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Great thread. Needed something smokey sweet...just a touch. The BBQ sauce nails it IMO. mimi
I lied.Jam.Grape jam not jelly.mimi
Good thick bacon fried to just crispy and LOTS of it. Really buttery and brown Texas toast. Ok...no sniggering...grape jelly. Try it! Have been eating it since I can even remember eating. mimi
From what I can tell from the pix your kitchen *to be* will be gorgeous! The teardown has revealed extremely nice "bone structure"! Absolutely green with envy....   mimi   umm fannypack? I do have one around here someplace. A leftover from my underpacking travel habits (back in the day). Have a hunch it has nothing to do with that at all lol.
Like I said.....very lucky mum. mimi
Not a bad idea to try to eat more almonds. Quite nourishing with a bit of fiber plus some amt of the good for you fats. Since my last blood lipids test I have switched to a vanilla flavored low sugar "almond milk" on my cereal. Makes a really great glass of chocolate milk. The hubs brought home a carton of dark chocolate syrup for a guilty pleasure. Cannot deprive myself totally lol.   mimi
Scones if nothing in the dough that will go bad....yes. If by tartlet (you Brits seem to have a problem with your English ;-) you mean a tiny one crust pie shell yes. The eclairs IDK.....(may go spongy?) tho very quick to stir up and bake as well as cool then fill in a few hours....right? Your mom is very fortunate to have won the daughter lotto. mimi
Too thick?Can you elaborate ?mimi
Were you able to figure out the cause of the cookie dough leakage? Curious....   mimi
IDK.A sear will push any nasties into the danger zone where they will sit and multiply.A solid hunk of beef like a steak would be ok but chopped meat (any kind) has those things all the way thru (the nature of mixing) and may present a problem.Just because it is a "burger joint" in a third world country doesn't mean EVERYONE is immune. mimi
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