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 Just thought I would toss this out there....It is Hatch chile pepper harvest time.Everywhere you look there is a product featuring this mild but very flavorful pepper..... mimi
 Take this question to a food chemist as I seriously doubt you are going to get an expert answer that you can bank on from someone on a public forum.Like @foodpump alluded to in his first post if anyone on Chef Talk has the type of cred needed to analyze the recipe and provide a solution (and stand behind the answer in a court of law) they will PM you to discuss a contract and financials. mimi
Here is my free answer..... All of my baked items are made from fresh wholesome ingredients such as cream and butter and fruits that are in season ( you get my drift) . My customers understand that these treats are meant to be consumed fairly quickly in order to enjoy to the fullest. If this is not possible I advise to wrap tightly and freeze for a short time. An aside..... there is a brand of sprout bread I cannot live without....makes the best toast. This bread is...
I am wondering what sort of degree is required in order to obtain insurance for a recipe development company? mimi
Flavor pairings are fair game. Most are classic ( tomatoes and basil...raspberries and lemon... tater tots and chili cheese ;-) and I for one would be very sad if I could only enjoy them in one dish (ala whoever). Same with ingredients . There are copywrite laws but when it comes down to food and beverage they are very complicated and tend to run in the gray zone and unless you were going to manufacture and sell hundreds or thousands of cases of this copied recipe I...
 You are correct re the loss of moisture and rendering of fat will shrink the skin.Kinda lol as last season had a Top Chef episode challenge had the chefs cooking for some of the industry's best and brightest.Someone had the same idea and instead of thinking on his (was the guy from NOLA .... almost positive) feet and saucing (a chutney would have been my choice) his chix  and using that delish morsel of heaven as a garnish he went with his plan and received a poor...
 Great advice.Like in baseball one of the most important people in the kitchen is someone who is competent enuf to slot into most of the stations.If your particular leadership does not cross train ask why.It may not have occurred to them to do so. mimi
Are you getting a good preheat on your oven? Sometimes (always sometimes with macs lol) if you are not getting a good pop of heat during the first minute or so the crust will set and be too "glued" in place to rise at the base. Kinda plays into the cracked crowns as well...that steam has to go somewhere.   mimi
The usual advice on how to fix a recipe is to make another half or full dish (or sauce) depending on how bad your situation is. The potatoes would just fall to mush if you had to stir them around to mix them perfectly. I am with FF on this one but if it is just too nauseatingly rich make potato soup or chowder using 2% to thin the mixture down.   mimi
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