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Hmm.Food for thought ;-0Never really thought of it but now that you point it out......I try to use freezer containers with cling film patted down for extra protection but sometimes have to use foil (it's like socks in the dryer...where do those plastic lids go?).Think I will start using parchment as first layer.Out of habit I still buy the large food service rolls so not like it will be an extra expense.mimi* OBTW Kgirl the DH wants to thank you for the new addition for my...
By the looks of the posts on this thread most of us are in dire straights when it comes down to opting for a quick dinner out after a hard day. It also seems that as long as we have the energy to open the fridge and a few cabinets it is not a huge loss lol. Isn't it great being a competent home cook? mimi
I HATE to throw food away. I have some really ugly potatoes (all dehydrated and shrunken) on the counter needing to be shredded for the compost pile. Now that I have THAT off my chest..... Follow Jakes advice but one comment...... precooked until tender then frozen and reheated broccoli can be pretty rank. You did not mention your recipe so just thought I would toss that out there. mimi
Thanks for taking the time to post your tutorial. Easy to follow...demystifies the baking of bread and may give someone thinking of making their own the courage to take the leap. One comment tho.... can you add an addendum re the difference in strong and plain flour for those who will be using your recipe? Maybe just add the protein % ? mimi
Found a room in Covington area that fell below budget ..... a Hilton product...extra points awarded.....yadayada. Only 30 min from the Quarter. Hubs is crunching the $$$ while I search the area. Crossing fingers lol ! mimi
Is this a traditional licensed home that receives federal and/or state funding for resident care? If so you may be getting in over your head with these special diets. Ask the owner to show you the doctor's orders and then ask for the name and contact number for the licensed dietician that they use for consults. You should not be responsible for the actual menus. Stop and think. If one of those fragile elderly residents is on a low (2 gm or less daily) sodium diet and keels...
But of course, ma cheri ...... Someday I will remember how to make that little accent line on my I Pad mimi
I got so excited that I plum forgot to describe any of the 65 Tex-Mex restaurants and taco trucks in my hometown! Thank goodness I am not so far from a large city sporting a huge array of places to dine. From uber casual to the LBD venues I can stand just about anywhere, throw a rock and be satisfied ! mimi
That's a fact Jack....Had a banner this morning (thanks whoever for reminding me) with the web link to the (21 annual?) NOLA food and wine festival.Have not been for several years and being the curious cat that I am, I followed the link.Wow.About half of the 40 restaurants participating in the pairing dinner portion of the 4 day feast have their menus up ... my mouth started watering and my tummy began to rumble Heck yeah I'm on this!Already a bit difficult to score a...
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