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I love sending a new server to look for the bacon stretcher for me when I'm super busy.  Once I had a bartender that was dumber than a box of rocks, one night I asked her to get the bananna peerler from the bar for me......after about 15 minutes she came back in the kitchen and said...I swear to God "Ummm I can't find the bannana peeler,.......couldn't you just use your hands?" Anyone else have mythical appliances they send people for?  I don't know why but this prank...
Only way to get answer is to ask questions buddy.
ChefTalk!  Nice to be home.  I'm 30yrs old and just had the epiphany that I was in fact born for the kitchen service.  Something about the intensity, adrenaline, communication, and teamwork.  Got a great gig at one of the top 100 hotspots in the USA, the gem of downtown.  I'm still the FNG(****ing new guy) so I'm not quite yet where I'd like to be relationship wise with the cooks one the line, so I figured I'd find some friends here.  I've been in the biz since I was 16,...
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