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I like the idea of a good fish sandwich. Hot still crunchy and steaming on a good quality roll (or better yet some buttery Texas toast) with an awesome house make sauce....cold crispy lettuce and maybe a couple of really great pickle chips. Heaven....and being Catholic during Lent...there can be no higher praise (there can but not allowed on CT ;-) than to see your neighborhood lined up out the door. Tuna gets tired after a bit and a flash frozen filet can be just as...
 Let's rumble (do they even say that any more? ;-)Onion roll and Pickapeppa...and I will borrow some of your red onion but could you slice a bit thicker? mimi
 Kidding of course.Welcome to Chef Talk....it IS tiresome when that happens. mimi
 Pray? mimi
 Hi kk.Good to see you my friend. mimi
My mentor was Persian and did this thing with a colander and steam and a clean white kitchen towel. Once he skipped the colander and just placed the rice on top of a cloth stretched over a pot of steaming water. Magical.   mimi   The memory of those parties with the lovey roasted lambs (and all those sides!...tables and tables arraigned with beautiful bowls full of exotic treats...very chic to a girl from small town Texas lol...). But the rice (with rose...
 Me either....and it doesn't have to be from the upper top shelf close to the ceiling.A good brand of whatever made by a trusty house.I do like the idea of the kombu and MaryB's mushroom powder may be a nice trade secret for your hip pocket (if you have the need in a throw down with another fancy pants foodie...not using FP as a derogatory term here but everyone has someone like that in their circle lol ;-)Umami. mimi Don't discount the advice re salt either.Try a dab of...
 Right? mimi
 I did not say white chocolate will never cross my lips pooley.Plus I am a macadamia eating fool (not a word there lol ;-) so the shipment is back on.Right? mimi About Pinterest.I lovelovelove the IDEA of all that minutia gathered in one spot for me to pick and choose from.Get TONS of ideas for my little hobby involving laces and ribbons and such.The recipes?Kinda like MS.Nothing ever works.Maybe all on me but knowing how smart and special I am I doubt this very much lol. m.
 Your round about the mulberry bush of a question is a bit confusing.Sticky rice is shorter and has a higher starch content...the starch is what makes it sticky.Completely different from a long grain type...which makes the answer yes.It is possible to make a dryer and fluffier LONG GRAIN rice in a rice pot.Provided that you have one that is well designed and follow the instructions.Not sayin ya gotta buy the most expensive cooker out there...just do your fact checking and...
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