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My large board is wood, but I've always just hit bigger boards with soap followed by sani solution out of a bucket.
I've found that when someone starts a sentence with "well I'm a ______" they're generally in process of making an ads of themselves.....
do you know where I can get it? Super interested in smoked bleu
Drive or kill your whole family
or as some of us know it, life goals.
With bubbly I would worry about the wine in my mouth foaming over
I had my first porron experience this weekend, apparently natural talent, I managed to not spill a drop of the 3 bottles of wine I drank.
Post a picture
that's exactly what I do, I've found that using lard insteadof a veg oil gets me a crispier fry though.
I do cut side up with apple cider vinegar salt and pepper
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