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Does macarons taste alright once thawed?   I ordered macarons online and I'm sure with this Wisconsin weather they will come frozen.
How long do they stay fresh after their baked?
It's usually the roll out type doughs.  As soon as the machine can't seem to handle it I stop the machine and mix manually.  It's a Kitchen Aid tilt machine.  I never made yet pie dough with the hook.  I don't see how it can mix thick pie dough.
Why does macarons need refrigeration?  The macarons are baked.  Is it because of the filling it needs refrigeration?
When mixing thick cookie dough using the paddle my stand mixer has a hard time doing it.  Should I switch to the dough hook?
They were inside a box of Duff Goldman's Blondie brownie mix which I bought this Spring.  I ended up tossing out the dough.  It was so thick I couldn't spread it into my square pan.  I thought I would at least keep the chocolate morsels which was included in the brownie mix.  The expiration date on the box is August 31, 2016.
I have some chocolate morsels grayish in color.  Are they safe to use for baking?
When layering lasagna how many layers  and how many noodles do you lay across the pan?  I usually lay 3 noodles across with 3 layers.
I accidentally bought a bag of desiccated coconut.  How do I use this for desserts?
I bought Paula Deen's jar of sweet potato butter and I need a recipe using this butter.   Anyone have a pie or cake or muffin recipe?
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