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Solid advice given on using other threads for the whole pricing thing @wvgirl102 .Start with the longer ones as those have answers to questions you have not run up against yet.   Got bit by some chicken at a reunion a few years back.Nasty nasty bug. mimi
 Let me rephrase this...They all have different personalities with hot and cool spots.Same with an oven.It is like a honeymoon and you are the groom. mimi
What a nightmare. Did they isolate the bug and what dish it was colonizing?   mimi
All flat tops are different so those bright and shiny new knobs are virtually useless. You will need to play with the heat until you find your sweet spot.   mimi
 I judge a forum on two topics... can you take this info to the bank plus friendly and welcoming members.CT has both of these with the years of culminated knowledge blowing all others out of the water IMO.Since being reborn as a soccer mom I only get a couple of hours of day for myself so mostly I am here and at least keep up with homesicktexan.com. (blog) for the spin she puts on down home dishes. mimi
Are you at any point in time serving the roast as a plated meal? If not why precook at all? Shave a whole raw frozen roast then portion.. package.. date and store in freezer. Depending on the slicer you may have to partially defrost the roast. One partial defrost will not be detrimental to the quality at all. If you are mindful of the time the window is barely breeched.   mimi
 OMG what a fiasco of a trip that was (and an expensive learning experience without the learning part lol) and was kinda fun to revisit.Thanks for the advice it makes perfect sense (now) The Grands are wanting to do the cherries for Valentine's gifts.Never ever will I pull another recipe from Pinterest on the advise of a distant "friend" lol.Welcome to Chef talk! mimi Edit... I have since learned to control/edit the rambling (mostly) and try to get right to the...
Never had it with cheesecake but the local creamery did a pecan pie ice cream. Just make a pie let it cool then break into big pieces. Add to the already prepared batter and stir just enuf to mix it in then bake. No need to alter anything unless it is the pan size.   mimi
Sounds like he was interested enuf to give you a lookie loo so just keep reading and practicing. Something else will come along.   mimi
Unless you will be importing, mixing and repackaging for domestic resale http://www.fda.gov/downloads/food/internationalinteragencycoordination/ucm344753.pdf .   mimi
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