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 Kudos to yall for not using leftover rewarmed meat.Against our better judgement we had lunch at a much recommended ( recent roadfood.com posts) "real Texas barbeque" joint in southern Pennsylvania (or was it northern West Virginia?)The pork ribs were comepletely dried up , the brisket way too fatty and pale (steamed?) with that odd beef fat flavor that is sooo nasty.The only thing decent was the pulled pork and is not even on the list of proper Texas barbeque.Even the...
 Cornbread stuffing is a regular on our menu here as well.Usually just borrow from the bread pudding stash and have never tried sourdough.I am thinking to try this with this weekend's pork roast.If it works for us will debut on Tday.Will drive the sister nuts trying to figure it out lol. mimi
 Apples and dried cranberries are a classic combo and IMO are excellent in stuffing as long as you don't get carried away.After all it is a savory dish not dessert.Grapes.... maybe not so much.I am thinking after being exposed to the heat the pieces would be a bit on the slimy side, but have never tried it so this is just IMO.Toasted pecans bring a nice texture and flavor to the party as well much like @MikeLM 's Brazil nuts. My sister always hosts two families (the BIL's...
The additional set ups are an additional problem I did not consider. Re the invite to dine... educate the couple and give them a few options on how to handle it. A good solution might be for them to slip it into their welcoming speech. mimi
Was gonna chime in yesterday re: smaller plates. In total agreement. Number one the small plate is very in at this time. Number two it makes most of the sheeple take a plate and go sit down or move away from the stations further reducing the potential for congestion and long lines. PITA but IMO makes for a more pro event. mimi
Being on a road trip at this time I can definitely verify that sometimes taking a left can be disastorious indeed.But then again you never know.You may find that perfect jewel of a B and B or maybe a gorgeous mountain overlook not marked on any maps.But of course a flat tire is not out of the question either lol.mimi
Been on a road trip and eating our main meal during regular brunch hours. Have been seeing a lot of dishes twisted to include pumpkin and apples. Lots of cinnamon and maple as well as toasted walnuts. Learn to make a proper oatmeal. Add in could include dried fruits and nuts, maybe sweeten with maple or brown sugar. Panettone bread for reg (or French) toast. Whatever you decide on plz serve at the appropriate temp. mimi Had a huge pumpkin muffin with cheesecake...
That's a blast from the past @durangojo Cannot believe she's 20 some odd years than me. Always felt more like a barely older sister (the one who taught me how to get that blue eyeshadow on just right lol). Listened to quite a few tunes on that 'tube page. Cream... Neil Young.... Procol Harem (saw in concert sophomore? year high school). Thanks girl. mimi
Do miss that Lady K and all those tips and links she seems to pull out of thin air.....Sorry to hear about Ms Greta Joey.Although a very good thing she can continue the treatments.From somewhere in Virginia (home leg of leaf peeping trip)mimi
In total agreement with the pro server comments. My mentor had me shadow a few (as well as a butler) way back when I was starting out. These day unless we are dropping a few hundred on a "destination" place it is all teenagers who cannot even bring cocktails to the table. mimi
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