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We were on the same wave link the other day Ordo....... A couple of eggs over easy with homemade sprout bread croutons. Delish. mimi
This is my standard gift to kids going off to college, getting first apartment, 4H food and nutrition contest prizes....... http://www.amazon.com/Cook-Everything-Completely-Revised-Anniversary-ebook/dp/B00BS03W5Q/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427773451&sr=1-1&keywords=how+to+cook+everything mimi Good basic recipes and techniques.
Hi John and welcome to Chef Talk. The learning you seek is at the tips of your fingers. There are scads of culinary school texts offered online. I noticed the CIA offers quite a few but have no clue where you should start. What ever path you decide to take , I wish you luck . mimi
Yes edible glitter has been available for some time.Works great on the exterior of cakes , cookies, ice cream....The OP wants to mix in with the batter and buttercream.When this glitter ( deco sugar) touches moisture (and heat of the oven) the shine will dissipate and you are left with colored sugar.Kinda like sprinkles.mimi
I bought some powdered buttermilk.Tasted like buttermilk but was kinda thin.Would expect this cream to be the same.mimi
Wouldn't you just use a 1:1 ratio (if you want the 72% cream). mimi
I just posted in your thread re purchasing an oven. Paired with this thread I have a suggestion for you. You want to learn to cook. Kudos..... From what info I was able to gather from your posts you may need to take a few basic classes. No need to go all out and enroll in a culinary school. Look around in your area for some classes. There is an adult learning center that offers beginner cooking classes ( as well as a host of other hobbies) Don't have the catalog at hand...
What if at some point you want to roast a piece of meat larger than your duch oven? Say....a full rib roast? Or maybe you need to bake a casserole at the same time as whatever is in the Dutch oven? Or a batch of dinner rolls? My advice is to do some shopping around and talk to a few large appliance salesmen. mimi
Glitter is not food safe so that is out. You could try disco dust but don't think it would show up. There is a newish sparkle dust on the market that is stunning. I used some for a bday cake a few months ago (Frozen theme) ..... As I was not sure if it was toxic I only dusted the gumpaste parts. For the rest (we eat our fondant) I used a sanding sugar that sparkled. Don't know if it would melt on reg icing. Let me know what you ended up with.... mimi
Whipped cream can be stabilized with 10X powdered sugar. 1/4 c in 4 cups heavy cream. I sift the sugar into the cream to prevent any lumps . mimi
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