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I have found out difinitively from a former student that the school is closed and they have taken down their web site. I am so very disappointed.
Is anyone going or is planning to go to the Notter school, I would really like to know more. Thanks Joy
Hey is anyone considering the notter school or has recently been to the notter school, I'm desparately trying to make a decision on where I go for pastry school. Thanks
Thanks for the prompt response, I currently run my own at home bakery business catering deserts for small parties, individuals etc but I want to take it to the next level with wedding cakes proffessional finishes etc I'm just not where I want to be yet, so I've been thinking about pastry school........any suggestions??
Hi did you get any responses did you make any chocies I am in the same position and any suggestions on where I can look for advice would be great, what I have found that has helped a bit is looking at the websites of alumini of the schools to see what they are doing. Any advice you can pass on would be appreciated ;}  
I urgently need some advice on pastry schools I have seen earlier posts on the French Pastry School and Kendal but no conclusions, if you went to either would you recommend either to a family member? and what about the NY schools has anyone been to one. PLEASE PLEASE your advice would be invaluable. Many thanks Joy
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