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What breads did you make with the all purpose flour?  I was thinking of making white bread in my bread maker with the all purpose flour.
Instead of using bread flour to make breads can all purpose flour be used instead?
Does anyone know the brand of the enamel interior cast iron pot America's Test Kitchen uses on their show?  Are they easy to clean and do they get stains?
Does anyone know what Peruvian Baba is.  I've been checking out some baking cookbooks online and there's a recipe for Pereuvian Baba.
I need help in finding a liquid glass measuring cup that includes the 1/8 of a cup.  Anyone know where I can buy one either online or at the retail stores?
What website has refurbished ones?
Should I freeze them with their cup cake liners or should I take them off.  Can I freeze them in freezer bags?
Can you freeze unfrosted cupcakes?
I thought it might be.  Not too sure if it's worth all the money for it.  It's so expensive.
Does anyone know what thermometer America's Test Kitchen uses on their show?
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