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Every pm when the last bell rang my brother and I would walk over for a snack and eat it sitting on the curb. My mom was notoriously late for everything and was a nice way to pass the time lol.   mimi   Odd tho my brother does not remember those raisin bars... By that age I was already working part time at a place that did event cakes only so I guess I was trying to break down recipes for my own place.   m.
Has it been a year already? I remember you were thinking of dipping your toe into meringue based desserts. How has that been going?   mimi
 There was a bakery across the street from my high school that made a sort of raisin pie/bar.Half sheet pan lined with short dough and then almost an inch of the filling.One of those treats you remember forever .Wouldn't mind having a recipe..... ... mimi
I don't work much (HA! outside of my home anyways) and my meds preclude regular ingestion of ETOH but a nice G&T under an open sided tent on the beach cannot be beat. Late in the evening with the gulf breezes blowing...maybe a SS bowl of spicy boiled shrimp on ice in the cooler....ahhhh Heaven.   When I DID work? Started with a longneck and a few shooters and once I was nice and relaxed moved on to a couple of fingers of a good scotch or brandy poured into a nice heavy...
 Thanks @phatch... jump to conclusions is my middle name lol. mimi
One of my most requested chicken dishes has it simmered and served in a creole type sauce (in fact I did it this past weekend with a pork loin sliced 1/2 inch thick then pounded a bit) that has always been a big hit.   Simple enuf to make with tomatoes and the trinity...thyme, bay leaf, maybe a little cayenne (or a lot ;-). Using a skillet with high sides flash the breasts for color then deglaze with either low salt (chicken) broth or white wine. Add the breasts back...
 Not only would scallops balloon the FC but the delicate sweet flesh would be lost in such a concoction. mimi
I like @phatch's suggestion of asiago. In fact the thought of all that butter and garlic and strong cheese rings my bell. What will you drink with this dish?   mimi
It has to be in the ingredients... What gage sifting screen are you using and are you pushing the leavings in the sifter thru? Maybe the sifter wire is shedding? IDK....Putin did it lol.   mimi
Hi Chef...nice to meet you. This would be the time to call in some chips. An expensive hotel in the Med or Caribbean. Maybe a fancy retirement high rise in South Florida... Some private cheffing someplace? I take it you have no ties to your current local?   mimi
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