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Ok, so, I've decided to just stick with the paring knife that come in the school issued tool kit. If I happen to need something else latet then I'll worry about it then. Thanks so much for all the great advice!!!
Oh wow...... The "zombie" cake reminds me of the whole ice hand in the punch bowl thing at Halloween. I love Alton Brown's panna cota brains. lolĀ  At they have some pretty crazy cakes in the adult section. One lady talked about having made a penis cake that ummm..... pumped buttercream. I think that's probably the most extreme cake I've heard of someone making out of their home.
Maybe I should have been a tad more specific. Which of the two is easier to use to make a proper tourne? I have found a good pro grade tourne that is only going to be $40 after my discount, so price isn't an issue. I just want to make damn sure I can make a good enough tourne. However, I am also going to look into a sheeps foot knife as well. Also, are there any places that anyone can suggest for engraving? I intend on having my knives ingraved since from what I hear,...
Ok, so, I start class at LCB Atlanta in July. I've been told there are odds and ends that I need to add to my tool kit such as a digi scale. I have been told by some staff and students at LCB that I should invest in a tourne knife. Some others tell me to just use the paring knife that comes in the tool kit. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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