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You did the right thing. When in doubt throw it out........ no matter what advice you recieve. If it was oxidation why is it only in the middle? Would be interesting to see a magnification of the icky stuff. Rescue one and stick it back in the freezer. Then hit Google and find an el cheepo microscope ( or have a kid take to the science teacher at school ) and take a peek. Mold is really easy to ID. I would also get that freezer door looked at. You could get pretty darn...
You are kidding me right? 1. I am always the hard *** when it comes to not doing culinary students homework for them (usually take a bunch of flack for not "sharing" as well). 2. I was in a good mood and thought I would be nice for once and give up an answer. 3. Then you come back and reject said answer as it didn't fit the criteria that YOU the student didn't bother to include in your original post. Good luck with that test. mimi
Way back on the first page someone recommended to use for refried beans. Just a tip for those who love them but have a problem with the extra dietary fat.   If you use ham hocks or leftover ham bone/fatty pieces to flavor the beans during cooking there is no need to refry in fat of any sort. Just plop the beans into a nonstick skillet (med high heat) and smash with a silicone potato masher adding a bit of water (or a ham stock if the beans are needing a bit more salt)...
 These are great tips!Also remember that when done this type of pie filling will still jiggle a bit in the middle (like a cheesecake).If you try the " bake until a toothpick or skewer comes out clean" test the pecans will most likely be burned to a crisp.If you have an accurate oven temp (use a few oven thermometers scattered in 2 or 3 zones) and follow your recipe accurately you can pull the pie at the allotted time given in instructions. mimi
 Everything old is new again.The 4 year old Grand has a good ear and was singing along with Humble Pie (30 days) the other day.If I was not driving I would have gotten some vid. mimi
I like almost anything crispy/crunchy/salty....   Got this from someone here on CT and it has become a movie nite favorite. Drain and rinse a can or two of garbanzos/chick peas then dump on paper towels and get them really dry. Place in a ziptop baggie and add in some salt and whatever spices you like, close bag and shake then dump out on sheet pan. Another 30-40 min to allow the seasoning to dry a bit then roast in slow oven until the peas are crispy.   mimi
 Now I am confused.Do you want to make a sponge or angel food cake? mimi
My bad. The recipe isn't there anymore (or it is buried) but I didn't do a very deep search. I used old intel (thought he had written a smaller recipe for the homemakers out there) because as someone else mentioned there is a TON of unreliable info out there and having heard the recipe praised thought it would be of help.   I am out of tips and suggestions. Good luck with your path to the perfect sponge.   mimi
 Or advising a CT member on smuggling .....​ . mimi
Depending on what the budget is anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 ppp of thinly sliced protein. Will the cheese be sliced or cubed (or both) ?   mimi   What sort of bread do they want? Point out to your client that a sub roll will take up a lot more filling than say...reg sliced Pullman style sandwich bread.   m.
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