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flipflopgirl, thanks I was traveling and didn't have access to libraries so your page gave me a lot of information thanks
I need some help with a school project. I need to write a 3 page paper on a classical pastry and I choose "baravois" or Bavarian Cream. I am having a hard time finding any information on the history other than a few three line paragraphs. can anyone help with a site that may help me with finding information?   thanks   cary
thats what I figured and was gonna try that if I didnt get any reply thanks for the help
I am making truffles and the recipe calls for sweetened cocoa powder all i can find is unsweetened cocoa powder is it possible to sweeten the powder to use for coating truffles?
An education is always worth it..the question is are you going to be able to find a job where you are located after you graduate?  I have been a pastry chef for the adams mark, marriott  and radisson and never went to school thing is that all of them (the locations I worked at have gone to premade items - seems it is cheaper than having a full time pastry chef on staff..I dont know much about the art institute and if they will help you find something after graduation. I...
I am in the process of opening a new bakery and am looking for ways to have a good shelf life for items such as pies.. I know I can use a dough conditioner to keep my breads soft but is there something I can use to make the pies and cookies last more than a day or two before going bad? i dont want alot of chemicals like the grocery stores but is there anything natural that wont take away from that homemade taste?
can someone help me..I need some help figuring out yields - I am trying to figure out yield for bread loaves - is it a simple matter of adding up all the ingredients to get a total weight then use that to figure out how much you want each loaf (or subs) to weigh?
no I just want to understand the basics better so I know what effects what..
I am looking for a book to help me with recipe creation. I have been a self taught pastry chef for years and I have no problem changing a recipe adding or changing flavors, but I am looking for a book to teach me how to create a recipe from the beginning. recipes such as cakes and breads. any suggestions?
I saw all the responses you all gave before and like that person I am trying to open a bakery but here is the catch my initials are cj and would like to use the initials  but nothing as plain as chef cj's bakery all I can think of it cakes and jams or jelly not very original and don't plan on making jellies or jams at lest not at first..can anyone help?
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