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Four or five stacked up my left arm and hold another in my right hand.If the plates are hot (behind you hot plate hothothot and repeat lol) I need a DRY side towel.mimi
" Servers pick up the whole table and bring it out on a tray.  They put it on their shoulder and carry a tray stand with them.   You've never seen banquet servers work.  The best of them will do 24 plates with lids on one tray.  I kid you not.  Those guys are freaking amazing." The real unsung heroes of FOH's everywhere carry those trays balanced on one hand. Requires super human upper body strength . Career waiters are a dying breed. mimi
Are you out there Suzy? If so please explain what I am looking at. It looks like some sort of cheater tray . Are the plates just swinging there? If so looks like that bottom plate is awfully close to the floor...... mimi
Good grief my spell check has completely taken over. We are about to have a thunder storm. Hope the above makes sense. mimi
If the fluffy cake like cookie isn't your thing do a search and see if there is a ratio available. I like my cookies crispy chewy nom nom nom. mimi
http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/the-puffy-recipe.html mimi Alton Brown knows everything. m.
Cake flour is used when you want a fine crumb. Depending on what kind of cookie it is as sometimes the other ingredients can be manipulated for an ok turnout. Your call tho....is just an ok cookie good enuf for your needs? mimi
Never pass a hand sink without washing up. mimi
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