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 Pasta will suck up more moisture than it needs.Surprised there have not been complaints of a gooey sticky mess.Since it seems to be traveling pretty good just send more sauce ;-) mimi
If you mainly use them for pie go ahead and make them up into filling. My Gma would do this then process in jars. No freezer space necessary...   mimi   Do you like mincemeat? A lot of work but the reward is there when you pop the seal...... I eat it straight from the jar lol.   m.
 Total agreement.Also remember once you have complained don't repeat it and remain calm cool and collected on future shifts.Like someone else commented it takes 2 to tango and you are now on the radar.Loosing your temper will only raise suspicion with Chef that it is you who has the problem..... mimi
 Agree.I have gone to Luc more than once for advice and/or clarification .There is someone who uses the title "other" and no one questions or calls her out when she posts in the pro forums. mimi
 You didn't come here for a lecture so this is what I would suggest.If you cannot cook the pasta at the venue then I would follow @Lagom 's advice. mimi
@Katevans74 . I don't know the whole membership of Chef Talk's back history but do know enuf to tell you most of them (include me there) struggled at some point. Again I don't know if everyone followed the rules and kept it legal during those struggles but have a funny feeling that most did (again add me in there).   Just because whoever is using your services has been made aware they are buying food from an uninspected, unlicensed kitchen (you really put this in a...
Now Buba......play nice.This recipe is prolly one that has been handed down thru the family for generations! mimi
Sounds like someone either tried to make a go of running a multi use venue and couldn't make it work or is going to buy one and knows nothing about the biz and needs someone to rent it from them.   IMO you need to get a lawyer involved and not ask advice of a bunch of strangers who have nothing to loose if you go broke.   just sayin'   mimi
I think it is cute that the MMs are back.... I had to make it exactly once during my whole bartending career (thanks Mr Boston lol ;-) Back OT.... how about a ginger simple syrup?When you get down to the scraps toss them into some boiling water (and sugar of course).... then lower to a simmer until you think you have all the gingeryness out..cool and then decant into an airtight glass container....unless you want everything to smell of ginger ;-)Use a few drops here and...
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