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Looks tasty. I havnt come across anything yet that i enjoy more then eggs benedict. Only when the cook or chef knows how to do a good hollandaise though. I hate going into a restaurant and ordering it and when i take the back of my fork across the sauce and taste it and i realise its from a package i get awfully dissapointed.... Yea,... nice traditional fresh eggs benny from a respectable place.
  I totally agree with DuckFat. i was going to say the same thing.
I read through the first 22 posts so if this was mentioned already sorry ahead of time.   Personally keep your head up and keep trying harder. Ive went through sooo much shit i could write a novel on it. In my experiences however i do know that the best thing you can do is "what your told" go into work every day do your best. Strive to be better and always work harder to be better every single day   When i go into work now on the line and im doing 150 covers on a...
Ive never had flounder before but judging by what youve described,... just to throw another random little idea on the table. I know you can make a Cod au gratin and sub the cod for other light flaky delicate fish such as Tilapia, or maaaaybe flounder ? something to consider is all.   Stephen
Thats a very good, point ill probably take the fat off before i cook it then when you put it that way :P. 
hey everyone    Thanks for all the suggestions so far all very great ideas to build with and work around ive combined all 5 ideas together to make something very unique that i look forward to trying out tomorrow when im back at the office again.   To answer the question from boar_d_laze its a point brisket, i was going to leave the fat cap on it use a rub give it a good sear on the char grill then using the rub or glaze which im going to put together combining...
Hey everyone   Doing some work on some recipes for a menu at my place of work. Was wondering if anybody could give me an idea of a good glaze, rub, or seasoning mixture to use for a roasted beef brisket which will be thinly sliced and used for a beef dip and beef jus ?   Despite my internet searches i havnt come across anything to helpful. Im just trying to find something that i can build from, something to give me the basis and appropriate depth of flavours i...
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