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 What am I catching? Thanks. [/quote] IDK. Have you had any contact with body fluids from a zombie? mimi
I ran out of propane so broke out the electric frying pan to cook some pasta with jarred sauce ( heavily tweaked Barrilla). Plated in a paper bowl and garnished with a few curls of parm, ate it with a plastic fork (heavy duty of course....we are not savages lol). I love Glamping!!! mimi
The above was posted in a moment of insanity lol. woman in labor pre epidural.m.
Awwww. Congrats KK ! Give your mom a back rub (the lumbar region of course) for me. You will prolly have to position her straddling a kitchen chair if "the bump" has reached the point of "unable to lay on her tummy" . I sometimes really miss being a labor nurse. mimi
I suppose since you write about food, time spent researching all the kitchen doodads that COULD be used for various cooking techniques is vital to your success. I own a dozen whisks and quite a few sieves (proper ones as well as not.... am at the beach and used a child's plastic sand castle sifter to bread fish last nite lol ;-) Do I use all of them every time I cook or bake? Heck no .... every tool and vessel that needs to be washed and put away means less time on the...
Ok. Someone plz explain the Sancho joke. I use it to ID the guy who comes over when the husband leaves for work. The housewife's best friend with benefits. mimi
Sorry missed your hand issues. A whisk will be just as tiring and painful to use. If you cannot tolerate the work try a stand mixer and paddle to do the initial mixing then switch to a dough hook to knead. mimi
Unless I am making a huge batch of product (in which case a Hobart and a dough hook is helpful) a pair of good clean hands are the only tools I need. I find it kinda relaxing to work and knead by hand. Everything you will ever want to know about sieves https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieve mimi
FYI....their recipe is online if you are disinclined to hunt the book down. m.
My golden standard for TexMex yellow rice is in the Los Barrios cookbook (old school restaurant in San Antonio on Blanco road). They also use chicken bullion cubes. If you are ever in the Alamo City and have a hankerin' give them a whirl. I always have the skirt steak with a cheese enchilada on the side. DO slather the meat with their in house chimichurri....totally addictive. Buy a jar to take home for a souvenir...as it is the one recipe that is super secret and not in...
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