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Not if you have a set menu and (like you said) get the orders (and deposit IME) the day before. You could even have a Monday...Tuesday.... Wednesday (you get the idea) set menus. Have a couple of choices for entrees and sides.   mimi
I have seen a tubular shaped pink silicone tool at Michaels on the "cake decorating" aisle. Didn't look at closely and have no idea if it has the dies for pressed cookies....but it had an assortment of simple tips. Maybe?   mimi   Search the Wilton site....I think it is made by them.   m.
With what you are proposing there doesn't have to be a set timeline. What is so attractive re catering is that the menu items can be prepped days before...even to the point of filling the single serve containers. Even the actual "lunch boxes" can be put together the nite before as long as the temps are safe. Add the hot and/or cold items and load up the van and you can be out the door in an hour or so.   mimi   I could do a thousand simple cold cut lunches with a...
Forgive me for suggesting you were somehow lacking in experience. We get a ton of questions from the starry eyed whose family and friends have told them to start a business because their  **** (plug in whatever) is the best they have ever tasted. Most times when they get their feet wet and discover most of the work is done at a desk they decide to continue down their original path (minus the life savings spent getting things up and running). Carry on....   mimi
I have a cookie press. Used it once. You can have it if you pay shipping...PM me if interested.   For decorating purposes I would suggest "professional" equipment. Not at all expensive. Have seen the trigger type on TV and IMO it will only give you a mediocre look as it will be cumbersome and heavy. If you won't be using very much I recommend the disposable bags (come in a few different sizes) and a handful of piping tips. Look on youtube for the decorating...
Go get a job with a caterer. Start at the bottom and work your way up ... Do a bit of research and start working on a business model/plan. This is not something a stranger can do for you (well not for free on an internet site lol) nor can you put one together by reading google searches as there is a lot of "stuff" that comes before your question can be answered with any degree of certainty.     What are you doing to pay your bills now?   mimi
Hi @chefgrl217. You clean up nicely lol. Welcome to Chef Talk!   mimi
 IDK...The royal we offering some sort of advice per personal experience? mimi
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