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 I am not the only one.Dropping into a convenience store for a last min item and every single one (in my area) has kept the BB freezer plugged in despite being empty.Local Texas based grocer has left the freezer reach in space empty.Shoppers congregate and moan...sort of like a memorial at a crash site.Felt like leaving a teddy bear and balloons lol. But today is the day.Want to go purchase some but am in fear of being trampled. mimi
It has been a very long summer without my Blue Bell. http://bluebell.com/   mimi
Also OT.... I read somewhere that the guy who invented (is it ....an invention I mean?) the Kraps coffee pods is sad because of the amt of landfill space it is now taking up.   mimi   carry on....
Right???@joshua43214 you had me at leather lol....... mimi
I must have confused yall... Dump cake is a favorite here as well. I mix cherry pie filling and drained crushed pineapple then spread out a yellow cake mix (DH is a pantry staple  what can I say it is quick and versatile lol) then dab a stick of butter on top. Really good with ice cream plus can be made in a crock pot. Never seen it with soda pop but will def try it next time.   mimi   Speaking of cake mix.... http://www.food.com/recipe/ooey-gooey-butter-cake-32933...
The dump cake twist sounds interesting.... what does it bring to the table?Flavor?Leavening?Thanks @phatch...will have to try it for comparison's sake. mimi
 I cry foul!Whoever is doing this is def not making TEXAS fajitas! mimi
Look to the cafés located in most museums. Granted some do it better than others (John Besh in the WW2 museum in NOLA comes to mind...love that menu as it fits right in) but IMO would provide some food ;-) for thought.   mimi
With that tight of a budget you must make every morsel count. IDK about your choice of "heavy" salad bar items.   Would be nice if you could survey them beforehand.   mimi
Hard boil the eggs and don't forget the yogurt (plain with honey and some nuts on the side).   mimi
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