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This is my never fail method for bone in rib roast . Have no clue if it works for boneless but there are greater minds than mine on CT so maybe one will weigh in..... This requires no temp probes.... Have the butcher separate the ribs and tie back on ( there is a term for this I am sure) season and bring to room temp (if you dare cross the food police ;-). Set the oven as high as it will go ( 500 on mine ) and allow enuf time to get a scorching preheat. Pop into the oven...
 You have landed on a public forum just crawling with foodies, who are willing to both share and accept knowledge from strangers (welcome to Chef Talk!).Pro and not pro....all with this nasty habit re stating our opinions.Take what you need and leave the rest behind. mimi OBTW.... there are an enormous amt of threads/posts re your dish.Some very good advice from seasoned caterers about buffet line pasta. m.
IMO the best way to serve steam table pasta is to bake in casserole form. Just before the mac reaches al dente pull and rinse. A few hours before service combine the mac and sauce (lots) then bake until bubbly. If you want it brown on top then buttered crumbs do well here.   The rinsing is to stop further cooking ( don't worry it will absorb the sauce during oven trip #2) and prevent the gluey texture you will get from reheating fettucine.   mimi   Question........
 What can I say I like to hear myself talk.Still need your recipe if you want proper numbers. mimi
 Not at all !Fajitas are just tacos and I love me some tacos.Had leftover smoked brisket yesterday and on the way home I stopped by my fave TexMex place and picked up sides of refried beans and pico and the sautéed onions usually served with fajitas.Chopped up the meat added the onions and some water then slapped a lid on the (cast iron) skillet.Whipped up some tortillas and sliced an avocado and ate like it was my last meal lol. mimi
Welcome to Chef Talk @squardius .   This is a case of putting the cart before the horse. You need a solid product and facts re how much it costs you to make (not just the brownie but the brownie plus the cost of doing business plus profit) then you shop it around to the retail places and see if they are interested. Keep in mind the fact that the large chains almost always have in house bakeries and are not all that interested in inviting in any competition unless it is...
It would be a huge help to have the number of guests as well as the recipe.....   mimi
 Oh man...  don't get me started on fajitas.Once upon a time.....lol.I remember when my dad and his compadres would get together and help each other butcher.This "trash" cut (skirt) was saved from the grinder and tossed into a pickle bucket along with a lime based marinade.That evening they would grill them and we would have tacos.Sliced onion and ripe avocado on the side. Trash to treasure....mimi
What @cheflayne said. I always feel a bit sad for the students who come to CT complaining about their externships. Getting a jump on the others shows maturity as well as foresight on your part. Kinda like the ant and the grasshopper....   mimi
Sorry I must be behind but what are you making? A full recipe including instructions would be a huge help here.   mimi
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