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Skip the sets and purchase your cookware piece by piece. You yourself admitted to only using one or two pans from them. Do your due diligence on each piece and within a year or two you should have a collection that you are getting your money's worth from. Like the others I usually only have one coated around the kitchen at any given time. I use it for eggs and feel no guilt when it gets tossed and replaced when it starts showing the firsts sign of wear. mimi
Have her pick up one of those baking bags (Reynolds Aluminum product) and follow the directions. Even my sister can make an awesome turkey with one of those.   mimi
@kaneohegirlinaz Our Meyers are finally ready.... took forever for the last little areas that were shaded to turn yellow. They are so plump and heavy this year although a bit too sweet for curd unless additional acid is added. But the lemonade is the best we have ever had. We have a few pecan trees as well and for the first time in years the squirrels left some for us! Darn nice of them as the price of nuts is sky high and climbing! This must all be Karma as the...
Agree... needs to be thick, fried in unsalted butter until dark brown in places. Then placed between 2 slices of really fresh (read : spongy) white bread that has been slathered with Miracle Whip. mimi # I also occasionally indulge in a potted meat sandwich made the same way .
Got the ACD email today and thought I would share. Some really pretty examples for that pastry centerpiece ..... Nice to look at even if you have no desire to tackle these holiday projects, http://www.americancakedecorating.com/how-to.html#ccwintercupcake   mimi   edit... scroll up as well as down so you don't miss anything!
Here is a link to get started..... http://www.cakecentral.com/t/663496/pillsbury-bakers-plus-cake-mix Looks like a fickle product to use. Good luck.   mimi
Even with a truck you will need an approved kitchen. Unless you can find commissary space. mimi
The upcoming holidays are a busy time of year for caterers. They will be needing seasonal help. A job, even if just washing dishes or prepping fruit and veg would provide you with a priceless learning opportunity. I wouldn't mention your plans to anyone tho .   mimi   * and don't quit your day job!   m.
@chefboyOG hit on a lot of important issues. Read and study and read some more... take notes and INHALE it ! CT has a lot of info but it can be sketchy (what is a good name, how to charge, how much to prep) when it comes down to Catering 101.   Have you ever owned a business before? Any experience in accounting and tax law? How to arrive at your budget numbers? Hired and managed a staff ?   The business plan is the first thing you should complete. Put in every...
 I think the whole ingredient question was because he wants to make this particular ethnic bread.Is this what you are talking about?http://www.foodforlife.com/about_us/ezekiel-49 It is my fave product line.The low sodium bread and ground almond and cocoa spread (Pralinutta) paired with a banana or some berries is my usual breakfast.I have switched to almond milk as well.Just a few changes in my diet has brought my good and bad serum fats (LDL and  HDL) back into line. mimi
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