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 I was once told by my grand father  that all I needed to know about life was not to shoot myself in the foot.....
Sorry to mislead, the Alaska job will be working for a fishing lodge, but the pay is enough for me to live on the rest of the year. 
This is going to seem like a weird question, but I'm wondering if any of you know of any winter seasonal work? I've landed a nice gig in Alaska from late April-early August, and I would like to work for a couple of months in the winter as well and spend the rest of my time traveling and staging while I'm young and I can.    My first thought was maybe a cruise ship, I've heard thy run 12 week contracts, but how willing are they to take someone on for 1 contract a year?...
I'd give it a try, I don't see how it could hurt anything. I'm super jealous by the way. It a bummer about Koi, Patterson is one of my idols. I would look into getting a 3 day fishing license while in northern cali or OR, you can harvest uni right out of the ocean, and the salmon will be running.  
Resting rack to cut avo for guac. Sandwich cherry tomatoes between a cam to lid and cutting board to slice them all in half at once. Buy a sauté fork. Keep a stack of pans on a low burner to decrease cook times. Start boiling eggs and potatoes in cold water. Use a cold pan to compress skin on fish to get evenly crisped skin.
You're asking how to make a stock, but her food is shit and you're going to quit. Excuse the brashness, but it sounds to me like you're cocky and upset that it takes longer than 6 months to earn respect. 
I've done a few different versions of this    get order drop par-cooked (I use either whole fingerlings or quartered reds) potatoes in pasta water setup drop some bacon fat in a cold skillet, once the fat has melted your potatoes should be warm enough to add  keep the heat on medium and stir with a wooden spoon while adding the rest of your ingredients the potatoes should be warm through out and slightly mashed using this method.     I've done classic style potato...
The wild part is a bit of a stretch. when you see wild boar on a menu generally its a pig that is of a heritage breed, bred on a farm and released onto a giant estate and is allowed to go feral. still fine by the USDA standards, and still sort of wild. 
Let me get this straight...you burned yourself. You told your chef you were fine. Your chef tried to give you an ice pack and you didn't take it. Now you're upset that he did say he was sorry because you burnt yourself? Just so we're clear here generally when I get a burn like that, I keep working. When my co-workers get burns like that, they keep working. When my chef gets a burn like that he keeps working. The kitchen world is rough. we get cuts, we get burns, some of us...
I really hope you're not charging by the hour. 10 hours to prepare 7 meals, even at 3 courses seems like a lot of time. I would look into charging a fee per meal.
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