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saying "sorry, chef" for something i didn't do, because i'm not throwing anyone under the bus. argh.
i disagree. "stay humble, stay hungry" is my motto. when i think i am the best in my particular kitchen i move on to a new one. 
in my opinion...court is not as fun as a kitchen. you are obviously down for a little hard work so either one could suit you. but i'd rather read a cookbook than a book on law anyday.   only the strong survive in the kitchen. i could not imagine a lawyer calling you a P**** and then saying you take it in the A**. in the kitchen, you are a soldier. complaining is an invitation for ridicule, and enduring physical pain and bodily harm is regarded highly and with much...
my advice should be taken with a grain of salt (or a spoonful). i'm not the best or most ambitious cook in the world, but i do have my pride. and i was telling myself this same thing today...i could never work somewhere (again) that i wasn't proud to tell people i worked there. i don't think anyone in the kitchen should consider themselves the best. we all have much to learn and should appreciate that. if you know everything then it's time for retirement. 
hey mark. im in central ohio at the moment. central cali eh? must see some nice product out there, being so close to the source.
what's up my friends? just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. my name is sean and im 27. been cooking professionally on the line for almost 10 years. i was looking for a place to listen to, and share, thoughts on this crazy, addictive, frustrating, and rewarding career we all seem to be psychotic enough to commit to. most of my friends have no idea what my job involves and i have trouble conveying the absolute insanity of a busy service to them, but i know you all...
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