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  Bagna Couda, now that brings back some memories!  We used to have this quite often when I first started on the Fire Dept.  It was just a simple Evoo, butter, cream, garlic, anchovies, black pepper and bread.  As people became more health concious we now eat alot healthier.  I had nearly forgot about this wonderful little snack, thanks for the reminder.   , Dan
         I'd simply build a wood fire, get it good and hot...and throw the steak right in the white hot embers.  Then after little bit give it a turn and pull it off at rare/med.rare.  With a good thick ribeye...this method actually works quite well.
    Hi Margcata!       I normally equate Bisque with lobster or crap. Shrimp bisque sounds really good, for some reason it never occured to me???   Dan
   oh that sounds gooood!
     Hi Chairlady!       Remove the meat from the heat a tad before it's done and let the meat finish coming up to temperature during the resting time.  Come up into the (doneness) window gently....use any heat source you want...but provide a nice bell curve into desired temperature.
HooRay!      Happy Birthday to the Queen of Cooking!    
      Margcata...now that's just rubbing it in, 1 Euros! LOL      7 slices from Fermin normally runs me about 12-26 USD!  Personally, I still enjoy the couple of pieces I buy at the inflated price we pay for it in the US.  The flavors are just too much not to enjoy every once and a while.  Probably the best Prosciutto di Parma I have had is Pio Tosini.  To my taste this was really a big step up in flavor/quality/craftsmanship compared to other Prosciutto di Parma's we get...
  Hi Margcata!      I am sorry to say that I do not have any current plans for Labor day.  I'll probably have the family at my house, or go to my parents...not sure yet.      I am going to take my wife out for our 20th anniversary tomorrow.  We'll be going to Merlo on Maple, it's a wonderful older Chicago home turned into a homey restaurant.  The food and service was really good a number of years ago, when we went there last.  But I couldn't help but think...
      Hi Nicko, I understand what you're saying about the three star restaurants and agree that it should encompass the total dining experience.   Having never eaten at any Michelin Star restaurants in Europe, I do not have anything to compare to the US counterparts.     Eat well!   Dan
   Hi Nicko!     Thanks for your well thought out post, I enjoyed reading it.        I haven't been to Europe to have the pleasure of eating in any of their restaurants.  But I have been eating at some nice restaurants here, in the US.  Most of the places have been in the Chicago area and some have received Michelin star(s).  I still haven't found one to reach the level of excellence that La Francais has...not one.  You bring up many valid points regarding a fine...
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