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I like to mix and match. Bake a dozen of 3-4 types of cups then pull out what you have in the way of fillings, buttercreams and garnish ( if the supply is low make up some new flavors and toss in the mix). Then have at it. You may be surprised what you might come up with.   mimi
What do you use now? Obviously your base prefers it over the competition.   mimi
 I also like my omelets "set".The over easy can be "medium" as to allow the yolk to be cleaned from plate with toast or whatever but just cannot stomach a runny scramble.In other words this entry gets my vote lol. mimi
I am jealous, pan, but in a good way lol. Have been been in that area many times (spring break in Texas whohoo!) but was way before I knew what treasures those flats concealed. What style of fisherman would be willing to shuffle thru water for sometimes hours before getting that little snap that signals the beginning of a (hopehope) great fight with a "keeper" red? One who is most likely there for more reasons than catching supper. One who has some thinking and...
 Makes perfect sense to me!We are big fans of "snack cakes" and I am pretty sure the pack of hungry wolves who hang out at my home will devour this offering in a heart beat.Thanks! mimi
 That lalmagid, is something you will not hear in school.Perfect timing to pass on a bit of priceless advice Chef!let me stand you a cold one. mimi
 Ordo do you mind sharing the recipe? mimi
For some reason I cannot find the little @ thingee on my PC (ipad and smartie phones no problem) so I will address this to the forum at large (you will know who you are) ! Have eaten almost all of the fresh water swimmers mentioned and do love them... some more some less. My pleasure is usually directly proportional to who lands it   . Meaning in the old days my kids and their friends. Now I am cleaning and scaling , seasoning, dusting with flour and frying in...
oops Went OT on you.... Sorry no real experience with a spritz gun but imagine if you buy a good heavy tool (SS not aluminum) it will stand you in good stead for many years.   m.
Speaking from experience once you start having that problem a simple rest will only help until you work your wrist again. Mine started up initially when snapping booze on a fast bar.. Back then they had to open the whole wrist and it took forever to heal, left a nasty scar yadayada.... Girl's gotta feed the kids lol. Had to have it done again (kneading fondant about 9 years ago) and had the tiny incision lap surgery. What a difference... brace for 2 weeks and light...
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