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*drool*   sounds delicious!
Yikes!  This is progress?     and I thought we've done enough damage in the previous 60 years
   Thanks so much Margaux :)  I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter as well.      It has been too long since I've made Paella, I will have to remedy that     , Dan  
       Sounds wonderful, have a wonderful time :)        
      Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!   :), Dan
  The other dishes sound delicious.   The jamon in this picture is Jamón Ibérico de Bellota by Fermin.  I have also gotten the Paleta Ibérico de Bellota by Fermin as well as Iberico Pate.  We don't have many options when it comes to Iberico jamon and Iberic de Bellota in the states.  For a while, we were only able to get jamon produced by Fermin, now we are able to get Cinco Jotas too.  It's a wonderful thing!      It seems to me that many of us in the U.S have Jose...
   I have to wonder if they were just parroting what they have heard others say.  Many people are wearing titles these days.  Good cooking is about how you prepare and combine ingredients to get a balanced dish.  A well prepared meal may have bacon in it, or it may not.       Heck with them, I say   it's all about the food!     Dan
   Hi BDL :)      That should be what he needs.  I'm still sometimes surprised at how well shocking green vegetables can set the color, it can look really wonderful in a dish.  I'm curious, are there any tricks like this for  vegetables of other colors?     Thanks...     BWell!   Dan
         Maybe I'll set up a checkerboard table cloth, banquet style :)  Really though, the recipe sounds delicious...and I hadn't tried cooking salmon like this before.  Should be fun.     Thanks for your kind words.  It's funny, we all take turns cooking at work...and we have a number good cooks on the job.  But I have to smile when I bring in something like the plate below, which is a platter of Iberico Bellota and Fresh Harvested olive oil from Spain.  If I remember...
New Posts  All Forums: