlic are going to over power octopus 2. This could work. Scallops are sweet, red cabbage is sweet. This could be a solid dish 4. Smoked flank with avo and brown butter sounds delightful, why do you need everything else? Apple and celery? Its just to many colliding flavors 5. Again everything looks great until I get to the roasted garlic and beet puree. It looks like you have a...
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