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 I really agree with what you just said. My fear is just getting stuck, because i feel comfortable as it is, and its the only place ive ever worked at. At the resort, i willl be doing restaurants as well as banquets, so i get a double-whammy. The other restaurant i can intern at is a small menu in a remote island on the keys. You basically drove the nail in my head lol
its because i have to do an internship lol.... for school. Either i work doubles, or one or the other sites. and a chance of coming back. But im not unhappy, you must have misread.
Well ive been there as long as the sous chef has, so i am given extra tasks such as delegating to both my line cook on the cold and the grill cook. the restaurant we work at, the grill cook works the fryer but so does the cold side so its some mumbo jumbo.   Im thinking of just leaving and experiencing somewhere new, and then come back. But not sure if i want to come back, because i have no experience coooking any other type of food at all. Peruvian food for the next...
Hey, im a 19 year old line-cook thats currently going to JWU, 2nd year now. I work at a Peruvian Upscale restaurant, average entree averaging at about $38. Its not quite fine dining but its upscale to say the least. I came in about a year ago with no experience whatsoever, no schooling either. I started as prep, and a week later the Head chef on the garde manger station just left, so i was to learn how to manage, schedule prep, learn the entire cold menu, and be...
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