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Oh. My. Beloved. Goddess. I tip my ball cap to you.
Well, I know that; I was only talking about cooking for myself, not in a pro setting. xD   Everything has to be pinpoint perfect when you work in a restaurant. On the strange occasion that I do end up cooking for other people, I try to be as perfect as possible.
Maybe it was perro. But I'd love to have a taco out of San Diego.
My friend Adam and I have been talking over the months about making another sandwich that could potentially be popular in St. Louis other than the St. Paul sandwich sold in most Chinese take-out restaurants here. I had thought about coming up with something that involved tweaking the Philly Cheesesteak a bit. I've done a bit of work so far by adding sliced chicken breast as well as the steak itself, bacon (as an option), jalapeno peppers (as an option), and also using...
I actually don't mind the brown: it ensures that my eggs aren't undercooked. I'm a bit of a "gotta make sure it's done" guy. xD
If you were to make me sirloin and hash browns sprinkled in mozzarella and sharp cheddar and wrapped in a tortilla, I'd love you forever. Seriously.
I think I'll remember this for when I make chili of my own!
That looks wonderful!
I enjoy a good breakfast burrito: dice the white onion, dice the red and green bell peppers, Julienne the tomato, fresh jalapeno pepper seeded. Shred some pepper or Monterrey Jack after the veggies are mixed with my eggs. Then I'll chop up some sausage and bacon. If I'm feeling really good or lucky, that burrito gets turned into a quesadilla.
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