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I just noticed your name is Joy?   I have not interviewed (hospitality) in a very long time but would most likely wear a LBD that covers any cleavage and is not too short or tight. Minimal makeup and no (or very light) polish on short nails. Wear your hair in a style that shows you know how to control it.... tight ponytail or upsweep. Dark leg coverings (hose or tights) and flat (maybe MaryJanes or ballet flats) shoes.   mimi   As for jewelry...if you are married...
That is a good question. My usual advice would be Dockers (you don't have to go with the usual tan there are nice conservative colors available) and a button down shirt with a tie....clean hands and nails as well as a recent haircut and shave. The shoes need to be clean and shined as well and plz wear socks lol..... nothing worse than hairy man ankles peeking out from the pants when you sit down.   That you think to ask already shows that you will most likely interview...
Nice salad @jake t buds . During Lent we eat lots of tuna (easy and fast from the can) and it is nice to see it plated. People forget the fact that it doesn't have to come full of pickles and mayo and be served between 2 pieces of sliced Wonder Bread. Have to skip the egg tho .   mimi
 Food art like how to place your food on a plate to look attractive?Chef Talk has an area full of gorgeous plating examples http://www.cheftalk.com/g/  (also can get there by clicking on the Gallery tab on top of home page). mimi
Anything that is light on weight looks more expensive when you are buying per pound. Especially if it has been dehydrated (mushrooms, spices for example). Once you get it on the scale there could be like a zillion pieces.   mimi
Install a drawer?Since the back wall of the drawer would hit the strip leave/remove that part.Potatoes, bread, veg of the day, warm desserts like cobbler and dishes.If you locate it on the pickup side the waitstaff can grab what they need and customize the potatoes prn. mimi
2-3 seatings (early, mid and late) with a sexy 4 course prix fixe menu... maybe a gratis glass of sparkly wine or show the menu to your wine purveyor and see what kind of deal you can get for a few cases then turn around and offer per carafe at an attractive price.   If you are well organized and find the staffing to be a bit bloated.... put everyone's name in a hat and draw for a nite off.   mimi   If you choose to have 3 seatings make sure the dish pit is well...
@Markrmoore2 .... Have you thought of keeping all of these gems in one longish thread? I am enjoying the ride but someone just now joining may not "get it". Just sayin'.   mimi
Waiting for fresh chicken one day and the cook came up to the register with several packets in his hand. Asked the counter girl where his scissors were. Bet a C note the secret was in those packets lol.   I have also watched them dump a huge bag of beans and rice in the warmer....but I really don't care....soooo good!   mimi
I wet brine with salt and a few spices overnite (or until next service ) then use the three step breading process. If I want a buttermilk crust I use it as step two instead of egg wash. Not having to aggressively season the breading (only S&P) cuts out on the over browning IMO.   Talk to your purveyor about the quality of your fryers. I have not seen a bloodline in a decade. As for the par frying? Someone will come along with a trick for it I suppose but I feel as...
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