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      Hi IceMan!      There is certainly nothing wrong with Hebrew National HotDogs, I just think Best's Kosher HotDogs had way more flavor...while keeping the grind, texture and overall flavor of a hotdog.
   Thank goodness I'll be heading down to NoLa again :)  It's been too long!  This time I'll be driving going through Beale Street then over to NoLa.     Can't wait!   Dan
       My preference is for an all beef hotdog.  I was always a big fan of Best's Kosher Hot Dogs, but they're no more.  I really don't think Hebrew National is a fitting replacement, Nathan's are okay...but not great.  I was really excited when I found the Boar's Head Beef franks, they were decent...better than Hebrew National...but not Best's better.  Pork dogs can be good too, but I do prefer all beef.       Toppings?  Oh, anything but raw onions (stomach cannot go...
   It's good to also remember that there is nothing lucky about a "Lucky Dog"     Sign me up for being a fan of all beef Hotdogs!   Dan
      Hello Jaypee357!        So you are planning a business and have no idea what ingredients are in the product or how the product is made?      I would suggest refining your business to include the items you already know about.     Good Luck!  Dan
   Hi Eastshores!      What's the goal of trying ravioli this way?     Are you looking for something crisp, flaky...unlike boiled pasta dough?  Or are you just trying to find a way to do something new?       If you describe what your vision is, it may help you get there faster.      Have fun! Dan
   ahhhhh....so nice :)      I loved the balance of the garden tomatoes with the cucumber...the avocado and cilantro gave it a direction I haven't gone with gazpacho too.       Thanks again for posting the recipe Margcata!
  Hi Margcata!      Garden tomatoes are plentiful and I will be making some Margcata Gazpacho today...thanks for posting!      Oh yeah, Here's a few pictures of the kids on vacation :)     eat well!   Dan
   Teamfat...(to what you said)...YES!       DuckFat (man you both have cool names!)  I think I may have caught a glimpse of them once in a diner.  The two gentlemen were ordering what sounded like four fried chickens, a coke...and some dry white toast. 
    Thanks DuckFat :)      I used to do the same, growing my vegetables in large pots.  My city started to sell plot in a community garden this year.  I've got one 20x10 and one 10x10.  I would have never been able to do this in my own yard.  It's worked out great so far, with a few minor exceptions.      You'll have to let us know how you like the Black and Rainbow!       Take care,    Dan
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