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I became a huge fan of the blog < eggbeater;chef owners who work the line> prolly a decade ago . The author is a huge fan of butterscotch and as I am kinda partial to it as well I saved the blog to my favorites. Well I never got around to making it but the recipe is still there. Maybe she she shares some sort of magical trix lol. Currently on my IPad and am hopeless when I try to post a link but let me know and I will gladly try a cut and paste. mimi OT but is that a...
@BurgerDude re the Panko crumbs.... A nice product that works great with a mild saltwater fish like flounder. First you have to walk the sandbars at nite and gig a few nice specimens keeping them within your local catch size and limit. When you get back to the docks, filet..... the easiest way would be to make a cut behind the head and angle the knife to follow the structural bones (should get 2 from the top) to the tail then flip over and finish up by removing the...
Googled fish donuts ( just for s**ts and giggles) and got over a million hits. Everything from fish shaped water toys to an oddly humorous posting on Did not come across an actual recipe but wasn't really looking all that hard. Just mimi being mimi..... currently drifting slowly OT in her sea foam green kayak (nice day, not a cloud in the sky...altho a tad windy for such a small water craft). Praying I don't get any sea spray on my IPad. m.
Hey mama.... thanks for the contribution!I see you are new to the site and wanted to say hey and welcome!Looking forward to "hearing " more from you.mimi
Chef Talk IMO is a good solid site......made into an awesome one by the membership.From the pros (a few whom I suspect have recognizable real world names ;-) to the ones who self identify as "can't boil water" but can indeed perform very well in their home kitchens.At times we can fight like oil and water but at the end of the day, after all the agitation .... most come together like a well emulsified dressing.Kudos to @Nicko and all the mods for keeping the site on an...
Try . mimi
Blueberry and lemon go great together...... Classic profile that makes me want to grate a tiny bit of fresh lemon peel. Key word is tiny...just a whisper... m.
You can sub just about anything.WW flour...old fashioned whole oats (sometimes with a handful of nuts tossed in)The ratios may change but this is where cooking becomes an art.You may want to add a bit of flour to lighten it up (this is where the nuts come into the mix) or use something completely different.Play around and have some fun and you may just come up with a combo that has everyone asking what you did.Of course you will not tell......:mimi
I agree with KouKou. The most likely ingredient that makes the fish shop's food so magical is that someone else has to deal with the splattered oil lol. mimi
The man who pumps food shared a gem that usually takes a large chunk o'time to add to the arsenal. The backup crew. Those who have been holding prior F&B mgrs hostage will quickly learn to not jack with the new matter how young or inexperienced. mimi 20-30 on payroll for 75 seats? m
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