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 Ditto Rick....I enjoy the slightly sweet taste of potatoes kept in fridge (plus they sprout eyes quickly in the heat and humidity of coastal south Texas).Only difference is bread is left out in a vintage (Tupperware) loaf keeper.With the Grands in and out and eat eat eating everything in sight I buy bread several time a week. mimi
Only 3 but there are many more threads both on Chef Talk as well as the internet in general.   1.  ​  2.  ​  3.  ​    I know you want to know HOW to split those tips (and the entire house may be down with this) but like @JCakes advised check into your local labor rules and regs as many states regulate tips by how much each employee is making per hour. FOH is usually only a few bucks per hour whilst the BOH is usually paid at least minimum wage (there may be a clause...
 Sometimes the old threads are still pertinent and the updates help bring us up to speed.But yeah...the ones where the OP never comes back are dead in the water from day one. mimi
There was a  "Japanese" sponge roll recipe making the rounds a few years back. Used this technique/techniques and I made it 4 times before giving up from sheer frustration. The whole beating into submission idea was that as the top half with the flour would sink thru the rest (undisturbed by the spatula) and become homogenous without developing gluten. Or something like that lol (been awhile and my memory is not getting better with age ;-)   If you can get this batter...
Check the date.   mimi
Spread your batch between multiple containers and instead of fixing it just switch it out. This way the guests get the awesomeness of this great fondue of yours and not a watered down version. Plus you are saving them (and yourself) from a potential exposure to food held overlong in the danger zone.   mimi
That is just the nature of the beast.   mimi
That rice looks amazing @Koukouvagia.... Way better than my usual take out of a few days ago! Did you use brown rice or is that soy sauce?   If brown rice canya lend a girl a hand with your usual technique?   mimi
Start slowly ... Go to the farmers market and pick out a couple of ingredients that excite you. Only criteria is that they be the perfect example of whatever. When you get home choose one and read everything you can about it (recipes as well) until you KNOW how it will act when prepared different ways (doesn't always work this way so this is why you bring home 2 )   Doesn't have to be trendy in of itself...(think about how sunchokes made an appearance on Top Chef...
Instead of hunting for and choosing recipes how about hunting for fresh seasonal ingredients and then look for ideas on how to pull them together? Summer is almost upon us so I am thinking cool and refreshing with lots of brite herbs and easy on the spices. Have fun with it....   mimi
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