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    Oh my word!     I have just started drinking Hendricks and tonic with a muddled cucumber.  Okay, with or without the cucumber.  What a great drink...not too this and not too that.   never considered myself a gin man, but I do now :)   MMMMmmmmmm!     Dan
  Hi!     I'm just not sure that I would recommend any gas grills right now.  In a few short years the build quality and burner quality has gone downhill on every approachable gas grill I've looked at (short of a Kalamazoo).  A few years back I would have also recommended Weber gas grills, this is what we get at work...the thing is leagues away from the grill they were making five to seven years back.  I would recommend a Weber Kettle or a Green Egg type with a...
       From you, that is quite a statement!  If I find myself traveling in Italy, I will rate this one as a must eat at.          The kids are doing well, summer break is almost here...school is almost out.  I can't believe it has gone so fast, again.  Getting up to trade the European market takes a lot of my time, plus I still have my full time job.  While I still cook, any free time is given to the kids.  Hope you and yours are doing well!       :), Dan
*drool*   sounds delicious!
Yikes!  This is progress?     and I thought we've done enough damage in the previous 60 years
   Thanks so much Margaux :)  I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter as well.      It has been too long since I've made Paella, I will have to remedy that     , Dan  
       Sounds wonderful, have a wonderful time :)        
      Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!   :), Dan
  The other dishes sound delicious.   The jamon in this picture is Jamón Ibérico de Bellota by Fermin.  I have also gotten the Paleta Ibérico de Bellota by Fermin as well as Iberico Pate.  We don't have many options when it comes to Iberico jamon and Iberic de Bellota in the states.  For a while, we were only able to get jamon produced by Fermin, now we are able to get Cinco Jotas too.  It's a wonderful thing!      It seems to me that many of us in the U.S have Jose...
New Posts  All Forums: