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Wow, thank's for that link - seems like NY style will be the best candidate for my. But I tried and searched the site a bit more and there was nothing about pre-baking the dough. Well, I guess I will do some experiments first:)   ..and I have already ordered 12 inch pizza stone with handles from eBay:)
I'm completely aware that my owen is not ideal for pizza, but I still think my current results are far from what I can achieve with it.   1. Will do - but could somebody give me the best measures (weights...) for a good dough? 2. Yeah, I am always in a hurry so I don't usually have time for this, but I will definitely try it! 3. Could you pleas explain a bit more? For how long, what temperature? 4. I'm not sure what that is, but hey, that's why we have Google...
I'm trying to master a good pizza dough recipe - so far I'm doing it using just flour (standard 00, sometimes I add some wholewheat to experiment with some "healthy" doughs), water, yeast (store bought), water and salt. I mix it together and then make it super flat - in the end it is like 3mm or less thick.   The problem is the dough isn't cripsy enough - the egdes and also the bottom layer are moist or something and it doesn't have the feel like from a real Italian...
Hello,   I have a similar question, I am from Vancouver and was looking at this article with some cooking classes: and I am wondering if they are any good for some real professional cooking. What do you think?
  And was he? :D The bacon theory seems legit when compared with the Eleanor Roosevelt part. :)   Anyway, garlic is superb. I had flu few weeks ago and I was fit in a few days without taking any medicine, well except a lot of garlic and two cups of a fresh ginger tea a day. I think that the healing power of ginger is even greater than of garlic.
A big hello to all of you foodies out there! :)
Great thread! I was also looking for such books.
  Awesome :D
Have you tried the lievito madre instead of using dry yeast? I too get only heavy crusts but I still haven't got the time to try this technique because it is rather time consuming and difficult.
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