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Your cream cheese comment just hit me. The meringue BCs are light and airy to the nth degree. So is homemade whipped cream..... If you are not adverse to using splenda powder (from the packets) that is another option. You may need to stabilize it tho.   mimi   This cake is iced with stabilized whipped cream and finished with a chocolate drizzle. Very tasty and ohso dramatic!     mimi   (not my picture)
First thanks for the complement  I have a curious nature and problems like yours stick with me until I can at least give a person options to try. Adding the sugar to the cooked flour would be great (and I did wonder about that  ;-)  but the creaming process helps "water proof" the butter and you may end up with a greasy mouthfeel. Maybe try it with a half recipe and see what happens? I used to be active at http://cakecentral.com/ You would probably find some great...
Vanillin.... eek!Try to get your hands on a tube of pure vanilla bean paste.Spendy but you get a HUGE hit of flavor , so it is a fair bang for your buck.Google bakery flavor emulsions and oils (oils advertised for candy but they work great for baking as well) see if you can get LorAnn brands shipped in.mimi
Check out one or two Italian buttercream vids on you tube and set your mind at ease. Like I said before you may need to tweak the sugar syrup part but it will work. Also ran across a vegan buttercream but didn't pay attention as it was for Turbinado but since have educated myself and pretty sure the sugars are interchangeable. Just hafta figure out the amts. Try searching > vegan vanilla buttercream< the pix showed a light color icing on a cupcake. Let me know how it...
Are you asking about Turpinado? Grinding will leave you with a gritty mess (but you know that already lol) it will need to be melted. Google meringue based buttercream recipes and tweak the cooked sugar syrup part. May take you a couple of trys but it can be done. I will take a good Italian buttercream over the basic any day.   mimi
To require a minimum or 2 dozen cuppies is ideal but.... Since you are developing your own recipes design a base that can be twisted to flavor different ways. If you do end up with extra batter bake a cake layer, wrap well and freeze. Then upsell one of your accounts to include a simple kitchen (cutter) cake. FWIW I don't know your situation but 6 of anything will end up costing me instead of providing any kind of income. If I cannot increase their order I refer to a...
I originally thought about one of the cooked meringue buttercreams (Italian or Swiss google them) then came across this recipe. http://cooklikeyourgrandmother.com/how-to-make-brown-sugar-buttercream-frosting/ Of course it will never be whitewhite but with the trend of wrapping cakes with burlap your creations will be fashionable if nothing else lol.   mimi   The marriage of chocolate and brown sugar create a match made in heaven.....
Stop!Don't know what I was thinking when answering your second post but let me correct myself.You can wisk eggs all day long but unless the eggs are being overworked AFTER being added to the drys no tunneling will occur.There.I feel much better.Carry on.mimi
Sounds kinda good. Full on vinegar or diluted a bit?   mimi
 Not if it is more bubbles than usual.Will leave holes and tunnels depending on the recipe. mimi edit... will not change the taste of course but along with holes and tunnels comes a dry crumb (sometimes).So if the shake is working I would just leave it alone. m.
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