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Hi Folks, Has anyone ever complained to you about chicken wings? I had one the other day; the menus said 10 chicken wings for $7.99, well shit hit the fan. The customer told the waitress that when she delivered them, he said that he ordered 10 wings, not half wings. He made sense, wings have two or three parts, sometimes the tips are there. I had to give him 10 more halves. Watch out, you must say 10 drumettes or 10 wingettes. Just thought I would mention that. Good Luck...
They are usually pretty tricky in their promises, I can't even count how many people want to take advantage of cooks and Chefs! Best of luck and keep your ears and eyes open. Those jobs cause divorces and relationship problems.
I have an answer for making the brew, buy cull grapes from your supplier, for a buck a case, put them through a puree machine then put it in a bucket in the baking section of the kitchen. The smell is much like yeast, so you put a "do not open" label on it, Use a printer label on it so they don't know who wrote itl  GOOD LUCK!
I hope the industry can keep going. It is hard starting out now, because of the economy. Employers can only pay as much to cooks as they can afford. The overheads are still high and with beef prices being the highest in many years along with the cost's of freight to get the products delivered, it is hard. The median salary of a Head Chef is $66,500, but put in the hours that are demanded are about 70 hours a week. That work's out to be about $19 and hour. Those hours are...
Yeah, sometimes I wish I would have taken something else up in college, but it used to be a trade. In the help wanted ads they used to put list jobs in the Skilled Trades column, now it's under help wanted. The pay was the same as any other professional trade (electricians, carpenters, gasfitters,etc) then came along McDonalds and the rest, minimum wage burger flippers, they were soon called cooks, the rest is history. So many great Chef's turned to alcohol, as their jobs...
FOOD TRUCK !  You can go to events and find excellent profits, about the same cost as a store front.
Google, what is the average pay for a cook in (what ever state or province you work in)  Then you can make a decision if you are on the right track.
Look back, what made you go into the culinary arts?  Sometimes when you look back, it may get the spark back into you!  The sky is the limit, go for it!  If you can't see what got you to here, maybe it's gone : (
Yes, definitely buttermilk, but after that I shake off the excess buttermilk, then shake the chicken in a mixture of flour, seasoning salt, msg, black pepper and a little baking powder.  Then shake off the excess flour mix, redip the chicken again in buttermilk, shake off excess, then reflour it again.  Deep fry in clean oil at 350 until golden brown and finish it in a 350 oven until center is 170 degrees and juices run clear.
When I started cooking in 1974, the wage was $5.75 per hour.  That was perfectly in line with all other trades, like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, pipe fitters, etc.  Now with all of the fast food restaurants the pressure in the food industry has so much more pressure to keep their cost's down to compete,  I found that the wages between the other trades and cooking has spread so much farther apart, you can barely make a living.  It is very sad to see what has...
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