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Our summer party has grown from 45 to 85.  Any suggestions on holding burgers in jus so those who arrive over a few hours time will have hot burgers and we won't have to cook to order?  Of course we'll keep everything hot, but will plain jus be ok.  Should I put the burgers on a rack over the liquid and cover so they steam or what? Thanks for any advice you can share.
When you go back, go to La Ideal and tango!  They have classes for the first hour, then open dancing.  Drink all the local wine and lose your inhibitions!  
When in Buenos Aires we called and ordered a combination pizza.  It took hours before being delivered.  What we didn't know was…they misunderstood the concept and made each wedge loaded with different ingredients.  Sliced egg and chopped sausage on one wedge, olives and anchovies on another etc.  It lost something in the translation haha.
Thanks.  Currently in Florida, but lived in Central America for years and years.  I love food from all over the world.  Where are you?
Duh, you are absolutely right.  Because of the language I always associate it with South America.  My bad lol
How timely.  I just got a craving for paella (Spain), and made one for practice before having the crowd over.   We ordered some of the ingredients from La Tienda for authenticity, but made do with local ingredients for the practice piece.  We cooked it over our charcoal grill, but the big one for the crowd will be done over the firepit.    
If you need a sandwich or "carrier", try Udi's from the freezer section at most supermarkets. Or get on Pinterest and expand your cooking skills with xantham gum and rice flour gluten free recipes. The apple fritters recipe was amazing! Also GF flour mixes work well.
After reading  ​  and learning about what a mess they have made of modern wheat, our family has gone wheat free for 4 months now. Results are shocking. Weight loss, no more aching joints, no headaches, and renewed energy. On the rare occasions when gluten slips into our food we suffer from the old ailments. The original wheat that was written about as mana from heaven is long gone, and the chromosome manipulated modern agri-business frankenfood is definitely contributing...
New Posts  All Forums: