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    Thanks Snake!  It was a blast  
      K-Girl, don't forgot you can go with a variety of  savory crepes.  Ham/asparagus/parmigiano, Ham/(fresh)Basil/Parmigiano, Mushroom/Bacon/herb, etc...etc.   Dan
   Oh my word!  First I look at Petals sushi and think I'll make the wife sushi tonight (thanks again Petals, you know what for (sushi)).  then I see JONO's sausage boil and think about the andoullie I have and want that...oh man that looks good!   What to do?      Nice job all!  (I can't believe some of the pictures everyone posts in this thread, the food looks amazing!)  
    Oh My!       I looked at your profile and didn't see your location.  Where is your store located?  The Reuben looks amazing!   Hooray food!   Dan
  Speaking of cracklin'...      We also stopped at Avery Island to tour the Tabasco plant.  While it wasn't a must see stop, it was nice to see...and took hardly no time out of the day.  But more importantly is stopping at Billy's Cracklin' and Boudin on the way out of town.  The cracklin' that they had was full thickness pieces of juicy succulent fatty goodness, like nothing I've ever had!  The Boudin was also out of this world, easily making me forget the last...
   Very cool FlipFlop girl!  Thanks for sharing the pics     Thanks for the welcome back, Petals!      The quarter is pretty much how it was.  With exception of a few new openings/closings on Bourbon...everything is the same.  The new places are pretty much just like the old anyway.  My favorite street in the quarter is probably Royal.  It's got tons of cool shops from antique, oddities to local art.  My favorite antique store, on Royal, is more like a...
more in the quarter>>>             then it was off to the Bayou...   but first we needed to stop at Jacob's Sausage!   I never realized how much sugar cane was in this area.     then it was arrival at Duffy's with the gators       Our cabin...               We caught a few fish and had many a'beers sitting in awe at the beauty of nature.  We also had a gentlemen kind enough to...
   Into the quarter we go>>>      Having been to New Orleans several times before, our first night in we simply walked right by Bourbon Street.  We stopped for a few bowls of Gumbo at the Gumbo Shop.  While the Gumbo Shop doesn't have the best bowl of gumbo, it's the only place I know of that serves Gumbo Z'herbs year round...plus the have a nice alligator sausage.       Then we headed out for music.  Bourbon Street is getting horrid if you're looking for jazz...
  Hi Mike!       I'm home now...all I had on my vacation was my phone.  Which could have allowed me to post, but it would be a bit more difficult.  We were actually trying to find a guide to go alligator hunting, but we were only in Pierre Part for two days, and the timing just didn't work out.  We did however end up getting a real nice cabin in the Bayou.  We were surrounded by cypress trees covered in Spanish moss and had a nice dock to fish off of.    Dan
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