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   Lol, it was fun.  Thanks for the kind words KaneohGirl!  
       :) Thanks fondoh
    Hello all!     I love to cook...but I'm not much of a baker.  I do like making homemade bread...and an occasional odd item.  So my wife usually bakes.  Scratch brownies, cakes...no pies (hmmm, pies are usually my thing).  But she is really getting this baking thing down.      For my sons birthday she made all items from scratch, cake, icing, birds and pigs.  The only thing she didn't make were the wafer cookies for the angry bird structure.  The cake was...
         Hi ChefBilly,     If his intentions are to showcase the sauce, as you've displayed, and then mix the two together.  Perhaps the server can present the dish, then ask the customer if they would like to have their pasta tossed, or if they wish to properly blend the two together.  Personally, I would want the pasta finished with the sauce.  Perhaps a compromise would be to display the pasta in a pan (tableside), add the sauce and blend in the hot pan.  But I don't...
   Lol, he's not shooting my heirloom tomatoes!      His follow through...one thing at a time petals :)  I can't wait though :)     Be well!     Dan
So sorry to read about your troubles, Jim.  Hopefully things will get resolved quickly for you.     Dan
Very nice RBandu!  It sounds like you're both very lucky to have each other :)     enjoy!   Dan
       Thanks RBandu :)      I'm not sure how many people hunt nowadays...or shoot targets.  It sure is fun for a father and son to do.        Have a great day!   Dan
A proud father My son turned seven and his birthday party was today. He had wanted a bow for a few years, and I haven't shot archery myself in close to thirty years. Today he received his bow and we went shooting. He took to light instruction very well. This first time out the sights on his bow are not set for him at all, I really hadn't even thought he was going to use the sights today. At the pictured target he used one of the pins on his sight. His shot was off by...
   Hi BDL!      Hope the BackWoods is treatin' ya well!   Pork shoulder, homemade andouille, spares, pork belly (smoked, then finished braising in oven with apricots and peach schnapps liquid...then finished on the grill) and hot dogs...oh the lovely Nathan's Hotdogs that were cooked along with the finishing pork belly and andouille on the grill...slathered with pork fat and rub...yum.  Although you can't see the belly or spares underneath the...
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