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The message is good but agree with @Someday re the language. If you are of the opinion that no other word would fit the use ### or *****. We should at least try to pretend we are not savages....... mimi
Agreed.I have increasingly seen adds for chef positions asking for a diploma or at least some certifications BUT they are mostly for chains.If you are the owner/operator or cook who runs that catering biz (juggling the financial as well as menus, labor and inventory) feel free to call yourself whatever you want.Looks good to potential clients so knock yerself out and have some biz cards made up ( the kind that have your name and title PRINTED on not a line that you just...
 This is what the manufacturers (by order of the EPA or FDA or CIA or whichever letter grouping regulates this product) should be required to have people READ and sign or watch a vid or maybe tattoo on the buyer's forehead before even walking into the store.Would be way less tragic "accidents" IMO.During my time as ED case manager, my most hated duty was to explain how the team worked hard and despite all the heroic measures taken it was just too little too...
Don't make potato salad very often and have been working on this one for a couple of years now. I backed off of all the chopped onion and celery and boiled egg in Miracle Whip and yellow mustard (don't forget the 2 types of pickle lol) that was my mom's style and went with just a few ingredients and the potatoes were actually the star this time ;-) Made the dressing the nite before and mixed into hot from the stove new potatoes then covered and stuck in fridge. After it...
I have a couple of pans from my Gma Van's kitchen (have to be at least 60 years old prolly much more) that have made a couple of trips thru the dishwasher (I know.....but was an accident) and the "shiny" stripped right off. Is linseed what I need for the repair job? Don't mean to hijack the thread ..... just hit me that this question was manna from heaven as the DD wants the pans.   mimi
Why not put the power of the forum to good use... Post some pix and measurements. We have a pretty good record of finding things.   mimi
 This may be stretching things a bit ....but what a government recommends is not always prudent.Just ask the residents of Flint Michigan. mimi
 That's what I wanna know...... mimi
 That is the truth . mimi
We did the smoked pork roast thing (melted in the mouth like buttah) with my ever evolving dill laced potato salad (think I have hit it as this was the best rendition ever) a simple cuke, tomato and spring onion platter and fresh bread with a butter and garlic spread. An ode to my dad who was a flight instructor in the Army Air Force during WW2 (miss you Dad!) was a selection of his favorite pies (chess, cherry and pecan) and a peach cobbler with Blue Bell vanilla ice...
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