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Me too. mimi
Not quite sure what you are asking for but there is a product (Rich's Bettercream) that is popular with the supermarket bakeries here in the US. Looked online and saw quite a few knock off recipes if you are interested.   mimi
Cakes freeze well...the butter based do the best (buttercream as well just defrost and rewhip). I almost always have cookie dough in the freezer really easy just pre-portion then bake without even defrosting. Cheesecake is hit and miss for me...I have frozen leftovers and have had mixed outcomes probably related to ingredients.   There are loads of ideas online but most were meant to be enjoyed from the frozen state... if you don't have a lot of cookbooks or if the...
I try to steer clear of questions like these because whatever you advise someone has always done it , no problems.... Anything can be frozen it is the thawing that presents the problem. Soggy bases and watery fillings are the biggest problems you might face. Why not run a test drive and see? If it turns out...great. If not pass the job along or make simpler desserts that can be frozen and thawed with great results 100 percent of the time. Or come home from vaca early...
"  And even if this was true, then some poor guy is out of a job."   My point exactly.   mimi
 Plus....If there was a machine and/or easier way the house could drop an employee off the payroll and give everyone else a raise.Everyday prep can be mindlessly boring.Get used to it. mimi
Made it a point to drop by our Aldi a couple of days ago. Rented a cart but once I got inside could barely move it was so crowded. The square footage was about equal to a large convenience store (anyone familiar with Bucky's?) and that I suspect was the main problem. Gave a kid my cart to redeem the quarter and left. Will try again....   mimi
 What does this have to do with slavery/human trafficking ?Slander will get us nowhere....and possibly get the thread locked. mimi
 As well as the world's oldest profession.We can cluck our tongues and shake our heads until the cows come home but until the powers that be (not just here at home in the USA but most every modern, industrialized nation on the face of mother earth) stop propping up the countries that perpetuate this sort of thing it will continue.Those who close their eyes and shovel out billions for "relief aid" with one hand while hauling in cheap merchandise with the other (won't even...
Very little ... at this point mostly just training the plants where to grow and watering in the evenings (an hour or so) but we only planted 4 4x4s and 2 2x4s (herbs) this year. I make a pass thru in the early morning and pluck off whatever is ripe. We stagger the planting as well... we add another few plants/seeds 2-3 weeks after the first so not everything is ready at the same time.   mimi
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