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For people who like to cook.
You can do whatever you want...My little ad lib recipe were just guidelines. This is not for a restaurant this is for someone at home who is curious about playing with there a grown up way. The clam juice came from a bottle buy the way.
You people are no fun.
Can you really use the term Al Dente for fish?
On a thread from way too long ago to reply to.A person uses deconstructed oyster chowder as an example of the pretentiousness of modern cooking methods...I thought that was a good idea(the deconstructed oyster chowder part) So I have been thinking of ways to use all of the normal ingredients in a different way. For my example I will use clams though...and I want to start an open discussion on all the variations. This is just for educational fun.   I think I might...
  This is what I found on wikipedia ....So I guess a nage could be made with anything as long as it served this certain purpose         Miso, tomato, and coconut milk sounds stange and delicious...sounds like a pretty creative variation...maybe he was vegan or decided to make it like that for some religious reason.   You could saute chopped onions and herbs with rice bran oil, then add the tomatoes...and maybe some sake(what kind of sake would be best...
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