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The best education you will get is from small classes Don't just be a statistic... Work 1 on 1 with culinary instructors , taste , and love the food you make.  
Some people like to "blanch" the fries first in 250 degree oil until they are cooked through. Once that is done you turn the heat back up, and drop the pre-cooked fries into that fry cooker. As soon as they come out put salt and pepper to taste. Maybe get a Sugar Thermometer to regulate temperature ? They are like 10 dollars at some knive specialty stores, maybe can get one at wal mart. So go from like deep fry 250 - then 375.  
If someone tells you work with more confidence, how do you become confident without coming off cocky, egotistical, or know-it-all I was told to be more confident, I don't second guess my work , or nervous to do anything. Maybe I need to show more leadership confidence ? I feel very confident with my personal work, but I see people do things wrong in the kitchen and I would rather not say anything because I am new. I don't feel comfortable just yet to step up to the...
New Posts  All Forums: