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You are welcome. Everyone here is happy to help you "youngsters" come up and be successful professionals. Gotta have someone able to cater our funeral luncheons lol. mimi
Your invoice will need to reflect that $922 charge. This client is not a noob. He knows what catering costs so like Chef Ed said gold star treatment is in order and that includes a professional invoice. Do it right and you just may have your first loyal customer. mimi
It IS hard to calculate time but is a factor of profit.Start right now...just get a tablet and pencil.Stick it in a handy place and make notes.Those small amts of prep time add up.This is your first job so a learning curve is in order mimi
Although even if all the buffet set up is owned by the caterer a rental charge is in order. Check for usual and customary charges for the area. mimi
1322-400 food cost (client pays separate ) = 922OP has all of the buffet table hardware.Although unknown factor of time, travel and van rental plus petrol will eat into this.Have no clue how much vehicle rentals are these days.......mimi
They have decided on a protein heavy menu and need to realize that rising prices are driving the quote. Like the value added idea. Maybe a big cobbler or bread pudding. mimi
Will your CEO have someone taking care of the dining room table set up (linens, glassware, flatware or silver and china) ? What about your buffet table (linens, platters , serving utensils?) , will you be renting this or is there already a treasure trove for you to chose from (love to play with other people's stuff lol)? Are you just going to set the buffet and leave? Ask the host who will be setting the table and taking care of beverage refills and table clearing, KP.......
Who has been doing them up until now? Could you maybe pick their brain re recipe tips and oven operation trix? mimi
We have all the Grands for the weekend so last nite was spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic toast and a huge tossed iceberg lettuce garden salad. Lots of leftovers for the 14 year old human garbage disposal to plow thru (expect it to disappear by tomorrow lol). Dry rubbed a gorgeous pork roast yesterday and have it coming to room temp as we "speak". Prepped all the ingredients for my cornbread dressing yesterday as well. Stumbled across some excellent green beans (great...
@ChrisBelgium .... we will most likely take flak over this (a veg loaf is not a meatloaf is what I most often hear lol) but I like a big mix of veg in mine every once in a while. Looks great but where is my plate? mimi
New Posts  All Forums: