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 Spot on.The standard treatment for a burn that blisters is a nice blob of Silvadene which last time I looked was written Rx only.Most docs will write for way more than you need and if this should be the case find a tiny container and carry some in your roll.The rest is for your home fridge as it lasts pretty much forever. mimi
 Exactly.See my taco story. mimi
Sorry...if that came across a bit snarky.   Over the years I have made countless bday cakes. I have also fixed about a zillion (at the last minute) when it didn't come out as planned. Thought to save you the panic attack but it looks like you have it covered. Carry on...   mimi
Gelatin is more of a texture than a flavor.   mimi
My extended family and friends (and cannot forget the many rants on CT) know where I stand on the issue of kids bday cakes.   IMO these milestone celebrations are all about the making of memories and in a perfect world mommies who bake their kids bday cakes (plus take manymany pix AND post on social media) are saints.   Just asking our opinions shows you are already halfway there . Believe me you will literally rock that little boy's world with nothing more than a box...
@Pete hit the #1 reason for big box packaging. Those big shots at corporate (as well as those on Wall Street) are not looking at how many pieces are sold but how MUCH $$$ your store (or group for the divisional managers) is bringing in.... This is called value added and is a great little marketing tool. Those so called "great deals" also bring in more shoppers and a high % of those will buy more than just the family pack of leg quarters. They may need seasonings (huge...
 Last time we cruised was with Carnival and they were really pushing his burger place.Was like eating cardboard smothered in jalapenos... mimi
 Right?She prolly weighs 110 soaking wet.I wish I was that fat.My neighborhood does a lot of bartering and she makes some really great salsas and chutneys.... mimi
 Thanks for the FYI.... I am no stranger to butchering but no one ever thought to enlighten me and I always assumed.So what seeps from my steak is not blood....makes sense as it doesn't coagulate on the plate....duh. I gave the neighbor a pack of good home ground beef (prime sirloin and some nice chuck roasts) to make tacos.She called saying the flavor was crap.I asked her to walk me thru what she did.Steamed by adding water to the pan and covered.Cooked under low...
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