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Speaking of queso dip and chips. Has anyone tried making the chips with flour tortillas? Heaven.   mimi
I can always sniff out the Velveeta based queso.. It solidifies at room temp ( irks me 'cuz my chip breaks lol). But whatever you are used to..... It would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things. All in fun all with love... right?   mimi
This excites me koukou!When we are wading thru the water and come across those the trout are not far behind.!Will be tossing a few quarts in the cooler next time we fish the bay!Just SP and olive oil? mimi
 Agree with Panini re muffin pan mold.You just might end up with too much crust and not enough of the soft fluffy eggy interior.Guests will describe it as "tough". mimi
Cut the guy some slack Someday.... after all it was the restaurant he ID'd as Mexican not the dish. Welcome to Chef Talk Matt.   mimi
 Yes!Sweat some chopped onion and jalapenos along with a bit of red bell pepper for that festive touch.Thin down with heavy cream for a sweet background note. mimi
The chains almost always have a central commissary for big batch prep of the micro reheat menu items. Prep then vacuum seal and send it out on a truck. If you are wanting to add a queso dish to your menu stay away from the neon orange canned stuff. If you start experimenting with recipes stay away from any form of cheddar (greasy, even with a roux) and neverever use Velveeta (sticky/gummy). The loaf type premium American cheese will always give you the best...
Unless it is slipping on a pair of jeans to water the garden or walk the dog (demon spawn of youknowwho) I rarely get "dressed for the day"...... Retirement (even forced) has its advantages .... I was finally able to become a card carrying  member of the Jerry Seinfeld school of give up. I kick around the house in pj bottoms and a tshirt (sometimes they don't even match  ). Went googling and found this fabric pattern which almost matches my fave pair....     Pretty...
I agree about the sardines! Sometimes my dad would bring some home for he and I to share. He would start a fire under a small grill he save for his "delicacies" lol. We would eat them along with oysters (halfshell and warmed on grill)nand his homemade toasted sourdough bread (sliced very thin). What a feast! If I can ever get over my fear of flying over water Greece will be high on my list of places to savor. Thanks for sharing!   mimi
 A plating worthy of Mary herself lol!Did Jack and Jill come for dinner as well ? mimi
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