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I went Googling for a book on catering portions and all roads led back to Chef Talk. So. I already knew there were lots of threads but it appears the majority of the www recommends CT as well (so start there) Have not costed out an entire event in many moons and not sure what source is the gold standard these days so maybe someone will jump in with a worthwhile program or book. mimi
It takes calories to swim and even more to dive.How's the water?mimi
Great.As it should be.After all this work I am craving brûlée .mimi
Have you ever ordered a dish that is well known to your palate and been disappointed when it falls short of what you expected? You (as well as your exec chef) are happy with this pudding like brûlée ? You are going to serve it whether you can tighten it up or not? I think we sometimes get an idea in our head and want it to work so badly that we lose touch with the big picture. I watch a fair amt of Top Chef and have seen a fair amt of very talented chefs " pack their...
Sorry.....that was meant to read ganache. Let me look around a bit and see what I can come up with. Any preferance of BC type? Meringue based or Sweetex ? mimi
@MOONMO0N maybe your chef is gently nudging you back to the line? Time passes...we mature...and with this maturity comes wisdom. Maybe the next time you are helping the pantry cook keep himself from slipping into the weeds you could stop for a second and do a self check. You may find that you kinda enjoy that little adrenaline rush Oh yeah....great dish idea. Who doesn't like meat on a stick? mimi
Hey @chefpeon nice to finally "meet you". I enjoy your blog postings (as well your tongue in cheek wit ;-) My Gma Van had me in an apron and on a kitchen chair at a very younge age and can remember helping her whip up a batch of cream puffs for the first time the year I started 4th? grade. Was allowed to "solo" (adult in the kitchen when the stove top (gas) was on as well as opening the oven) in 5th grade and by the time I was in middle school had no problem catching the...
Have to admit this one is a bit creepy.A bit Silence of the Lambs......mimi
Thanks for explaining. I am now curious why the recipe developer would risk ruining such a spendy treat ? Does the torch trick just before the chopped nut garnish change things? mimi
Success at last! Now the big problem is what chocolate to use for dipping? mimi OBTW...I think you are very brave! The one time I made this candy the reaction scared the heck out of me.... Cannot imagine making it with a camera in one hand lol.
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