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I need help in finding a liquid glass measuring cup that includes the 1/8 of a cup.  Anyone know where I can buy one either online or at the retail stores?
What website has refurbished ones?
Should I freeze them with their cup cake liners or should I take them off.  Can I freeze them in freezer bags?
Can you freeze unfrosted cupcakes?
I thought it might be.  Not too sure if it's worth all the money for it.  It's so expensive.
Does anyone know what thermometer America's Test Kitchen uses on their show?
Does anyone know how long you can freeze a carton of Rich's bettercreme icing?  
I have a small amount of raspberry filling leftover.  Does anyone have any ideas how to use up what I have.  I was thinking about using it on top of ice cream..  Any other ideas?
I did stop at Walmart.  They only sell Duff Goldman cake mixes and Duff Raspberry cake filling.  I did buy the cake filling but they did not have any Duff sprinkles
I've been looking in the stores, but I can't find Duff Goldman sprinkles in the stores.  At one time Michael's Arts and Crafts had them but not anymore.  Does anyone know where I can find them.  I'm interested in the lollipop and banana split sprinkles.  I rather buy them in the stores then buying them online.
New Posts  All Forums: