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I just use a 15 gallon pot half filled instead of the 7 gallon pot, all woes cured
you're getting benefits, paid on time, and only working 11 hour shifts. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think you realize what happens in other kitchens.
Just salt and pepper for the chops. Served with roasted mushrooms and chesnuts, maybe a nice bright green rosemary oil as garnish?
If you're buying whole fish this is true, but if you're buying tuna or sword it's a lot of fish. I've just been heading to China town instead.
if you guys are talking about fulton, when I went I was told I need to be purchasing in mads quanities, no one would sell less than a half bushel of she'll fish or less than 10 pounds of fish.
I wouldn't fill the fryer with vinegar.
Flour, egg, bread crumb.350 oil, pull before they curl.
I would just check it every 30 minutes after 3 hours. You can totally serve it as a roast.
I use Terra cotta flower pot bottoms, they're cheap enough that I keep 5 of them in the bottom of the oven to cycle though as I bake pizzas
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