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I know this is a little late on this thread but RBandu im only 18 and just realized that what i want to do with my life is be a professional chef nd just like your dad my dads a carpenter and ever since i was little hes told me to get a good career/education "because you dont want to be doing what im doing when your 45". i guess i just posted because ur dad reminded me of mine.
I think im gonna start my apprenticeship through the acf soon and im wondering what skills i should have prior to starting? Also cn anybody tell me what a regular day is like as an apprentice?
So chefhow how exactly are you put in a restaraunt through the acf? Are u given choices as where to go or do they pick obe for u? I would love to apprentice at a really good fine dining restaraunt in d.c since im so close
Im 18 right now nd i want to be a chef im curious though whats the schedule like as an apprentice? Is it like a full time job where i work chef hours so like 11 hours a day or is it more like a part time job?
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