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If I may plug Green Giant's new Honey Roasted Sweet Corn.... In one of those steam bags cooks fast at 4 min (my micro). Only drawback is maybe too much other "stuff" in the mix. Other than that..straight to plate when machine pings (like any other steamed food can get soggy) lots of nice plump corn kernals with a nice (ahem errrr sauce ) not too sweet but I drain it anyway and plop some soft butter on top. My BP was up so have to mind my salt intake and increase fiber...
The cake/cupcake "business" is so saturated with mediocre "sugar artists" I have to wear my rain boots to bake. Huge boom in the out of my home kitchen "hobby" cake ladies. Even if my spine had not started crumbling I would have retired. Cannot compete with someone pricing at 2-3 dollars per serving. Lets travel instead!   mimi
Most likely the pedi has already sent the family for the child's nutrition counseling and DM management education. A great tool is out there to make the switch of lifestyle a bit easier. A hand held device that keeps track of calories and the further breakdown of protein, carbs and fiber, fats. Pretty nifty all they have to do is program it and log BSs and food intake it does the rest. Even suggests menus and snacks.   mimi
Opinion from the home front.... I have an OCD things about floors. Wherever I go my eyes are constantly observing the deck. Carpet or hardwood or tile. Does not matter....if at home I gotta stop whatever I am doing and at least take care of the offending area if not the entire room. Have always cleaned the carpets with steam and about a year ago switched to a steam cleaner for the hard surfaces. The first few times I noticed all this extra GUNK after I ran over high...
I am with Kuan. The pop out bottom would have to be small enuf that the potiental for tearing of the dough is moot. If it is not maybe switch for the bottom of a smaller pan? mimi
Thanks Chef.Sounds like things have changed quite a bit.Carry on lol.mimi
OT here. How's the restaurant coming along Cowboy? mimi
Great combo.Really kid friendly.mimi
Lots of good info here...check out black dogs "tutorial" near the end of the thread. His is based on the Italian method. Very approachable.....   mimi
On the rare occasions when I had a gestational diabetic on the unit the PM snack would always be high protein with a small amt of carbs. Half of a cheese sandwich with a tiny smear of mayo. And milk. 2% milk if I remember correctly. The combo of the above prevented a huge spike (and resulting crash) in overnite blood sugar. Just a slow release which would last until the finger stick blood sugar check in am. Then we could calculate her insulin dose and get it aboard...
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