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Have you seen the blue silicone molds that cake decorators (mostly) use? The food safe silicone material is finally available to those of us willing to do the work and save $$$. Lots of info out there ........ mimi
Not necessarily.I am pretty sure if you come to the forum with specific questions you will get equally specific answers.It is a rarity to not get help from a CT member if they have the knowledge and 5 extra minutes to spend online .We've all been there.just sayin'mimi
Not knowing the recipe nor brand of ingredients I will hazard a guess. You left the crock pot on warm. The macaroni continued to absorb the sauce which broke the cheddar? cheese. You were left with mushy pasta and tiny curds of cheese. Like I said just a guess although an educated one born of experience lol. Agree with @MillionsKnives cannot be saved. Sounds like a PB&J kinda nite ;-) mimi
Most markets keep track of what all the members sell in order to prevent having 10 stalls selling nothing but cupcakes (soy candles, lavender bubble bath...you get the idea). Check with whoever approved your app. Will give you a good idea of what is lacking. Just keep in mind seasonal favorites are always popular and go from there. mimi
Are you asking for suggestions on how to finish off a walk in full of leftover ice cream base? What form is it in (liquid or powder) ? mimi
@Mikeswoods took the words right out of my mouth. Get your foot in that door and blow them away GF. Gook luck and def let us know how things go. mimi
@cheflayne not anal at all more of a micromanager lol. The difference is you cared to teach me how to do it. Expecting you at my door to take the task away from "the idiot who was allowed in the kitchen" is more anal I think. That is a great tip and I thank you (bowing deeply and with an air of gratitude ;-) mimi
Totally agree with the yum factor of the traditional British "roastie" (thanks for the new term lol).....I have made them by par boiling then drying out and finished off in the fat from my New Year's roast.Never fluffed tho .Will def add to my technique.Who doesn't love the idea of more fat crisped potato ????Anything else I may be missing @FionaL ?Hmmmm?mimi
@kuan. Lol the ability to eyeball the proper amt of fat remains a forever a mystery to me. My aim is for it to hit the meat at just over the half mark. I figure it is better to remove the extra already melted fat from the pan than to add cold and risk the temp plummeting. I cannot parallel park either. Something about poor spatial awareness lol. mimi
Having never experienced Momo fried chicken I stand firmly in the cook to order camp.Both of my recipes depend heavily upon the bird and flour being well seasoned (plenty of salt) before the overnite ( or all day maybe a good 8 hours) resting period.One includes an overnite buttermilk bath the other depends on the water that clings to the pieces (sometimes 6 sometimes 8 if I separate the wing from the breast) after washing.Number two is just a loosely termed brine...
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