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 Sweet!So change your title to a more professional one and save yourself some grief.Owner/Operator is a good solid choice..... mimi edit for ....cry foul.....not believing that ALL home cooks have a pro chef mentor to work with.If that was true wouldn't they have a resource to ask about the basics like portions and costing?Hmmm? m.
@berndy ... if the last bits of egg and crumbs are so dear how about just making the meatloaf right after the chicken? Bake and freeze until needed. We all know meatloaf is one of the great leftover dishes. Much better after a day or two. Will at least lessen the chance of bacterial overgrowth.....   mimi
Pick out and use the parts that don't keep well and use them first? Sounds dull but may work for you.   mimi
It is kinda like playing chicken roulette... http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/foodnut/09300.html   Might not be lucky today but if you keep playing I can almost guarantee you will hit the numbers sooner or later. Maybe you will only have a tummy ache but any very young or very old ( plus those with compromised immune systems) may end up gravely ill.   mimi
Ok all you home cooks.This is the pro catering forum so either change your titles or move it over to PM land.Not trying to be snarky .... mimi
 Say it.Dump cake.Duummpp cake.It is a generations old dish invented by our southern belle debutant gmas (who would never ever use the word to describe a bodily function BTW). So set yourself free!Gather cans and boxes from the "baking aisle" at your nearest WM and dump them!I can guarantee you will not be disappointed ! mimi
I remember having a utility knife that came in a sharpener storage sleeve.It was a good little tool to have around when everything else was dull.Think someone stole it for their tackle box lol. mimi OT I bought my pizza stone from a PC party.It has lived on my oven deck since (30 years ago) and has developed a gorgeous patina.Can make garlic bread then wipe it off while still hot (paper towels) and bake cookies.Not even a hint of garlic. m.
If it is a sturdy lettuce the above tips will work great. Micro greens are another story. If you must wash them (and I get it...I have to as well)  rinse gently just before using by floating in a bowl of cold water then spin. Otherwise eat faster or buy from a salad bar. The $$ will most likely be the same but you will be spared that wastage of food guilt trip.   mimi
Have you thought about engaging a resume writer? Find a good one...not just a college student trying to pay for books. They know what questions to ask for the "bio" as well as how to light up any "shady" parts of your past lol. If there are any which I am sure there are not....   mimi
 I am not the only one.Dropping into a convenience store for a last min item and every single one (in my area) has kept the BB freezer plugged in despite being empty.Local Texas based grocer has left the freezer reach in space empty.Shoppers congregate and moan...sort of like a memorial at a crash site.Felt like leaving a teddy bear and balloons lol. But today is the day.Want to go purchase some but am in fear of being trampled. mimi
New Posts  All Forums: