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Ditto on @JCakes advice to take a few classes (especially some sort of food safety class that provides you with a certificate).   Not all recipes will have good outcomes after just multiplying the ingredients (and the larger the batch the further off track you can end up). A book on baking ratios would be a huge help when trying to figure things out.   mimi   Took a quick peek at your FB and web site and noticed how much cream cheese you are using. The Texas...
CT has a new industry support member that just happens to sell uniforms. @workingduds may have what you are looking for.   mimi
It is not (usually) the waffle that is "bad" for you. It is the toppings.   mimi
I was holding my breath on this ... afraid it was a recipe from some whacky health magazine. There are lots of quick breads out there full of ground whole grains and other good for you ingredients. When you do come across a cookbook that looks like you might like to try... remember this...measure and add ingredients exactly as written. Running around changing ingredients without solid, sound reasoning will just end up with off kilter products like you show above.   mimi
Never occurred to me to apply booze to a hunk of raw meat in order to inhibit bacterial growth so went in search of answers. Keep in mind that PROOF is roughly half of PERCENT when liquor is at a temp of 60ish degrees Fahrenheit (meaning 100 proof booze is actually around 50ish percent). http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2978/can-liquor-be-used-as-an-emergency-antiseptic   mimi   The one time I had tartar (was not a fan ;-) cognac was in the mix as well as...
Brainstorming is a group activity. Still waiting for the rest of your peeps.....   mimi
Re your 15 year old staff...   I feel for you my friend. That age group has no concept of work faster and make more money in the allotted open hours. Have just come home from a vaca in a town of around 1300 ppl (not a town...designated an incorporated village) and the only place with decent fresh sandwiches was the Subway located in a large convenience store lovingly referred to as "The Mall" lol. Stood there Sunday and waited while the only kid on duty left his...
 How did you get this 36 hours?Advance scouting with SV ? If you can get to a place where the brisket can be dropped every day or two continuously then you don't have such a problem worrying re spoilage (may take running a couple of circulator baths at once if things overlap).Also IMO... if I wanted to eat leftovers I could do it at home..... mimi
Want to add... I have never caught an octopus and just this past summer saw my first squid in the wild. We were floundering and had our limit but were still wandering in the moonlite amazed at the numbers of stingrays we were seeing (they birth their babies live and the small ones may be cute but can still make you sorry if you happen to step on it lol) and the fisherman pointed at what I thought was a jellyfish but turned out to be a smallish squid. Exciting for me and...
No worries we all get grumpy at times. My husband is the real fisherman of the family with his 87 year old mom coming in second. Amazingly she can stay out all day wading up and down the shorelines and doesn't even get pissed if her stringer is empty. Way more patient than I will ever be lol.   mimi
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