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In order to gain comfort (fit and light weight) these clogs are most likely made of a highly porous material. Zillions of tiny holes for biological matter (food) to enter and lots of dampness to support the growth of bacteria. Unless you autoclave your shoes (not recommended) this lovely shoe soup aroma will only get worse. To get four/five years wear is certainly getting your money's worth. So buy a new pair already.   mimi
Better late than never..... The choice of bread flour before pastry or AP (or combo) is what caught my eye in the OP's recipe. Kinda made me ? if there was something I had been missing. Nope. Of all the recipes on blogs and cooking sites not once did I find it included in a short crust. AP. Pastry. AP and Pastry mixes. Noted a lot of comments like "bread flour is only for yeast risen products" . The high protein of bread flour (really any type flour but bread seems...
edit   gone to the world of google to fact check......
 Somehow missed this.....Chocolate icing and yellow cake (that it is IMBC  just ratchets things up).What more can be said??Case closed. mimi
Have lots to bake today. While we were all busy living life my fave BIL's cancer snuck back up on us. Like a thief in the nite you could say. He started chemo again (almost a whole year off from the nasty poisons so yay for that) 3 days ago and so far so good. No bad side effects (yet) no deep bone aching (like a very bad flu) no nausea. He asked for a chocolate cream pie last weekend http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/chocolate-cream-pie-recipe so have gathered...
For the full experience play "it's a small world" very softly while you read this post.   IMHO..... Assuming most of us learned to cook at least a few dishes before we left our mom's little nest.... My mom made amazing "spaghetti sauce" without a recipe (yes with milk or cream to cut the acid) and she would serve our plates with a huge scoop on top of the naked pasta. The tall canister of "shaker cheese" would be on the table to take or leave. It was not until my...
Is it just me or is the fruit extra nice (and plentiful) this year? Huge and juicy and sweet! Has anyone done a blueberry or raspberry lemon combo yet?   mimi   I am jealous Chef.
I prefer my fats to be still cool and will give a tiny bit when touched. FYI.... if the butter gets too soft no amt of recooling will "unbreak" it. Just get another stick out and sacrifice the too soft one for the toast orgies that occur when too stressed lol.   mimi   Same as mine but less hassle to share lol. http://www.texascooking.com/recipes/chocolate-fudge-frosting.htm Since you are swapping sugars a bit of tweaking may be required.   enjoy mimi
First. LadyK thanks for that link !   Bought and flash froze (freezed?) a few lbs of blueberries a few weeks ago. Once upon a time MS suggested adding them to a batter without defrosting as there would be less staining. I wonder if the baking times (muffins OR that awesome coffee cake) need to be adjusted to take into account thawing times ? Opinions ? Experiences?   mimi
Your cream cheese comment just hit me. The meringue BCs are light and airy to the nth degree. So is homemade whipped cream..... If you are not adverse to using splenda powder (from the packets) that is another option. You may need to stabilize it tho.   mimi   This cake is iced with stabilized whipped cream and finished with a chocolate drizzle. Very tasty and ohso dramatic!     mimi   (not my picture)
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