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My advice is to research places that you want to work at in LV. Then try to find out the chefs name and give him/her a phone call and give them a little of your information and then ask if you could send them your resume, also if your going to be in LV at any time try to setup meeting with these chefs, not for interview but just a coffee to introduce yourself and maybe pick his/her brain to see if they know of any one hiring. You can also apply online to any of the...
start with Google there are 1000s of food sites
I really think you have to be able to do both. Prepare a menu that both the owners and the customers will enjoy and keep coming back if that happens then your bonuses will as well
You could use job sites like if you want to do the interviewing and everything yourself or you could use a culinary head hunting firm like Dietzel out of Vancouver BC
Its illegal to to base hiring on Gender,religion,race, and age but as for education it is a requirement for the job and employers can set what ever requirements it sees fit to fill the position.   Culinary school is not a prerequisite but alot of employers want someone who has both experience and schooling behind them.
I don't see a problem with talking about making recipes at home. It shows interest and motivation, but if hired learn how they do things, be able to reproduce them perfectly, and only suggest changes if asked   ChefChrisM
CookingBoi   Good luck with your interviews I hope something good comes out of them. Kudos for working at the soup kitchen. Remember to add that to your resume many employers look for that kind of thing as a good character trait.   ChefChrisM
MediumRarePlz   It seems that your not listening to sound advice your on the move again.   Make that 5 jobs in less than a year and a half Find a place with a good Chef and stay with him/her until you can't learn anything else from them and then and only then find another place repeat..... after a few years you should be on your way to becoming a Sous Chef
CookingBoi     It seems to me that you are your biggest roadblock.   Why cant you get your license then buy a cheap car to get around to these other jobs. Have you thought about going to school to get a culinary degree. How about talking to Chefs in your area and seeing about apprenticeships or stages. Your local Government about training grants or programs   Have your resume professionally written and keep it updated. Always have a copy with you. ( I have mine on a flash...
Take a look at this website it should give you some insight about what they can eat and then you can go from there
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