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If you do wear black always wear a black apron. Or be covered in white hairs everywhere. White is the best IMO. Currently at my current job we wear red and black... It's just the color theme the owner choose
Once you cook veg using any traditional method they loose vitamins and nutrients. whether it's roasting, sautéing or steaming. The only way to avoid this is eat veg raw. Another point to consider in America at least. We depleted the majority of nutrients in our soil many years ago via over farming soil. Nutrients and vitamins in food just don't exists here, short of smaller organic farms. This should not be a real concern of yours.
I bought a Shun Santoku and paring knife combo. Still have not used the pairing knife at all, i prefer the cheap house paring knives. They are rugged, they are plentiful and I'm comfortable using them fast and efficiently. The shun paring knife is very pretty though. 
As the title states, what are some other essential websites out there. 
Cook to Chef: "Man, sometimes I wonder how you do it, work so much that is" Chef: "26 days in a row without a day off and I'm here baby! Ready to go!"
Dishes are created by chefs using there knowledge of food to produce thus product. Saying a dish is not "food knowledge" is like saying "This guy built this car from scratch, but its not "car knowledge", doesnt make any sense.  Once you start building the epic dishes that have never been done before, people understand via food knowledge why they work and how you got it to that point. 
So if you take Salmon Mousse Cornets, start advertising them as your own creation, your signature dish, that will obviously never be okay, and is stealing. I have had chefs show me "signature dishes" teach me how to make them, explain the why and how everything works together and encourage you to copy them and build from that. I often use other chefs "specials" or dishes from restaurant menus as building blocks to learn from. My last sous chef gave me his personal recipe...
At my current job i work in a hotel. Marriott affiliated Boutique hotel line. We obviously do room service, bar, pool bar, and restaurant. As the line cook we are responsible for all 4, plus BEO (Banquet Event Orders, often plated and come off the line.    Is it not possible for you to work the line with the other cooks, and just work room service from there, since they have all the mise I would assume the room service menu is the restaurant menu. When they are weeded...
E cig
Moving from restaurant to restaurant unlike a lot of industries is a must in this one. 6-8 months though, is a bit short. I personally do a year then move on. I always aspire to work at a "better" restaurant and different cuisine. 
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