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Welcome to Chef Talk, B! With some searching and the info already provided you should be fine. I just have one comment.... Charge what the market will bear. With the current economic woes even the high and mighty are doing more on their own. Lotta drop offs and pickups going on. Hopefully you don't have too much competition but even if it is only you and a few others do not undercut their pricing. Even if you have to shift some things around, slide into the middle...
Glad you are on the mend. Was it not awesome waking up in PACU and feeling that relief? Yeah the surgical pain still has to be delt with but at least you know it will go away. I was so relieved after my first lumbar fusion that I started crying with relief. Home in 2 days. The second time around....not so much. mimi
I read that they run those rooms like the military. Be there 15 min early cuz the timer is set for one hour. Someone late? No soup! If at the end of the hour there is a debrief and a reveal. You sign some sort of waivers when you check in but it is really based on trust. I cannot wait to go. mimi
Assemble the sandwiches without running it thru the garden. Use the green salad for a separate tray let them do their own assembly. You just saved a ton of money by not needing separate condiment dressings. Just need a dish of mustard and mayo or whatever for the bread. Let a couple of the guests be privy to the set up..... 1. Select sandwich (IMO you will need a full sandwich until you figure out how they will eat) 2. Select veg 3. A spoon or two of dressing of choice. 4....
You know you are gonna eat real when you can see the heat source.While we are on the subject....Here is the wood prep area Kreuz Market BBQ in Lockhart ,Texas.Sits in the downtown area so of course no open pits outside.Check out that wall lol.From there they shovel into the long open pits (same inside room ...man does it get hot in the summer) and the magic begins.Been there over 100 years and we never go to Austin without a stop on the way home for the smoked prime rib...
http://www.yelp.com/biz/houston-escape-room-houston-2 Read about this on Houstonia magazine a couple months ago and looks like business is booming. Thinking about getting tickets for the fisherman's bday. With his engineer mind and my MENSA background should be interesting, no? Maybe we should take along someone to talk to the detectives afterwards lol. mimi
I usta could stack hot plates up my arm but not so much now. Need a cheater towel and that my friends impresses no one. Bad form decreases the gratuity lol. Come on down sometime @Meezenplaz I have a TexMex place I wanna take you to. Shocked the heck out of me the first time. Fiestaware platter with 6 oz skirt steak and cheese enchiladas (extra gravy extra onions) . HotHotHot!! Got my respect lol. mimi Fresh out of the salamander and served by a career waiters. Somehow...
They screwd with the trans fats. Made it too soft for my needs. It's not like I was gonna eat it out of the can . I see "They" are reorgainizing the food pyramid again. Wish the government would stay out of my mouth. mimi
@ordo gorgeous bread. Just finished off a pork roast....made tacos and I ate my share but suddenly have room for buttered toast with jam. Dessert dontcha know..... mimi
To get that shiny golden pastry crust try using an egg wash (egg white whisked with a few drops of milk or cream to help break up the white). I do this about halfway into the baking as sometimes it causes the edges to darken before the middle. mimi
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