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 Me too.I have noticed quite a few threads with really good questions getting really great answers and then nothing back from the OP.Would be nice to know what worked and what didn't for the next inquiring minds. mimi
That is pretty excessive...Her parents did her no favors.Did you get a look at her place?Prolly has clothes and makeup scattered everywhere cuz her 'rents always picked up after her. I worked hard to make sure my kids grew up to be thinkers (doing the same for all the Grands).My fave answer to non emergent questions was always go look it up and find out.Then they would have to come back and tell me what they found out and we would discuss how to figure out the best...
 ​   ​    There are many more just like the above.....   mimi
Sorry didn't mean to make him sound like he is worse off than he is. A mild form of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome is what the many doctors came up with. His speech was right on track and a few weeks after a "routine" vaccination cocktail he just suddenly quit talking and just HUMMED).Then he turned 4 and one morning he started speaking again... in full sentences with age appropriate verbiage.Kinda like the faucet was turned back on? Flash forward 5...
The OP has ID'd herself as the owner/operator so I took this to mean she bought out the company without the necessary skill to run it...but you guys all caught what I missed ( OP is also the managing director with 10 years experience per the bio with her picture in the "team" tab of the website).I am confused........Maybe she will come back and explain if she really needs help or just wanted to pimp her catering company.Don't know why anyone here would need to hire a...
 Even Micky D's had one lol. mimi
Just like building a business from scratch buying an established concern should be proceeded (IMO) by working out some sort of business plan. During this phase things like costing out jobs should take up most of your research time. There are lots of different ways you can do this... since you are already into the ownership phase and most likely need a quick answer (slick website BTW) maybe a consultant would be an option.   mimi
Soooo @rcav ... Have you tried the Pavlova again? If so which starch did you use and how did it turn out?   mimi
Corn still on the cob is so easy to freeze! Just shuck off most of the husk (leave prolly 2-3 layers) then chop off both ends (the top esp as it gets rid of the silk that will be nasty when defrosted), You can pack one of 2 ways. Slightly vac pack or my fave is just to pack into good quality freezer bags. The freezer bag allows for just a few to be removed and reseal. Never had any "freezer burn" issues with the ziplock freezer bag either.   mimi
X 2 par bake. I do this at home when we (as a family) watch a movie or sporting event.   mimi
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