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@jake t buds never really thought to slice sausage like that. I imagine it would not only improve the texture but release more flavor into the dish . Thanks for that. @chefbuba my Gma Van's chicken noodle soup was always thick and creamy .... more like a meal than a first course. Delicious! Will have to try the roux .... That's two lol ;-) mimi
 You are right.There are the exceptions...At one point I bartended/waited tables/hostessed the humidor rooms at an upscale steak and chop place.Until my full of child belly got too big for the uniform that is lol.GREAT money but like I said an exception. Then there are your career waiters/captains that are at the places like per se or the owners suites at the professional sports stadiums. But like @Jellly noted it is mainly a young person's game. mimi
Like @berndy had never heard of them so went searching and found this.... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/315778   We are a home of nibblers and grazers so of course will be on the lookout for the intact pods. Will fit right in with the roasted in pod favas that @cheflayne (I think) has already hooked me on lol.   mimi
Will the chicken parts come straight from the walk in or are you allowed time to take the chill off? Just wondering because an ice cold chicken breast with skin and bone intact may take a bit longer than you think (cannot count the times mine has looked beautiful then when cut into the meat next to the bone will still be bloody (not just red but oozing). This is why I start my larger pieces first and hold in a slow oven until all pieces are taken care of. Then again if...
Think of a server as the commissioned sales staff who's pay depends on how much product they can move to each customer. It looks like a huge amount when you think of what they make each shift but they have to turn around and tip out two or three people that help them. The shifts are also (usually) short and they don't (usually) work a full 5 days per week. The actual paycheck sometimes (IDK last time I looked around $3 per hour) only covers taxes (not only hourly wage...
 Altho it was my suggestion not myself being tagged with that description I will take it just the same! mimi
 What a great way to start Mother's Day!Have never been called brilliant before lol. mimi
This may sound PITA but estimate how much of each buttercream you use and make up more than one bag that would fit the holder that you like best. Then as soon as said bag is empty...or has reached the limit of the danger zone...just switch them out.   mimi   I vote for @Panini's as the wood may be harder to sterilize.
Chefs... how should @dixiecup deal with the unspoken "stay a year" rule? Just leave the place off her CV or add it  and be faced with a possibly uncomfortable discussion and maybe come off as a gossip or even worse a whiner  (even tho it may be justified)?   mimi
 Is your machine the 325 watt?My daughter has the Artisan (but mom it is so cute!!! the yellow matches the accent wall of my kitchen perfectly!!!l  ;-)  and complained how it would "bog down" when kneading.Sometimes even smelled smoke?Do you have the plastic dough hook? mimi
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