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 Not meant to take this OT section further off.....just really tired of chix noodle soup and other bland "sick bed" offerings.Must be feeling better because I am suddenly real hungry for some real food.Maybe I can get a care package from @laurenlulu.Heavy on the cayenne lovie ;-).http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/natchitoches-meat-pies-28091 mimi
 lol. mimi
 Did I mention I had the flu and ignored it ( ahhh I have about 30 years medical experience under my belt...just give me a couple bottles of NyQuil...)Did I mention that I have pneumonia?Lol...go get a flu shot y'all.....being sick and snarky only gets you left to your own devices...which in my case is a couple cans of chix noodle soup and a can opener I cannot figure out how to use. m.
 And? mimi
   I will work one side of the street ...just don't expect me to tweek...or is that twit? mimi
 So hire someone for the kitchen.Or cut back on the number of courses.A dinner party host is MIA a few times....just how it goes....nature of the beast and all that.If you have chosen a good mix of guests they will survive without you.All that manipulation and hot and cold and then getting a nice color then back in the oven to come to temp.....THAT is a disaster waiting to happen.Makes me weary just reading about it.All IMO of course. mimi
 Good to hear all that worry and work turned out for the best.Sometimes I think I have become a bit of a cynic in my old age.That one specially requested and perfectly executed dish will being you many referrals!mimi
Chuck has gotten a bad rap over the years. That your steaks have proper marbling shows your butcher is selling a better quality of product and is proud of this fact or those steaks would be going into the "grind" pile. Lucky you.   mimi
Good grief....are you really saving time or just showing your guests your hip new technique? Salmon is one of the quickest entrees out there. Get it seasoned and ready and once everybody is there and enjoying drinks slip into the kitchen and stick in the oven. Better yet have them into the kitchen to plate salads.   mimi
Health department. Otherwise the one? person who did this will get a slap on the hand and go back to his nasty habits in a heartbeat. Plus who knows what is happening when you aren't there. That owner has skin in the game .... and will do more than smile and nod his head if he hears if from someone in a suit speaking his language and holding a clipboard.   mimi
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