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This is not an unusual request in my area. Sounds like a group of peeps are having a party and just want a few dishes to flesh out the buffet, (aunt Sally is bringing a huge sub and the next door neighbor is bringing something else you get it) Your customer may not have time or the knowledge to do a gumbo and really loves your wings so wants to have them there as well. Prolly gonna pour yours into their pot and take it from there lol..... not necessarily to act like they...
So you got the job..... that's great!   mimi
We are all ears....Spill it. mimi
 So how did it go? mimi
I get these http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm464293.htm?source=govdelivery&utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery in my email almost everyday.   Lots of times it is stuff that seems ridiculous (like some wonder drug OTC diet pills)  but it helps to get a heads up when there is an outbreak of something or other within my fresh pantry items. It can take weeks for them to determine where a specific problem came from so I just pitch what I have then wait and...
So @Chefross when mixing flours which one do you use when adding the extra during the kneading and rolling? A mix? It doesn't matter?   mimi
The last banana was looking kinda iffy but went down ok. Handful of nuts and the end of a carton of yogurt. Coffee...big mug full with extra cream and sugar. The crusts from a piece of toast ....   I feel like the garbage disposal. Maybe someone will shop today lol.   mimi
I make a few thousand of these a year.Stuffed with a coarsely ground ham and a smoked gouda with some Dijon to bind.Really popular...@ordo yours are prettier. mimi
The fisherman and I have been together for 10 years and I still have his card in my wallet. Has his b-date and ss# on the back. Still dig it out a couple of times a year (MD insurance forms mostly). Numbers were never my thing lol.   mimi
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