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Don't lose hope! There is a NYC cafe? restaurant ? famous for their pancakes. Has quite a bit of sour cream in the recipe, added last and gently folded in until halfway blended. Still has bits of it floating around ( batter looks like very loose cottage cheese) . I was never a pancake fan .....always so fluffy that it fell apart when the syrup hits it. Until I made these. Awesome flavor, fluffy but with a bit of tooth. I froze a few and reheated in a slow oven with no...
This was not so much a fish and egg pairing...If I remember correctly this dish had an earthy note.The flavor stood out against the blandness of the salt and pepper seasoned eggs without being over assertive.Hard to explain as it has been 40 + years lol.I have, from time to time, gone on the lookout for canned fish roe (the sacks were maybe 4-6 inches in length) but as yet have been unsuccessful.Maybe someone will see this and help me come up with species or brand.mimi
My dad used to scramble some sort of roe with eggs. His mom back home in Virginia would send him cans of the stuff from time to time and I was the only kid out of 5 who would join him at the table. Curious what sort of fish this roe was from. I wonder if it is as good as I remember. mimi
My mom made a casserole with grits and Velveta , a splash of pepper sauce and a whipped egg for a binder then bake until it was almost brown on top. She paired it with a Sunday ham and fresh green beans. I liked it well enuf but my middle bro went wild over the stuff! He would wait for the leftovers to get cold and squirt ketchup over it ( brings it to the family reunion every year...his wife told me he doubles it and sticks half in the fridge for "later") I preferred...
A long time ago I posted in a thread something to the effect that when I was unlocking the back door and getting the coffee going the BOH peeps were just then weaving their way home from their after work happy hours. Ever wondered why mom and pop donut shops close at noon? mimi As for school ..... @Fablesable has offered golden words of wisdom that stand true in many fields. mimi
Had reason to drive into "town" from our campsite and came upon several roadside fruit and veg stands that had popped up. Watermelon, cantaloupe , sweet corn and the first of the tomatoes and peaches. Gorged on fruit this am with a side of oatmeal. happy dance.... mimi
Curious....how did things turn out?What sort of desserts did you decide on and were they received well?mimi
Just curious. I know quite a few members use Stevia but why? What makes it the best? mimi
I agree with @Nicko If a refund was offered but declined by the client send some little something anyway. A big fruit basket with a pretty bow or a cookie tray are always nice. Tickets to the theater or a sports event if you know the owner is into that sort of thing. Be sure to include a note thanking them for their patronage. I wouldn't apologize or mention the problems just a big thanks. mimi
That looks pretty darn good kk! I was out on the water loading my stringer when the grumbling started. Dug in the Igloo and came up with a hunk of watermelon and a diet Dr Pepper! I seldom drink sodas and never diet ones. Tossed it back in and had some cold water runoff from the cooler lol. mimi
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