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I can't help but think this min wage raise thing is just a way to decrease the number of people on assistance. That the higher take home wage will push them just over that cutoff line that qualifies the household for SNAP or whatever. I worry most about the kids who qualify for the school lunch program... those meals are sometimes the only hot food they get all week.   mimi
I found a couple of interesting sources. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/food/2011/07/how-to-cater-for-your-own-wedd.shtml ...how one chef did it. http://chefmike.com/cateryourownweddingeasywaystodoityourselfinstyle/index.html a general how to book.   There is prolly more out there but I only did one search.   mimi
Good questions. Here is a chart I found FWIW...  http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/09/living-wage-calculator-interactive-minimum-wage/404569/ What I do know is this.... I am retired and on partial disability (pvt ins.. not SSI) and have received regular, albeit small cost of living raises every year. Keeping this in mind I find it criminal that while the cost of living (talking food and housing only not cell phones and season tickets for the local MLB...
@chefbuba do you use white wheat high fiber pasta?   mimi
Welcome to Chef Talk @Snicker... Have you talked with your local associates (fellow students?) about this interest? Maybe someone's wife or mom would like to have you over to help prepare a few meals.   mimi
I would take things a bit further and schedule the blowout for 3-4 weeks later. Maybe you have some family and friends who would like to host it for you . Then everyone gets a list of "To Do's" and you can just focus on the food. Just tossing ideas here.....   mimi
There is always room for another chair at the Chef Talk table. Welcome aboard.   mimi
 My lemon curd has some flour along with the corn starch.LIke @French Fries says it is going to be cooked .... mimi
 That is a great example.I had to stop going to our local library because there was this swarthy guy with a well padded suit coat browsing the non fiction stacks.Like 3 time in a row.My therapist told me I was paranoid but next time I am gonna follow him.At the very least he is a insurance salesman and you know how they can be. mimi
 Don't you mean if so-and-so drove off a cliff in daddy's Lexus you would have to do it too?Or if Johnny stuck a fork in his eye you would want to do it as well?I have more if you wanna....... mimi
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