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1. potato salad...dressed with mayo and sour cream heavy with fresh dill and a sprinkle or two Hidden Valley green onion dip mix (to taste...pretty salty and huge onion hit) has always been a favorite on the catering menu....   2. Gma Van's devils' food cake (three layers filled and iced with a soft ganache) I like it cold so always hide a slice lol.   3.Family nite King Ranch casserole....if you have never had this pm for the recipe....mine came from one of those...
Welcome to Chef Talk, madame. You will get much more much quicker if you troll the archives (almost 2 decades worth). The simple and advanced search features are located just above the OP and should bring you just what you need without much time or trouble.   mimi   edit to add...troll as in "trolling" for a catch not the other...but you know what I meant, right?
As long as it is healthy skinny and not junkie skinny.   mimi
Exactly what I was going to say.IME it is always better to learn on someone else's dime. mimi
 About as much as I miss the carpal tunnel syndrome lol. mimi
I know absolutely nothing about dog cookies but just by looking I would guess your recipe is lacking in fat. What does the raw dough look like after resting? If it is not moist and pliable I would suggest adding in a bit of peanut butter or coconut oil.   mimi
Looks good... The first time I didn't wait for the mix to cool before dropping into my food processor (the lazy peoples way lol) and melted the container. Duh....mimi being mimi .....   mimi
You are in San Diego...try googling for the locations of cake decorating/bakery supply stores in your area...should be at least one. Set a budget tho as those places can be like a candy store. You can blow the bank on gadgets and flavorings and pans and colorants if you are not careful lol.   mimi
The futzing around with the tomatoes was a distraction as well as a waste of time. Wouldn't hurt to place the camera on the business side of the action either.   Like @Jimyra mentioned may sound picky but you asked for feedback.   mimi   Re good sharp knives and the availability of such in most of my relative's kitchens. I have a sister in law who has a junk drawer full of "steak knives" both serrated and not. No peeler either. I made a pretty tasty dish of...
@rpooley this is a pretty old thread that started out re rolled fondant for cake covering/décor and then someone got it mixed up (common unless you are on a straight cake décor site) with candy fondant. The OP was prolly re the Wilton brand (available at hobby stores) as it was famous for the nasty odor and flavor but cheap (about half the price) to play with. The one you are referring to is used for the center of pecan logs and other candy treats but also kept for...
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