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Had some raspberries that were crying out "use us" . Had a lemon cake recipe on the to do list for weeks so cut the recipe in half for a test drive. In honor of the egg challage I whipped up my Raspberry Lemonade (Italian) buttercream. With the cake and bc added together, I invested 8 egg whites . Making a large amt of lemon curd next, I expect. mimi
 Not only possible but delicious!My mom always did hers in an electric skillet set very low.No peeking as with a crockpot you lose all the heat when the top is lifted.Here is a recipe from one of my 4-H kids. Ground meat (brown and drain the fat)1-2 pkgs of beef stew mixfrozen mixed vegcanned tomatos Follow the directions on package when done can be served over buttered rice or noodles.I gave the kid (8 years old) a blue ribbon. mimi
Unless your current menu is not selling I would leave it be and start out running BBQ specials on the weekends. Just off the pit brisket cut to order with a couple of killer sides and a cold beer paired with a good baseball/football game.... doesn't get much better than that, right? Don't forget the fresh raw onion rings (Texas 1015s if you can get them ;-) pickles and jalapeño peppers along with a stack of bread for the table. About the reheating. Any leftovers can be...
I have never been much of a savory cook and will admit being incapable of frying an egg without breaking the yolk lol. Sticking to what I know here. This is my Christmas day go to which has been pared down a bit but is still a really special dessert none the less. I try to source local (or even just made in USA) ingredients for my pantry... brown eggs are organic yard from BIL and the rest are from a place that's about forty min from my house. The butter is a Texas...
 Really lean.I always had the guys cut a bunch of slices (across the grain of course) for CFS (just pound it thin and take it from there).Hack off a hunk and crockpot the heck out of it (in the seasoned broth of your choice) shred and the toss in an oiled pan, reseason and have some awesome tacos. mimi There is a huge freeze thaw process and refreeze camp of how to/ how not to handle your lean game but we have in a pinch made sausage under those conditions.Smoked a bit...
I have a perpetual craving for the house salad (only place besides mine for a stellar Ranch dressing) and dinner rolls (whipped honey butter) at Texas Roadhouse. Almost the entire entree menu comes with gobs of melted jack cheese (eek) but the chicken fried chicken nuggets are decent so Always order some for my salad. The entire waitstaff wears tight blue jeans as well as equally tight shirts . Every thirty minutes or so they break out the booty shakenest line dance for...
Beautiful! Now you can sit down and put up your feet. Have a glass of wine for me!   mimi
 Fond memories, this!My Lebanese boyfriend made kibbe kebabs and served with a homemade yogurt dressing.First dish he ever cooked for me. Congrats on the win tf !Your meatball dish was served to me by the middle eastern guy as well. mimi
I am jealous. Every scrap of our venison is long gone.   mimi
 Pretty sure there was no line dancing involved in that situation lol. mimi
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