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I dislike pop-ups and approved links as much as the next guy/girl but here on CT they are small and have never encroached onto what I am wanting to read.Sometimes I go ahead and click on one if it seems worth my time.....just to satisfy my curiosity.If Nicko would call for a vote.....pop ups vs paying to enjoy Chef Talk....I would have no problems voting for the pop ups.Of course as usual this post is IMO and mimi
Welcome to Chef Talk, @rajika4everIs your variety used as savory or sweet?mimi
There are some very good threads re this very subject (one has over forty posts) just use the search feature. There are a few recipes in there as well as why holding and reheating are not such a great idea. Quality issues mainly . mimi OBTW welcome to Chef Talk. m.
I make a ton of spice cakes and the ones written without ginger get it added anyway. You could prolly leave it out but may be able to tell just because the dish in your mind may wonder what is missing. If it is fairly fresh use half the amt called for in your recipe....you may still miss that slight spicy note that ginger brings to the party but don't be tempted to add more. The dish will just taste like you added too much of something. Drop a mild chile in and pull it out...
You mentioned volunteer so are doing this for the love of it (as in for free?)...... or will this be a contract gig? Either way if you are being paid or not you are gonna need more hands on deck for this, esp if you are making every component from scratch. At the very minimum a prep cook and a dishwasher who can be trained to support the prep line. Is the kitchen on campus or will you need to deliver and/or serve ? OBTW.... congrats on the gig. Will be hard work but oh so...
Or they are full of spider eggs....Maybe a few hundred thousand of those rain forest tarantulas that get as big as a dinner plate.m.
Excellent question .....Went floundering again last nite and on my way to a dark room with the ac set on Arctic so my search will have to wait until cocktail hour.I never miss cocktail hour lol.I am thinking something refreshing like appletinis or cape cods today.mimi
Just tossing this out there .... The bananas were packed too tightly during shipping and the result was enuf pressure to bruise the skin but not the flesh. This tight pack also prevented any air flow causing the fruit to sour a bit thus the off taste. mimi
Just my 2 cents. I worked hospitality FT during my entire 5 years of nursing school. Had to. Had a family to feed and shelter. A few years were spent in management (hence the 5 years lol) and yes there were many times I had to ask for some slack from one or the other of my masters. Maybe she knows she can do your job and is just really jealous she doesn't have the chops to balance both pastimes. That there is no love lost between her and YOUR staff is a good thing. Means...
Sit down and make a list of cuisines and techniques that interest you. Read a magazine article about a chef who catches your interest? Maybe someone's menus have dishes on them you are drawn to? After the list comes the how. Get in to stage at as many of the places as you can. Either drop by during slack time and ask to speak to the chef or sous or write a letter ( the kind you put in an envelope and buy a stamp for ;-) . Include your cv ( short sweet and to the point )...
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