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  they will if you don't tell them.   
 Harrisonh: So are people from India now making tacos?  Or are you finding Native Mexicans who are selling tacos?  I guess you lost me on that one, since tacos is not really a Mexican food.
Isn't forbidden rice against the rules?
 Here in Mexico, all the shrimp is served from head to tail, unless you ask for breaded shrimp. That would be deheaded, pealed and deveined.  Breading a shrimp with the shell would be a waste of time, money and would make no sense what so ever.   As far as digging into a plate of whole shrimp, mojo de ajo being my go to dish, is not ever going to be elegant dining. Make sure you have a good supply of napkins, dig in and enjoy.  if you get juice on your clothes, slow...
Ordo: You pretty much nailed it.  If i wanted an artist i would go to an art museum. I what good food.  if a chef whats to be successful, cook good food and STOP watching food channel.
 A habeneero Pepper breed for  no heat? What´s the point?  China flooded the market here in mexico with peppers that look like the real thing...but they tasted like bell peppers. No one buys them, the point is the heat...They probably ship them to the USA now.
 They don´t do Chili con Carne in Mexico per say. I make it here and my wife likes it, but it is a TexMex dish.
 I worked in an industry where the day you gave a 2 week notice was the last day you worked for the company. This was industry wide in the Chicago area, not just one company. It goes both ways sometimes.
  Going to a restaurant, paying large amounts of money besides the point, and being told what you are going to eat, how the food will be cooked like it or not reminds me of my childhood years.  The saying was at our family table was" If you don´t like what is for being served, breakfast is in the morning."   If people allow themself to be served in such manner they should have known my mother, it would have been a match made in heaven.   The whole tasting menu thing...
 you need to understand Mexico. They are not making molcajetes by hand, for the most part. Mexico uses high speed grinders, lathes and other modern machinery to make these products. Sharp and crisp edges are simple to do with stone using the correct tools, even a 4 1/2 inch side grinder with the correct grinding stone will give you a smooth finish.
New Posts  All Forums: