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    Isn't that more an indication of the flavor of your pork itself?  Varying breeds/crosses have wide range of flavors to their meat...and within those flavors the cuts from each animal will vary as well.     If you make a version to grind fresh (with fat).  I would add the Lochona seasonings directly to the mix (cumin, sazon, salt and pepper...or whatever you use).  Then melt some lard, and season...then brush the bottoms of the bun and lightly toast...top with some...
  This is one of the flavors I look forward to every Christmas.  Hmmm, I'm having a cup of coffee right now...I think I'll go get a pizzelle, thanks 
   Hi Petals, wonderful post and pics...looks nice, real nice!       Mike...thanks for sharing your memories...sounds like it would have been a great time!      Having very little knowledge of modern day Cuba, I'm not really sure how much it will change (would like to get others opinions on this).  The way people describe it, it's already got its tourist traps.  I suppose, in my ideal world, keep the tourist traps few and concentrate the vacationers here...then keep...
thanks Kouk!      It was one that I always wanted to try too.  I would do a few things differently next time, starting with setting aside a little more time for myself...in the preparation.  Really fun dish though     take care>>>     Dan
   Here's one I did a while ago... (no problem if you aren't accepting past dishes...I really just thought I'd share a pic of this one...I had wanted to do this dish for a long time...it was a fun dish to try      Ham & Eggs - Uova da Raviolo over ham with au jus   I used some left over Berkshire ham and in its jus.  Then place the homemade ravioli (stuffed with cheese/yolk) on top of the ham.      
This recipe has become a tradition of ours.  A few days before Easter, we get all the kids together coloring Easter eggs and eat this monkey bread afterwards.     I'm making it again this year...      Great dessert!
   Just thought I'd update    Thank you Kaneohegirl!   I was kind of surprised that I bought my Backwood that long ago.    The Bbq Guru arrived today!   I'm excited...but I'm at work so I'll have to wait until I get home, in the morning, to play with it.    Apprentice Chef...the Weber Smokey Mountain is certainly a solid smoker...nice choice.
   Just thought I'd update this little thread...I've been feeling compelled to purchase a Bbq guru.  I think for most cooks not having one is fine...but for longer (brisket) cooks I'd have a little piece of mind having the temperature control on there.  Anyways...BDL, you had a lot to do with me purchasing the smoker I did...and I haven't regretted the decision at all.  I just thought I'd give an update.     Take care all!     Dan
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    Thanks Snake!  It was a blast  
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