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NO DUH, she did mean dissolve but i was quoting my instructor..they're are people in my class that never really cooked before so as an instructor she has to explain it to make people get it as well as the technical term, anyways..just trying to help, who cares about the fine print? lol  
Watsup, we had to make mayo for our F1 final and some people had those white dots because they didnt let their salt melt. Thats how the chef instructor explained it...sprinkle salt n wait a minute or 2...hope this kool
oops, well at least u have the option to come back which is always a good thing...anyways, good luck  
Sometimes u have to be patient n see what happends, but if ur unhappy dude, ur not gona give ur all ya kno...think about why u wana leave, is it to get more experience or because ur unhappy? or both, if both just leave  
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