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I bought what was probably a glass shelf at a flea market a few years ago for $5. It was chipped on one corner ...... no problem. It's 30" x 11" x 1/2" thick. It's perfect for putting two pieces of different or same grit wet and dry sand paper on. I am out of wet/dry so I used a piece of garnet for effect. A spritz of water on the glass to keep the paper from sliding and it works great.
HI Jeff, I live in Terryville; previously Washington depot, and have been sharpening knives for a long while.  Maybe  I can help.
For me, with my old eyes, I can hardly grasp the image in some avatars. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but some become circles of confusion. Frankly, I find the printed word far more informative, but thats just me. I do enjoy reading so many informative posts though. It's great to be here.
Has anyone heard of Howard Mitcham. He wrote "Creole ,Jumbo and All that Jazz: a New Orleans Seafood Cookbook". He wound up in Provincetown (as did I, many years later) and wrote, "Provincetown Seafood Cookbook".
I've been very fortunate to have bought a few nice items for the kitchen recently, so I don't need much now. .......... However, I would recomend the things I bought. Personally, I don't care for Cuisinart products, but in researching a sauce pot recently I realized they have a very substantial professional line of pots, and at a relativly good price. Also I bought two DeBuyer skillets; these can also be used, confidently, as home defense weapons. I have a cheapy...
That's just beautiful. You must have been in awe.
One needs to do a lot of cooking. Not necessarily a lot of years, but a lot of cooking. You need to pay attention to your successes and your mistakes and then one day you may find yourself laying in bed and thinking "I'm going to cook something in a certain manner and use these ingredeants". And then do it and fail or not, but you have made the leap,and have grasped the dish (write things down) and then refine it. It's a passion; a creative passion.
Diamond G Knive, I think you have a great concept there. I get on a pocket knife forum and in their "kitchen" forum there are folks who contribute this very thing. All of my kitchen knives are old. Most are carbon. They are in good shape for the most part, and are very sharp. I have been sharpening for over 45 years. I wish you the best in your efforts. I would like to see pictures of your work.
Good form from both of you.
That's a very nice picture, teamfat.
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