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Florida has a cottage food law. Check and see what it says about preparation and sale sites. Here in Texas if you are working under ours it is pick up from the home (completely done down to the last plastic bag or box) only but maybe you can prep and transport. Florida.s laws are usually a bit laxer than ours.   mimi
If ya wanna talk (food trailer) fun then I have some stories for you! They involve my Jaycees chapter, a wine cooler trailer and a festival devoted to the lowly kolache lol! Lets just say sweet red wine (and sprite) dispensed from a gallon jar with a screw on lid is lots of fun! Almost made it a hobby but the headaches were just too bad!   mimi
If after defrosting the fruit is kinda soupy take about a third of it and thicken on top of stove with a tapioca starch slurry. Cool before adding back cuz the heat will only make the other 2/3 more soupy. Make sure to taste and re season before proceeding. (sugar ? salt? lemon juice to balance?) mimi
Not so much a recipe as a technique. My Gma Van taught me the most amazing short crust cobbler. So ripe and juicy the peaches fall almost completely apart when defrosted so I have to be soso careful when thickening the filling on stovetop. Her secret ingredient was a bit of almond extract. A handful of course sugar on top crust after egg wash. This is nothing you don't already know, Joey. Just honor the work of your friend's hands and her husband will be able to feel the...
Thanks!I was just gonna move that fig question to a new thread when you posted that ohso awesome previous one!The tree is still so small to have so much fruit!Kinda strange (but welcome) that all the fruits and veg are doing so well this summer.The preppers must be estatic !mimi
Yes! The blueberries have also been awesome! With such an abundance PLUS low prices I have been canning and freezing like a madwoman! I like to use my jams as cake fillings (either alone or added to buttercream) as well as in jam . mimi
@kaneohegirlinaz I only made the clafoutis once as I ended up eating almost the entire thing by myself and yes it was sorta soft set while still warm and the last little bit was kinda rubbery. But a really good rubbery. Maybe I didn't cover it properly after the mid nite sleep walk snack lol! mimi
I have become addicted to Little Debbie Swiss cake rolls. The fishermans demon spawn brought a package to MY home and force fed one to me. She must own some of the product stock. That how they get you..... give you a free sample or two (looks sooo innocent) and count on your weak nature to do the rest. May need an intervention..... mimi
Sounds like great fun ! All your questions (as well as those you didn't know you had) will be answered in the highly detailed biznezz plan you are gonna write! Hmmm? mimi
Lady K.... very much resembles a batter cobbler.So simple!I just thought we were burned out on cherries!The price dropped again so tasted a few and OMGravy!Even sweeter that just a few days before and at $2.35 per lb just could not pass up!Stuffed into the few jam jars that have not had jam put in them and added a nice vodka!Still have more and thought to fill a crock and add sugar then let them sit.My mom used to do that and after a few months they turned boozy?What is...
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