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Apples and cranberries. Match made in heaven. mimi
Check the baking section. I usually find it in the area with powdered milk. Not all stores carry it so just check every time you shop. I usually end up tossing because out of date before I can use it all. Have read where someone used the Wilton meringue powder but have never had any to try so I can't recommend it. Sorry if I poked the bear re culinary lavender. IMO when we stop trying new things might as well start eating nothing but canned soup and boxed mac and chez...
You ladies have bigger huevos than I. Lavender is my go to scent for the usual linen spray and laundry rinse (can't forget the bubble bath) but have never cared for the taste. But I don't do pine or even rosemary. Allergic to cedar so maybe that has something to do with it. @SylviaM... when I use frozen egg whites I always add some egg white powder in with the whites and let it sit at room temp for awhile. When it looks like all the powder is absorbed I hand whisk a...
@eastshores Did the Test Kitchen look at stocks at all or just the broths? I guess it is a dead giveaway if there is no protein present lol... will have to start checking before I choose. Thanks for the correction on that brand name ...making Wedding Soup this week and thought to see if it would bring anything new to the party. @French Fries Guess we will have to agree to disagree about store bought stocks. I admit there are huge differences between brands and carton vs...
 Nothing wrong with store bought stock or the jarred soup base (Better than Bullion is my go to brand).Just read your labels and compare sodium content in the different brands.I always run out of my homemade before I have enough bones to make another batch (completely sodium free).Store bought stock is better than no stock at all IMO. mimi @eastshores .... I want to try that Progresso product.Is it with all the other Progresso soups or with the broth/stock cartons? m,
In order to get the nice stiff peaks of meringue the bowl and whisk must be totally grease free. Even something as simple as a drop of yolk (fat) will cause the egg whites to remain soft. Try wiping down every utensil that will come in contact with the whites with vinegar or lemon juice before you start. HTH. mimi
Just some interesting rye FYI....... http://ianchadwick.com/blog/bread-madness-and-christianity/ http://werewolves.monstrous.com/ergot_poisoning.htm So @panini you and your baker peeps got off lightly .... or not ;-) mimi
All those words and I did'nt finish lol. Have never attended a LLU cooking series but either they have facilities or can put you in touch with someone who does (think Central Market). The benefit with this whole process is exposure. That date nite couple could turn into a wedding couple lol. Someone in the team building class may need someone to cook for the family when she/he is out of town. You get the idea. mimi
@TxAshley all of your advert ideas are standard marketing techniques ( the social media of course being new and the bang for the buck can really be great depending upon her target consumer) Dallas is a very small town when it comes to growing a catering biz. You have a handful of well established caterers with large multi room banquet halls (can juggle 3-4 weddings and other events at one time) Then there are the largish companies that cater on site large volume events...
I can do that! Thanks for sharing.... mimi
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