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On Cooking and On Baking
Depends on where you go, just like any other industry. I personally haven't run into it yet.
That's a bunch of B.S.. I started culinary school two years ago (graduating on monday). I'm 34 years old and run circles around 18 and 19 year old interns we get. Just enjoy what you're doing and you'll do just fine.
Well thank you much! The grueling schedule isn't all that bad, although I've had to cut back. I worked from the beginning of January to last Tuesday at two jobs, seven days a week, 65-70 hours a week. Had to make the decision to cut back a little due to marital and health issues. I'm loving the ride so far though. It's a dream come true.
I started culinary school two years ago at 32, so I'm almost right there with you.  It's a scary prospect, especially the income aspect of it. I was making close to $100k a year at my peak before I got laid off from my previous job and now I make just shy of 1/5th of that. It's a definite eye opener, but you have to stick in there and learn to rearrange your finances and the thing I found is that although I no longer had the income, I was still able to afford the...
I'm not going to say what my conditions are (because I'm new here and don't know anyone yet) but if I can embark on this new career amidst my menagerie of health problems and excel like I have been doing thus far, anyone with any of the medical issues listed in the posts before mine can do it. Don't sell yourself short. 
Hello all, My name's John. I just completed my externship for culinary school and will be graduating on Monday with my Diploma. I'm continuing on, taking one class here and there till I get my Degree. I just came out of a nearly 15 year career in architecture and decided to finally go for my dream of owning a small bistro. Going back to school at 32 was quite a trip, but it's been manageable and now I'm finally done (for the most part). I'm now 34 and am planning to...
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