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What is your favorite way to prepare tuna steaks?
Thanks for the replies.  I've basically been researching places that appeal to my own culinary interests and values.  This has been a fun experience and now I'm contacting them to see if they have any work available for me.   
That seems to be the overall agreement, get work before school!  So that is what I'm going to do.  Now I'm trying to make contacts with the restaurants in the area to get started.  Thank you for the advice:)  
I'm going to culinary school next year but I'm funding it all on my own and I'm also going international.  I'm finding it too hard to pay for a well known top of the line school, IS it ok to go to a lesser esteemed school and still come out fine in the end?  I have done my research, this school has an in-house restaurant, work placement and lots of practical application.
Thanks!  I will be here for a few months, so I should try out your suggestion and see what happens!  
So, I'm new to the industry and have only worked in a few restaurants as a part-time server or bartender but have known that I've wanted to be a chef for years and am finally going to take the plunge.  I'm going to attend cooking school in about 7 months but I would like to start gaining work experience in the kitchen beforehand. I've tried to contact a few restaurants to find out any options for someone like me.  Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can get my...
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