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     Hi Chairlady!       Remove the meat from the heat a tad before it's done and let the meat finish coming up to temperature during the resting time.  Come up into the (doneness) window gently....use any heat source you want...but provide a nice bell curve into desired temperature.
HooRay!      Happy Birthday to the Queen of Cooking!    
      Margcata...now that's just rubbing it in, 1 Euros! LOL      7 slices from Fermin normally runs me about 12-26 USD!  Personally, I still enjoy the couple of pieces I buy at the inflated price we pay for it in the US.  The flavors are just too much not to enjoy every once and a while.  Probably the best Prosciutto di Parma I have had is Pio Tosini.  To my taste this was really a big step up in flavor/quality/craftsmanship compared to other Prosciutto di Parma's we get...
  Hi Margcata!      I am sorry to say that I do not have any current plans for Labor day.  I'll probably have the family at my house, or go to my parents...not sure yet.      I am going to take my wife out for our 20th anniversary tomorrow.  We'll be going to Merlo on Maple, it's a wonderful older Chicago home turned into a homey restaurant.  The food and service was really good a number of years ago, when we went there last.  But I couldn't help but think...
      Hi Nicko, I understand what you're saying about the three star restaurants and agree that it should encompass the total dining experience.   Having never eaten at any Michelin Star restaurants in Europe, I do not have anything to compare to the US counterparts.     Eat well!   Dan
   Hi Nicko!     Thanks for your well thought out post, I enjoyed reading it.        I haven't been to Europe to have the pleasure of eating in any of their restaurants.  But I have been eating at some nice restaurants here, in the US.  Most of the places have been in the Chicago area and some have received Michelin star(s).  I still haven't found one to reach the level of excellence that La Francais has...not one.  You bring up many valid points regarding a fine...
   I can't wait to hear about your progress!  Please keep us updated!
Thanks Kaneohegirlinaz :)
      Hi IceMan!      There is certainly nothing wrong with Hebrew National HotDogs, I just think Best's Kosher HotDogs had way more flavor...while keeping the grind, texture and overall flavor of a hotdog.
   Thank goodness I'll be heading down to NoLa again :)  It's been too long!  This time I'll be driving going through Beale Street then over to NoLa.     Can't wait!   Dan
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