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IMO a jar of Nutella sitting out to glob on as a topping sounds pretty unappealing. There are a few Nutella based topping recipes on the net but they all require heavy cream to keep it thin enuf to pour (so it has to be kept in the safe zone ie behind the counter). I like where @Mike9 is going with it but it would need to be kept frozen and this is for a self serve topping bar. I will toss this one out... there is a no bake cookie that my Grands like to make. Peanut...
 Scratch cakes have way less wiggle room than those from the box.None of the additives that make the box cake nearly indestructible.If it is juice (not water or syrup) you can sub some of it out with the milk.Why some and not all?Milk brings a couple of things to this party.Yes it thins the batter down but it adds to the overall flavor and texture as well. mimi Curious...what did you end up doing and how did the end product turn out? m
Sounds like you may have to teach yourself. Make a list of what you realize you need to learn and start researching. The more you read the more questions you will have so add those to the list as they pop up. It will be slow going but better than nothing. Come back here if you don't understand or cannot figure out which would be the better solution. Welcome to Chef Talk.   mimi
There is a separate catering forum on Chef Talk. You will have to dig thru a lot of "how much do I charge" threads but there is a LOT of info in there as well. I would use the advanced search feature and go back to the very beginning of the archives.... You will eventually have your aha moment where it all falls into place.   mimi
 ? mimi
 I gave up on Costco but the briskets at SAM's (choice) were still almost five dollars a month ago.Was going to wait and see what happened before Memorial Day but my burger needs will be met for a while lol.How is your BBQ project coming along? mimi
I had noticed a LOT of the farms around me had switched from the usual milo (maize) grain to corn. Corn was very hard to grow and sell for animal feed ( susceptible to mold and fungi) and get a top price. Maybe they are planting a new/different type seed? IDK...interesting...will try to catch one of the farmers at the ag office and ask.   I dropped by my butcher yesterday and after talking to him went ahead and ordered a side. Now the hard part....which cuts do I...
 As soon as I bring pecans home I go ahead and toast about 2/3 and stick in the freezer.Big time saver . mimi
Not being snarky but IMO the appearance is off putting. The flour is lumpy and the color way too pale. Fried chicken is supposed to be a crispy golden brown. Again IMO but if I was on a strict low fat diet I would either completely skip the fried food or do oven bake (which still requires a tiny bit of oil but your body need some fats to metabolize vitamins).   mimi
Forgot the salt. Have never used vanilla but it sounds reasonable...will have to try it. Certainly won't hurt lol.   mimi
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