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Hi CCL. I imagine you poked around a bit before joining but if you get stuck (or just want to interject an IMO) feel free.... Lots of great stuff in the archives and the advanced search feature is pretty simple to navigate.   mimi
There are a zillion recipes for pastry crust out there. I have seen some that add the yolk for enrichment....I am not in that camp. There is also the egg wash treatment (suppose that would be the whole egg...for sure the egg white)... for color (I do this when sprinkling sugar or making little leaves and doggies and Mustang convertibles for decos as well ;-) and need them to stay put.   mimi
 Some pies require no refrigeration but be sensible about it.An apple pie left out on the counter in a cool dry place should be ok overnite.Cover with a clean towel in case of unwelcome creepy crawlies and finish off by the end of day 2.Any cream based or meringue topped not so much....I rarely save the second category anyway....the quality slides downhill fast no matter how it is stored away.Welcome to Chef Talk. mimi
 You nailed it Chef....cold fat hardens. mimi
Go walk your venues with the planner and make a map of ins and outs...every time and even if you know that place backwards and forwards. You never know when some idiot will stick a dj booth and a cigar roller in the only space large enuf for your buffet. Stand your ground.....after the cake and the booze....food rules the day.   mimi
Way past time to consume all the nibbles left over from the this and that's I managed to prepare during the holidays. Still feel pretty darn bad...allergies then flu now allergies again so when I woke up ravenous yesterday it was a very welcome sign.   Anyways.....the fisherman's waffles are awesome (translate it is one of 3 dishes he can accomplish and if I micromanage my portion it comes out edible). An amalgamation of salted nuts (chopped) mixed into the batter with...
 Blustery cold and raining cats and dogs.....imma at your house MaryB.Dessert......bread pudding (cinnamon apple with brandy plumped raisins) a vanilla hard sauce and then a place in front of the fire!NOLA be calling me.... mimi
 I made it once just to see what the fuss was about.Great flavor but IME is too moist and tender to depend upon holding together when serving.Give it a spin and see what you think. mimi
So is table side dish prep coming back or has it just been hiding in those restaurants I can no longer afford (I guess I COULD but the long lazy summers at the beach have my attention now). Just IMO but I miss those days when dining out meant that's what you did for a good 4 hours on a Saturday nite....when you were naked without the pearls and dainty but oh so expensive diamond earrings and JUST the right amount of scent on your wrists and behind the ears.... Oldtimer...
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