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Putting together two menus for an assignment    Menu 1: Bistro (can be any cuisine but the dishes should relate to each other and fit an overall theme) Menu 2: Healthy   Shoot some ideas! What would you do?   :)
Known a lot of people not satisfied with george brown, but have also heard good things about their apprenticeship program from chefs who went there a long time ago 
You can fire someone for no reason within their first 3 months of employment. Its a very useful thing
You should be willing to try anything once! Otherwise you're only limiting yourself.  Looks like snail roe, agreed.
I didn't start working in restaurants until I was around 21. Around 3 years in the business but I've already managed to work in a variety of environments and at one point or another have worked every position in the kitchen. I've spent most of my time working in more corporate restaurants in the "Casual/Fine dining" category but with no real value or substance to their food or service. There's money in that direction but no love. Now at 24 years old, I'm about to start...
Anyone heard of this school and/or have any opinions of it? I welcome any discussion about it.    Cheers
Where do we draw the line? Often times my orders will arrive and be placed on the floor, and some produce boxes (bell peppers for example) will have that gap and the veg will come in contact with the floor. Obviously to be washed before use. But this is somewhat relevant to this topic.   Personally if its anything that is not washed before use (bread, meats, dry goods) and its dropped, its in the bin.   Drop of sweat falls into the food? In the bin. Drop of...
I love my Shun, and bought the one below for a friend who used it to cut through Chicken and hit the bone. They're extremely delicate since they're so thin, and retailers advise not to cut anything that is too hard. Even a Yam should be avoided. Always have a good european for those harder things.    
Just joined. Been in the hospitality industry for about 3 years, currently working my way up the ladder. Enjoying it thus far. Here for learning purposes, food conversations with other qualified people and making good connections.   -Nick
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