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u wanna know a little secret from the top a michelin star chef in london told my head chef that when your boil up your cream and milk add on top of the eggs then return to clean pan of course and let it scramble then once youve let it scramble blitz it with a hand blender and seive into moulds it works amazingly :)
has any one got any fab chocolate cake recipe ive just got some proper cocoa powder and im dying to use it    thanks x
i made nougat for the first time today and all went well got my sugar at temprature then when all my sugar was in my egg white mix i struggled getting it out of the bowl to my tray it was even harder than marshwallow and now its set it has the texture of honeycomb and yet in the middle its soft like nougat im wondering what ive done wrong?    thanks in advance    confused pastry chef x
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