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A lot of work and you end up with the same size fillets I would lol. Beautiful skills tho. Not one nick in the flesh on the top side. mimi
Certainly! If you already know someone in the industry ask them for some names. Google is also your friend.....key words personal chef. Let them know what you want during the interviews. The least pricy option is usually for them to cook in their (fully licensed and inspected) kitchen and you pick up your meals from there. mimi
You can stall the enevitable for quite some time by working on your core and thigh muscles now.See if you can get your doc to write an order for a PT evaluation.If you have insurance they will likely pay 100% as it is a preventative measure.mimiIf you are a runner you may want to thing about power walking instead.Running is brutal on your hips and knee joints.m.
Funny story.I take a couple of months of PT every year (lower back).A tune up if you will.The knee finished blowing out during the 5th session.In the pool.The therapist was mortified lol.No ones fault, stuff happens lol.mimi
Big filet. Thanks @Joyo Your welcome @chefwriter . Depending on how cold the water was where the flounder was taken the taste should be close Altho the grain may be a bit rougher than sole. Our flounder down here on the Texas coast can go from sweet and delicate in the winter to less so during the height of summer. Always good to me tho. mimi
This is just my take from being around large companies.... Since there are no other "chefs" only sous, the Exec thought having anything even remotely close to his/her place in the food chain would be a threat. This way she/he can still be the only chef in town. You will prolly notice that the pastry chef position has disappeared. mimi
Not that it would matter to me if there is more $$$ (unless the hours/duties are abnormally brutal). mimi
Where is it? Vegas is all unions in the casinos. Maybe someone made an oopsie. Is there an Executive Chef? Who will you report to? Is there a chain of command tree you can get a look at? Curious.... mimi
Just a tip...... Check all the carriers that you are in driving distance of. The market is becoming a bit more competitive since the fuel price drop. Don't forget USPS as they are struggling to keep their doors open. mimi
New Posts  All Forums: