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This thread that started out with a simple question about pea soup has turned into an interesting and informative back and forth about to stock or not to stock. IMO this thread is one of the reasons Chef Talk has remained pertinent to the F&B industry for all these many years. The unspoken *yes if you must go OT please stay close to the original topic and keep it civil and clean* I really enjoy the fact that members can agree to disagree without letting emotions and...
OMG is that from the double crust in the red box (found in the canned biscuit section)?   mimi
Total congrats on # 42! We like to take the occasional cruise also. Tell Bruce to enjoy the vacation from KP.   mimi
@ChrisBelgium I am glad you brought that up (mature yard hens vs juvenile "fryers"). I find it almost impossible to find the former in my go to markets. Luckily I have stayed semi active with the 4H program in my area. The kids who are taking a pen of three chickens to the county fair will purchase a ridiculous number of chicks (30-40) in order to have a good choice for the competition. They force feed them with BUTTER in order to have nice plump breasts (no snickering...
My biggest need for stock is (no mystery) during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Every year I tell myself I am going to make extra and set aside but of course I never do. My sister always does the turkey so has dibs on all the extra parts as well as the yummy goodness in the bottom of the roaster. Last year I hit the store to pick up some stock for my cornbread dressing and the traditional chick soup with homemade egg noodles (noodles on the side... don't ask...
Gorgeous crust Chef. So flaky. mimi
Allow me to apologize re my lack of Monkey Bread knowledge.Was talking to my sister and was informed that yes it can be made both ways.So don't give up .... there will come a day when heaven and earth align and things will just click.Then you will be passing along all your tips and trix to someone just starting out.mimi
Hi laul welcome to Chef Talk! Would love to help you with your cuppies but need a bit more info. The recipe for sure and if you made any changes note those too. A picture would be great but not really necessary if you can describe the problem.   mimi
Why all the fuss with the yeast dough? Monkey bread is made with canned biscuits. http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/grands-monkey-bread/7a1e41b1-4708-4028-8ce6-fcb5baebbc19   mimi
That's it. I make a lot of Italian buttercream so seldom have egg whites to freeze (now yolks are another story...... ) Last time I used defrosted whites I think there were 6 and maybe sprinkled a tsp in? Just use a small amt and if your whites still look runny sprinkle some more. I know how frustrating it is to be unable to rule the kitchen. A third lumbar fusion is staring me in the face and I am being pretty stubborn about it. If I have a big baking day it takes two...
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