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The butterfly effect......mimi
I don't foil in the oven either.If the bark starts to dry out I just flip it over.Then continue to flip when needed.mimi
Sushi does not quite satisfy the munchies lol. mimi
IDK..... Maybe because the Constitution gives everyone the right to eat what we want despite the published dangers? I see this "feel good" regulation being followed up by one that makes it illegal to eat saturated fat in the form of pork. Or drink alcoholic beverages. Maybe taking the guns from our hands. It always starts small ya know. mimi
Have you given the crock pot method any thought? Assuming you have one that is large enuf. I did one a while back. Brined then browned in a cast iron skillet ( I wanna try giving it a short smoking next time) and then into the crockpot on low overnite. Delicious! Tender and moist. mimi
Stagger them like a roast.Great idea, Chef.mimi
I try to visit each of the younger Grands during Texas School Week every year.There is an option for the adult visitors to "super size it" for an upcharge.This last March the menu choice was some gorgeous fried chicken or a chef salad.I wouldn't know how it tasted because I use this once yearly meal to see where our tax dollars are being wasted.My tray had a fried frozen burrito some canned corn and a quarter slice of a beaten to crap dried up orange.REALLY?No wonder these...
Addition.... dThen we get the science ( or lack of) behind margarine and find that we were eating plastic lol.Never liked the stuff have eaten butter only my entire life.mimi
What is not mentioned in above recipe is reduce most of the water. This makes the meat soft and pleasant on the palate. The addition of diced potato will thicken the mixture as they cook. mimi
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