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Policy and procedure manual?   mimi
 That's ok Chef.The memory is enuf to hold on to.Those canning jars were a work of art. mimi
 Would help if we had a location... Belize? mimi
One last thing.... There is nothing worse than opening a can of tuna and finding it full of watery, shredded, fishy smelling mystery content.   mimi
 I agree!Especially with sandwiches (and a great sandwich is at the top of my list of favorite meals). mimi
Since @chefbuba seems to be hoarding his home canned tuna I am reduced to using mass produced tuna from the supermarket . Most likely Chicken of the Sea chunk white (packed in olive oil) if for some reason I cannot find an import Italian brand (brand name escapes me) also packed in olive oil. Drain and then add Texas 1015 onion (tiny dice) along with mayo (@Nicko I switched from Hellman's to Duke's after your mayo thread), a sprinkle of lemon pepper...sometimes a bit of...
Tortillas don't need to be worked so much. Overwork creates gluten and gluten equals tough chewy tortillas. Just bring it together until it forms a ball then knead a couple of times ...set to the side... toss a clean dry kitchen towel over it and let it rest for 30 - 45 min. (will ensure even hydration). Divide into serving size balls and roll thin. If the above has been done correctly there will be no need for bench flour (extra flour makes for a tougher texture) BUT...
A few years ago there was a reality based series re "preppers". I watched one where the lady of the house had stocked enuf food to last her and her hubs several years... A couple of things stuck with me. Cheddar cheese hunks dipped in wax and raw in the shell eggs rubbed with cooking oil. Both make perfect sense but why red wax?   FWIW...   mimi
 WalMart?You are joking, right? Given the fact that there are so many sources for fresh, flash frozen (on the boat) shellfish, WM is at the very bottom of my list of purveyors. Yeah it may be a tad pricey but good quality beats $$ every time IMO.Thanks to the internet, styrofoam, dry ice and FedEx  the folks who live far, far away from salt water can enjoy what used to be a treat reserved for the family vacation to the beach. mimi
 I would have already made the cookie dough so anytime now lol.Portion and freeze to bake late Thursday. Brownies just need time to cool and set up (for a nice clean cut) I would do those early Friday (the trick is to line the pan with foil, leaving some to hang over sides like handles...pull them out and place on the cooling rack...easy peasy ;-) Cuppies can be baked on Thursday and iced/decorated Friday. Krispy bars worst enemy is humidity (no fridge or freezer for those...
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