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My bad. The recipe isn't there anymore (or it is buried) but I didn't do a very deep search. I used old intel (thought he had written a smaller recipe for the homemakers out there) because as someone else mentioned there is a TON of unreliable info out there and having heard the recipe praised thought it would be of help.   I am out of tips and suggestions. Good luck with your path to the perfect sponge.   mimi
 Or advising a CT member on smuggling .....​ . mimi
Depending on what the budget is anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 ppp of thinly sliced protein. Will the cheese be sliced or cubed (or both) ?   mimi   What sort of bread do they want? Point out to your client that a sub roll will take up a lot more filling than say...reg sliced Pullman style sandwich bread.   m.
Just being honest here... You will drive yourself crazy with random facts found on the internet. The cost of eggs alone will eat up the Christmas shopping budget.   That guy Buddy on (Cake Boss?) has shared his recipe (scaled down for home use) for sponge on his web site. I suggest you try that and follow HIS instructions including pan sizes...not a bunch of tips found on Pinterest.   mimi
Country swing as well as the 1970s/1980s.   Good memories.   mimi
Since they are a steady customer why not just deliver in the proper pans then pick them up on the next run? I am no tree hugger but all that disposable aluminum seems wasteful. IMO of course.   mimi
Catering is also a good place to test the waters. Especially this time of year...lots of temporary and part time spots available. If you pay close attention you may catch some financial tips as well.   mimi
Anything roasted or toasted.... Currently fixated on waffles with a generous handful of (toasted) pecans in the batter. As breakfast is the fisherman's domain he has learned to cook my waffles until crispy.   mimi
 I made a (savory) black pepper/sharp cheddar yogurt loaf for a small town Christmas bake off.Was awarded a blue ribbon even.I need to dig that recipe out and give it another whirl!Thanks for the reminder.... mimi
Depends. What do you mean by worth it (what are your long term goals?).   mimi
New Posts  All Forums: