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Shouldn't be a problem if you are on the list to testify. Obstruction of justice? mimi
FP brought up a subject I hold close to my heart. Job descriptions and SOP manuals. I know a lot of y'all are rolling your eyes but they are incredibly helpful when you are having problems with staff. They don't need to be pages and pages long. Start small, have the employee read and sign. They can be updated anytime you please....remove or add duties as you see fit. Just have them sign and file it away. mimi
Sounds like whoever was to show you the ropes may have shorted you on the amt you needed to prep for usual service. Ask your immediate supervisor how much of each item you will need for each nite's service and write it down. The par may vary ( busier services like weekends and special parties) so until you are settled in go ahead and ask every time you work a shift. Better to ask than be caught out short IMO. mimi
Looks like we crossed posts lol. Thanks for fixing your recipe really looking forward to make your scones when I return from summer vacation. mimi About posting in the recipe forum. No fast and hard rule about it....just makes things a bit easier. Again welcome to Chef Talk...hope you will like it here. m.
Ok. Since the entire bag is used look on it and put that amt in your recipe. As it is I don 't have any idea how much flour to use. You could repeat for the butter and milk as well. The measures should be on the pkg just like the flour. mimi
Just a couple of suggestions for the raspberry lemon dessert. Don't be tempted to use an extract as you will get a bitter aftertaste. Try a few drops of lemon oil (online from LorAnn.com or from any cake supply shop or even the baking aisle of a hobby shop like Hobby Lobby) If it is impossible to find then another route would be lemon juice concentrate from a grocery store. You may want to concentrate a bit more as any extra liquid in the ice cream may ruin the firm...
So. @Mathilda how did your opening go? No news is good news ( meaning you are way too busy to post) but if you get a second to catch your breath drop us a couple lines? mimi
As there are literally hundreds of juicers on the market it would be helpful if you would mention a few that you have your eye on. There are a handful of reviews here on CT but maybe you have already looked and found them lacking? mimi
I had seen the sphere in the box before (a few years back) and thought at that time to keep up with the technology but life got in the way. Thanks for sharing. I flagged the page this time. mimi
New Posts  All Forums: