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 Ordo do you mind sharing the recipe? mimi
For some reason I cannot find the little @ thingee on my PC (ipad and smartie phones no problem) so I will address this to the forum at large (you will know who you are) ! Have eaten almost all of the fresh water swimmers mentioned and do love them... some more some less. My pleasure is usually directly proportional to who lands it   . Meaning in the old days my kids and their friends. Now I am cleaning and scaling , seasoning, dusting with flour and frying in...
oops Went OT on you.... Sorry no real experience with a spritz gun but imagine if you buy a good heavy tool (SS not aluminum) it will stand you in good stead for many years.   m.
Speaking from experience once you start having that problem a simple rest will only help until you work your wrist again. Mine started up initially when snapping booze on a fast bar.. Back then they had to open the whole wrist and it took forever to heal, left a nasty scar yadayada.... Girl's gotta feed the kids lol. Had to have it done again (kneading fondant about 9 years ago) and had the tiny incision lap surgery. What a difference... brace for 2 weeks and light...
IMO. Lots of bakers would kill to sell out every day. Pastry is always getting a cush job rap. When the kitchens close for the nite and everyone is headed for a drink or home we are not far from the alarm bell. When the bars close for the nite and the diners fill we are turning on ovens and waiting for the coffee to drip. Fresh is what your customers are used to. I would not stray from that path and risk loosing even one to the home bakers selling from carts (sorry...
So what makes them taste like that in the first place?Is it related to the diet?No a huge fan of fresh water fish..... grew up doin the stingray shuffle in and around the coastal bend area of Texas lol .Snapper is my hands down favorite but my legs are way too short to catch my own so have to barter one into my cooler at the cleaning tables lol.mimi
True dat on the Velveta grills. Nice and thick and oozy.   mimi
 I have an uncle who baits his drift lines with chunks of this pink bar soap (has to be some Mexican brand?) and catches these enormous catfish.Of course wild caught cats are so muddy tasting IMO.One fish I do prefer farmed. mimi
Glad to see another member of To Zest is Best Club. Just cannot help myself. Cannot even cut into a fruit of the citrus variety without running it over a rasp at least once. Nothing else in the world can compare to the fresh brite scent from a sun warmed lemon. No matter what variety it may be. Leftover from my barkeep days I 'spose. mimi
You funny bro.If I am starving and there is only cheese dip I hurry and get a few chips in before it starts to do that thing.That said..... is it true that *any* cheese is better than no cheese?Think of it this way.If you were marooned on a desert island with only a 2 lb chub of ahem cough cough processed cheese would you eat it or try to catch Tilapia with it .mimi
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