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congrats ICEMAN!  I'll keep my fingers crossed
lol  (shhhhhh....)   (edit add:)   BDL, perhaps now you can see where I placed my tongue in relationship to my cheek ;)
  Lard, shortening, butter?  I think they all have very different attributes and the type of crust can/will vary with the type of pie you're making.  Don't rule out using a combination lard/butter crust either.        I do like, and use, the tip from ChefEd about using an egg wash on the bottom of the crust.    Dan
   That's hilarious...great idea!       So I take it this was a seedless watermelon cake...Makes me wonder what Petals would use for seeds?  rum soaked raisins perhaps???        thanks for sharing!!!     Dan
(edited for clarity; with picture illustration added)            The hot water line can have added contaminants that come from the hot water tank and its anode.  It's better to use the cold water line as a fill line.                                                 After reading the many replies, I can only hope that you get this problem corrected soon.  I wouldn't rule out calling the contractor as soon as possible...
    I'm glad to hear that they've gotten one of the guys.  Hopefully it will be a short time before the others get their time as well.     Glad you're all safe too
  Petals,     Your hut is nice, simple, elegant...bravo!        I wonder what your vacation hut looks like?
   Lol, it was fun.  Thanks for the kind words KaneohGirl!  
       :) Thanks fondoh
    Hello all!     I love to cook...but I'm not much of a baker.  I do like making homemade bread...and an occasional odd item.  So my wife usually bakes.  Scratch brownies, cakes...no pies (hmmm, pies are usually my thing).  But she is really getting this baking thing down.      For my sons birthday she made all items from scratch, cake, icing, birds and pigs.  The only thing she didn't make were the wafer cookies for the angry bird structure.  The cake was...
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