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I can only tell you IME ...maybe something will stand out.   My contract was separate (just easier when dealing with booze taxes plus I usually stayed until "last call") and so the numbers were also my own...the caterer had permission to deal...unless it was a way strange request then I wanted to know what and why and for how long. Included booze and beer and wine brand list to choose from. Anything else was upcharged. I charged per drink (like Chef said just keep a...
 I know you followed all of the hoodoo chants and made an offering at your kitchen shrine.Check your kitchen witch (does anyone still have those?) she may be dusty so take her outside and give her a good brushing off and rededicate. mimi
What happened after it was quartered? Into containers and then sealed and dated and into the walk in? Did you (or anyone else) temp it every so often?   There are ways to cool off a big pot o'whatever besides the chiller. In fact there are several threads with nothing else...maybe read a couple and then the next time it. No one should need permission to engage in food safety .... in fact I really like it when someone demonstrates initiative. Now go throw...
Thanks Chef. You explained that way better than the person who answered my question way back when. I got a bunch of % 's and some algebra but never really understood till you posted it in plain English.   mimi
 It takes a village...or a really great website full of peeps who have been there (and lost their tshirts ;-) mimi
Have you tried using parchment? I have never had much luck with the mats. Maybe (just my thoughts) they prevent evaporation (during the resting stage) while parchment absorbs (noted by the wrinkly paper after baking) or maybe my mats just grab the edges and prevent that initial puff that creates the little feeties (altho per science the crowns should then crack to release the steam). Of course if you age the whites in a room with dry air this problem may become...
No. I asked this a couple of years ago and was told the end product would be too salty (and any spices would become too pronounced). So just dumped it and have continued to do so.   mimi
One piece of advice....if you can cobble all your credit hours into a degree, please do so. If you are just short of getting the sheepskin then take advantage of one (or two) of the (reputable) higher learning sites and finish at home in your boxers if you have to. Doesn't have to be in hospitality.... I have found that a business degree can open doors no matter what you choose to do in the end.   Just IME....   mimi
There is an ongoing theme salt until the end. As you reduce any salt will become kinda in your face but if this happens just make another small batch and marry the two. Another pearl here...the darker you get the roux the less thickening power you will get.   mimi
Kimchee  or cabbage because it is sooo versatile   Hot cocoa...marshmallows or not?   mimi
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