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I wouldn't mind attending one either. The fisherman not so much but then again someone who spends a lot of time alone tracking fish and watching birds and squirrels cannot be expected to be a big conversationalist lol. Don't get me wrong he is fascinating once the topic turns to his field (petrol-chemical refineries and the involved science and world politics) but the first can be pretty dry and the second can quickly devolve into fisticuffs Took a look at the current...
No trying to be stubborn but those Chefs are invited to prepare a meal at the clients home, serving the client's family and friends .Pretty sure those friends are not asked to pony up the cash to cover the meal (unless it is a fund raiser for political/charity purposes but those laws are even more restrictive)Like was said before it is a grey area and those grey areas will be different in every country and state (Heck even the counties within those states)The huge...
I had a great experience renting someone's beach home before and will most likely do it again.The Über thing sounds great.So great in fact that as soon as I talk to a lawyer friend of mine (old bar customer who owes me so many favors we will be in rocking chairs before we are square lol) I am thinking about applying.Got lots of time on my hands and low mileage on my SUV lol.Thanks for bringing it to my attention!mimi
Texas (like a lot of states) passed a cottage food law and yes you can bake (as well as make jams, candy and lots of foodstuffs) if the product falls within the low risk for spoilage category . Yes I can bake from my uninspected kitchen (not that I do) as long as I hold a serve safe certificate (which I do) but there are lots of other rules that must be followed. I am pretty sure it doesn't cover selling plate lunches to people and then allow them to eat them at my dinner...
I will admit to not reading all of the info in the entirety but what I did read left me a bit suspicious. I am not an expert in the law but isn't charging people cash to eat in your home the same as running an un inspected restaurant (unless Michlin is now part of the FDA) ? Sounds like a fun thing to be part of just kinda shady. mimi
Very smart to ask Chef for another assignment when you were experiencing down time. So if they offer will you take a position at the new place? Being behind the scenes of an opening is a great learning experience as well as oh so interesting!   mimi
So @kaneohegirlinaz I cannot decide if I should be pissed at you or give you a big hug. Awesome awesome awesome indeed! May I touch the hem of your gown ? Mimi
@tbos42 your Sunday morning pocket bread brings to mind the Mexican Gordito. Only much much better . Yours is way thinner giving it a lighter, crispier appearence (last Gordito I had sat in my tummy like a cannon ball ) . Having lived in San Antonio during the birth of the " puffy taco" I can see the similarities between your fry bread and that as well. Thanks for sharing! mimi
I agree Terry. Last season (or maybe the one before that?) a Top Chef contestant sported one of those rediculous mustaches. Was a decent cook but I just couldn't find him at all like able. Then the season ended and (Lean cuisine?) shot a few commercials with him. Maybe it was a prize for something or another. Whatever........ mimi Thanks petals for posting the vid. Like my mom used to say about John Wayne.... he can eat crackers in my bed anytime lol.
Steampunk. And no I don't particularly care for it. mimi
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