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Better safe than sorry ~  
Not much ~
Here is a salmon teriyaki with a twist ~   before   after
I have been thinking of a flavor in my mind for quite some time and trying to create a base rub unique to the world drawing on my southeast Texas experience.  I got the itch to experiment with flavors.  Here is an excellent outcome for you to try ~  It is pretty interesting.  I added Schezwan peppercorns and coriander and modified amounts.  I toasted the coriander in a black iron skillet.  I pulverized 1 cup of pink Himalayan sea salt, 1 cup of Tellicherry black...
I'm very familiar.  George Herter was one of a kind!  
Good stuff ~  
I buy bulk corn tortillas and cut them into thirds and bake them on a cookie sheet without any spray.  Cake them at 250 until they are golden and crisp.  I check on them often and turn them at least once.  If you insist on adding salt a small spray bottle works great to help make the salt stick.  I lay out as many as I can get on a cooking sheet overlapping each chip by about half.  You want to flip the entire row at one time.  If you time it just right they are easy to...
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