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Whipped up a huge pan of vegetable beef soup for lunch. Double batch of cornbread. The Grands are here for the week and I forget how much teenage boys can eat. We are all hungry again so someone is making a Whataburger run. A few sacks of Whataburgers with cheese (that's how you order it) all the way with mayo and mustard . And fries. And chocolate malts. mimi
The one I use most has some history. When my mom was a teenager in the early 1940s a usual Saturday nite was spent at on or another of her friend's home popping popcorn and making fudge for the boys. They would listen to radio shows and dance to music played on whatever record player they had. Of course the parents were right there watching every move lol. Google Hershey Cocoa original fudge recipe.... as I am piled up in my bed with a few grandkids and the fisherman...
I vote for warm potato salad... Use a waxy one like a red boil in jacket then cube. Have waiting a dressing of mayo, bacon, S&P, a splash of vinegar , sliced green onions and a ton of dill. Make double what you think you need. Dress the still hot potatos and let rest for an hour or so, stirring frequently will speed up the absorption rate. Yum. mimi What part of the Texas Gulf Coast, Scott? Don't worry I won't show up for dinner without dessert or wine lol. m.
I thought so.Just too much of a coincidence for every whole chicken to be at the same stage of frozen/defrost.Question... say I am buying a Chicken and some are frozen and some are not.Which should I chose?Is the frozen bird an example of partial frost refrozen by accident?Will it be of lesser quality or do you thing it just never made it to the partial defrost zone?Fairly busy supermarket........mimi
First let me say I totally agree with you about the social media thing. I also closed out everything and am so far out of the loop sometimes miss family events lol. Some complain but IMO if they need me they know where to find me lol. Second is re Wounded Warrior Project. For the past few summers there has been a little salt water fishing tourney that my fisherman has helped with . He said the guys like him that fell thru the timeline crack and did not serve get way more...
There are 2 popular ways to make fudge. One is a cooked recipe the other is more of a melt marshmallow and chocolate together stir and pour in a pan recipe. The cooked one has less free moisture as most was boiled off. That will be your more stable candy. It can be left at room temp and maintain texture and shape. The second one (IMO) needs to be kept a bit cool in order to maintain the mouthfeel associated with fudge. mimi
Hi paperandbirch.... welcome to Chef Talk. If you have to cover the fudge do it loosely using paper towels then wax or parchment paper and do not refrigerate. The condensation will be worse as the product comes to room temp. Keeping in a cool dry place will also help. The least stress free solution may be to garnish and lightly press it in just before service. mimi
Hey Scott...... your wife is a lucky lady to have a man that will bake for her. Glad to hear you got the kinks worked out of that Italian Cream cake . mimi
The dessert soufflé is making a comeback on several of the cruise lines. Served to guests in their gowns and dark suits (have even seen a few tuxes lol) as a finish to a meal of prime rib and lobster tails. Has the boss recently been on vacation? mimi
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