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 A plating worthy of Mary herself lol!Did Jack and Jill come for dinner as well ? mimi
Good looking dish.As I have been learning how to cook something other than chicken fried steak and pan fried fish, the fisherman has been growing his palate.If you don't mind ... are you doing something special to insure the frittata is not soggy (from the veg)?Maybe draining on paper toweling for a bit after the sauté ? mimi
  I want one.Now. mimi
Beautiful work squid! Meticulous plating (so beautiful that I can taste the flavors). What great luck to step into such a prize while still in school! CC jobs of that caliber are quite hard to find... someone pretty much has to die before there is an opening. ( and then there are a thousand people standing there with their resume in hand lol). Great ingredients to work with.... good hours.... benefits for the family.   mimi   OBTW.... that mouse is a real cutie pie...
"My favorite is the "Gang members will kill anyone with headlights off" day.   "   Drove into Houston the other day and there were lots of people cruzin" along with their headlites on. I was weaving in and out of traffic so as not to interrupt the flow of ALL THOSE FUNERALS!   mimi
 One of my favorite "baker's treats".Have some short dough in the freezer.May just have to "waste" the entire amt for this application lol.Will have to hide them from the fisherman tho as he gets piggy with simple nibbles like this. mimi
The only time age has anything to do with a career in F&B is when you can no longer physically perform the work. Hair dressers stand on their feet all day (mine wears 3 in heels lol) so that is not a problem as you are already used to it. Your financials are none of my business just want to add this.... the money starting out may not be what you are used to compared to a seasoned hairdresser with established clientel. All that aside, go for it! I had to retire from both...
Eggs and toast are hands down one of my favorite food combos. Add some bacon and there you have it! My perfect meal. Always there to nourish when I am tired and hungry. Like a bestie willing to be cannibalized lol.   Butzy, yours is a dish I make all the time (didn't know it had a name lol)! I was my Gma Van's favorite Grand (child) and as such would stay with her for weeks at a time in her little beach cottage and it was there she taught me the ways of the...
The best benefits are when you are asked to be a "hostess" and do something fun like drive a golf cart for football players or choose a (loaner) gown and walk around during a meet and greet previewing auction jewelry! But yeah, agree with FP about donating an actual item. Leave my name out of it. Sometimes we will show up just to buy the item back..... so sad when the bidding gets too rich for our pockets  .   mimi
Looks yummy.We do our own ground beef as well.Sometimes the trimming gets out of hand and the burgers fall apart.If so I just whip (yes whip or even process ) an egg white and a bit of liquid (water, milk or whatever) and work it in .Gently cuz a tough burger is even worse than one that falls apart lol.mimi
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