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praise that
sounds like you're the man there and will be for a while good for the guests i bet they'll be chuffed gettin to know you and your style
ice in the deep fryer-20 litre bucket into 2 fryers middle of service, yankee and kiwi chefs disagreeing , both big guys ,cant remember who threw the ice but i was kitchenhand and the place was shut down for 40 mins whilst me and another guy cleaned it and the chefs smoked and the guests waited!
hi there im lookin' at makin' some polenta bread made with beer honey self raising and butter i haven't made it for 25 years and rather than check i just thought id ask  any help? cheers  bit cheeky i know!!
what you learn in the first year and the first 4 seasons ,you can fine tune the next year and following 4 seasons ,you will also see people like yourself who are shortstayers and your knowledge will be valuable to them and in turn give you a great opportunity to experience delegation instruction and support skills.These are extremely valuable as you grow. Those passing through will give their interpretation of what they think and you will see many variations of a...
we do a shepards pie with polenta and parmesan
doesn't pop corn have a hard section from the original shell? wont this affect your uniform coating? perhaps through a coarse sieve you could -after a mild blitz- you could start with a uniform substance?
never watch cooking shows i haven't had TV for 8 years  listen to the radio if you need company whatever is on TV will be told to you by staff or customers as for the rice so many brands and ages of rice may affect your out come  start with a brand and a recipe and a method and follow beefchheks' steps adjust it to your technique and then when you've got it right buy a beer for those who got you there    happy days
make available the business plan , loan documents ,fit out costs maintenance cost etc etc etc to all staff should they wish to see it  an let them know they can if they wish( by appointment of course) add the hours weeks and months you put into preparation and planning including all legal etc add the time each night you spend discussing everything  add the time you spend on non work related benefits and paper work for staff  then when staff appreciate your input...
hi there I'm building/renovating seriously an old butchers shop  to create a modern* restaurant in my town 200ks from Sydney and 100ks from Canberra i have a 6 year old daughter and so will not open on Sundays ,and there's no point opening on Mondays, we're only a 28,000 town so I'll only open Thursday Friday Saturday nights, we open in about 4 -5 months and besides my bread recipe an appetizer and quite a few desserts i haven't done much re the menu but 28 years on...
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