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If business is as poor as you say no amount of paint or advertising or change of menu is going to fix it. There is a window of time after opening to build a guest base. There will be busy lunch runs and usually at least one weekend nite with people waiting in the bar or standing around outside waiting to be seated. This is your make it or break it honeymoon. You will know when the honeymoon is over by the gradual decline in your dinner trade then lunches. Could take months...
It happens......I agree that some threads (like the example we are posting on) are better left dead but then there are the topics that are drug out from under the bed to update techniques or equipment or ingredient twists.Those I sometimes find useful.mimi
A drizzle on sliced strawberries with a small dollop of creme fraiche. I like the strawberries to be very cold and sweet so sometimes paint them with simple syrup and allow them to sit in the fridge for a bit. Goes without saying the vinegar is room temp ( home kitchen room temp not the bakery or BOH room temp lol ;-) mimi
I forgot the question..... mimi
^^^^^^ What Pete and buba said.mimi
The Happy Meal at MickyD's . Cheeseburger fries chocolate milk. I alternate between the tube o'yogurt and the cutie....never ever eat the sliced apples from the brand stamped bag (no matter how cute the picture is). I see them in the fruit section at the market... whatever they are bathed in to retain color is just wrong. The prizes are saved for when I need to bribe one of the Grands. Except the recent PowderPuff girl barrette with the tri colored "hair"...
I want one.....or ten..lol.mimi
Update.... After a few apples and a dollars worth of giant gum balls from the quarter machine at the mall she finally got that damn tooth out of her mouth and under her pillow. The fairy mimi took it and slipped a couple of tickets to Finding Dory in its place. mimi
Just my 2 cents. Say you decide to just go the on the job training (school of hard knocks) route. I would advise to continue to take a few classes here and there and complete your degree. You have already started and should you decide to go corporate you will have a leg up on those applicants without one. The worst feeling is shoulda coulda woulda if down the road you discover this is not the life for you and you are 40 years old and find yourself sitting in a lecture...
New Posts  All Forums: