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I had never heard of this arsenic problem so did a short google search just to fact check and was shocked at the huge amt of hits (mostly news stories but I am sure I will find some science in there someplace). Living in the rural areas south and west of Houston for the last 3 decades (big rice farming area) there is seldom a meal without some form of rice on the table (even breakfast as we sometimes eat it like oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins). Long grain...
* palate Darn auto correct wants me to eat paint lol.   mimi
Just to add onto CP's suggestions.....   I know it sounds like cheating but in the beginning I would find a product that IMO was a good idea but did not hit my palette exactly right and then recreate with my own twists and tweaks. Kinda the same way I learned to plate. As long as you cite the original author as your inspiration it is even ok to publish.   After doing this for awhile my confidence increased to the point where I could imagine a dish then go from...
Sounds like a good idea to me and whatever you cannot sell to your chefs can always be fair game at a farmers market. Check with the local HD while you are at it and ask if you will need any inspections or licenses (pretty sure you can fall under the Cottage Law but check to be sure) in order to sell. Like @chefwriter mentioned get with your local ag office (they used to do free soil analysis) for some one on one attention. During my stint as a cotton farmer/4H mom I...
Idiots.   Yeah...as soon as the casing is soft enuf to get a good scrape then do it. A lot of my habits developed as a way to deal with my wandering attention when I have a lot of irons in the fire.   mimi
Is there an actual FOH manager of some sort?   If they act like that in the BOH I can only imagine what their FOH behavior is like. The only solution I could offer at this late date is to promote those 2 experienced servers to team captains and have a couple of days of intense training. If they don't already have some sort of SOP packet have the captains try to dig a few up online and mix and match, add in the menu with descriptions and print that out. Hand those out...
The easiest way IMO is tossing the dried pod in at the beginning and pulling it to scrape as soon as it is rehydrated. I don't throw the empty pod away tho...I add back in along with the seeds.   mimi
 The beauty of simplicity .... mimi
I may have mentioned this before but their "banana crème" flavor will really make a banana bread or cake "pop". Great brand.   mimi
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