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You say you're hiring to gear up for summer? What are you doing with the employees after summer? What kind of upward possibility is there? Is it a fun menu? Are you requiring a stage? Is your pay going to compete with the other places in the city of your caliber?
Sit down and really think this through. Can you afford to work for $11/hour? Can you afford to not have bennefits? Do you have a family that wants you around? How are you going to handle being on your feet for 12-16 hour days? Are you going to be okay with a sous, lead line and chef that all may be MUCh younger than you telling you what to do?
if I were you I would use my GI bill to go to a nice culinary school, since it would be free
It took me about 6 months from the start of my first job to saute. Keep in mind in all the kitchens I've been in this is a station that is best worked by a person that is not at all timid but still knows how to keep the ego in check enough to time food prefectly and take orders from stations to get timing right.
I've done it with a smear of veal marrow and peach gastrique. On french toast with raspberry coulis (didn't care for this)   I've got an idea that I've not been able to try yet. I want to layer it with some not quite ripe tart berries, marrow, and some confit chicken liver into a section of veal femur and serve it with some crostini.
for such a small space I would imagine a house hold humidifier would do what you need.
Are you putting a whole onion on the sandwich or something? Seems like a quarter onion a person would be excessive. So 57 onions, you could do that in 2 rondoues (sp??) in 20 mins or so.
Pen, meat therm, Sharpie, note pad, phone
just a few things I see, the majority of your apps look like they come from a tgi Fridays type place. You pan to run gazpacho every day I doubt it'll sell that well. Desserts are mismatched churros are already super sweet, so I would steer clear of caramel and banana with them. Your names are very gimmicky and I would be careful with that. Lastly the lot dare
New Posts  All Forums: