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In total agreement with the pro server comments. My mentor had me shadow a few (as well as a butler) way back when I was starting out. These day unless we are dropping a few hundred on a "destination" place it is all teenagers who cannot even bring cocktails to the table. mimi
This may be a redundant suggestion but check out a few Indian and Vege restaurants. Lots of different dishes to try. Order half plates if possible. Make note of what you like then come back here for recreation tips. OBTW the spicy baked cauliflower dish @Koukouvagia mentioned is awesome. I have made it a couple of times with different flavor profiles. Not only delish but gorgeous as well. mimi
Hmmmmmm Deep dish. mimi
 Always nice to have a recipe or two to pull out of your hip pocket at the drop of a hat.The fisherman is taking me on a leaf peeping/Civil War monument and graveyard gawking road trip.We leave in a few days so I am trying to use up all the perishables hanging around in the fridge.Took an inventory this AM and now have a carrot cake in the oven.Sure smells good in here lol.Time to whip up a simple cream cheese icing. mimi
@helpwanted if you go with @panini and his idea there are multitudes of different ways to flavor and customize your little cake. Depending on your mood..... experiment with extracts and oils, maybe a bit of dutched cocoa (is darker and stronger in flavor so a tiny bit goes a long way... won't mess up the wet/dry ratio) maybe some citrus rind...on and on. Someone here on CT was looking for a recipe for a bulk mix last week and I remembered the Old Betty Crocker cookbook...
@Panini are you advising a bulk style "homemade" cake mix? Then all @helpwanted would have to do when the mood for cake strikes is measure out her mix and add the egg and liquid? Awesome suggestion ..... I may need to borrow a bit of your OCD sometime. It seems yours is worse (or better depending on the proverbial half glass of water) and has once again pulled the rabbit out of the hat!   mimi
An even better one http://www.life123.com/food/baking/baking-tips/a-quick-guide-to-using-different-types-of-flour.shtml   mimi
@helpwanted I was thinking about the task you have undertaken (my OCD kickin' in lol). IMO converting to scale measurements (oz and gms) would make your job way easier than using volume (cups and tablespoons) measurements. Another tip... if you have hit a wall and the scaled down recipe wont behave just move on.. Many cakes are really difficult to adjust (scale down or up) and most of the time it will the pH and the leavenings that are to blame. IMO not worth the time...
When the size egg is not specified use large as almost all recipes are written for that size. About the differences in ingredients and amts the flour does have a lot to do with it. There is a pretty good article about the different flours in post #5 of this link....     Another explaination is the amount of bakers who like to futz around to make a product (cake, pastry whatever) their own. Not unlike the tweaking of savory dishes some bakers want to have their...
Measure out all of the ingredients for you recipe and set aside. Then obtain a half tsp of milk or water or even booze from a different source, toss into the whole egg and whisk. You will only be using half of the egg so the extra liquid is not a big deal. Did that make sense? mimi
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