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Ate you going to be doing all the cooking as well? As a line cook I would see you as greedy if you made me cook food and then took the tips for it.
What are your togo dishes like?
Press it in a towel beforehand
this person has been present at every job I've ever had. You deal with it and move on with your day.
I've always just used a grill spat to put them out before I pull them.
to be fair the gel sternos are the ones that are hard to put out.
if you dont figue it out, keep it around to open beers in memory of your friend.
Let this be a lesson to you. It's not that hard to shuck oysters. The northerns are at peak right now, in a couple of months the southern will be ready.
I know your pain now dagger. I bought a pizza tonight in long island. Pepperoni and jalapeno. $15, and the ratio of jalapeƱos to pepperoni was 15 to one, the crust was unsalted, and the sauce was thin and watery. Worst of all the topping fell off the bottom half of each slice as I picked them up. I miss the city.....
New Posts  All Forums: