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   Well, we found some really fresh alligator In Louisiana.  Only thing is all of the alligator we came across is already sold to a wide variety of places around the world.  We were just into alligator season in Louisiana, and we couldn't get fresh alligator to eat.  They explained that it may be easier to get it local later in the season.  But we did have a great time!     Here I am with one of Troy's alligators.  We were talking quite a bit with Troy and some...
    Very eloquently said, Petals.
Congrats!   You do really nice work! 
   I think its a mistake to reference an article that doesn't give you the entire view of the study its referencing.  You're relying on the interpretation from the writer, and the integrity of the writer to gain your opinion.  I originally started down this line of thinking when I found out more information about the two main studies that referenced nitrates.  The original article written made reference to problems when infants consumed nitrate rich water, another was...
   Hi there :)      Truffles are a very unique mushroom, substituting another mushroom will not be the same.  But truffles are often used to "top" or "finish" the dish, if you do not have truffles...no problem...top with something else that you do have on hand.  Truffles are completely different in flavor and their huge aroma.  While pricing truffles per pound gives you a big WOW factor, you don't have to buy them by the pound.  One small black truffle will cost you...
   Hi Mike!  Sounds like you've had some nice trips, thanks for sharing.  I'll definitely have to try and work in Vicksburg to the trip.  Thanks for all the tips.           Lol, I like that          Dan
    That was just the type of advice I was looking for, thanks Mike and FlipFlopGirl.  Mike, so it sounds like you've done exactly what we're looking to do...I can't wait!      Thanks again!   Dan
   First off, I hope the people in Louisiana are recovering from Hurricane Isaac, my thoughts and prayers are with them during these tough times.     I do have a trip already planned to Memphis, then New Orleans.  During this time we also plan to go out to Avery Island, on the way is Pierre Part, Louisiana.  Alligator season will be open and I would LOVE to get some properly cooked/fresh alligator.  Does anyone have some recommendations on a place that serves good...
   How did you get the owl to wear that stuff!          amazing, great job!
   Well, plans for Labor day will include having the family over our house.  I plan to keep things fairly simple...the only two items othe list so far are smoked ribs and cornbread.  I'll probably put together a simple coleslaw as well.  Dessert?  I don't know...maybe I'll see how the peaches are when it gets closer.    Dan
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