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Curious....how did things turn out?What sort of desserts did you decide on and were they received well?mimi
Just curious. I know quite a few members use Stevia but why? What makes it the best? mimi
I agree with @Nicko If a refund was offered but declined by the client send some little something anyway. A big fruit basket with a pretty bow or a cookie tray are always nice. Tickets to the theater or a sports event if you know the owner is into that sort of thing. Be sure to include a note thanking them for their patronage. I wouldn't apologize or mention the problems just a big thanks. mimi
That looks pretty darn good kk! I was out on the water loading my stringer when the grumbling started. Dug in the Igloo and came up with a hunk of watermelon and a diet Dr Pepper! I seldom drink sodas and never diet ones. Tossed it back in and had some cold water runoff from the cooler lol. mimi
I hear ya @FarmerBrown ..... Had almost 2000 acres in cotton/corn/milo with husband number 2. This was almost 10 years ago and we had a nice beach house (with all the toys that went with it). Saw the farmer last week and he was driving a propane truck in the middle of the season. I did quite well when we split the sheets but a second job? Glad I got out when I did. mimi
I am serious about my cheese enchiladas. Fiesta brand has a product on the market that is hands down the best chile gravy I have ever used at home. I won't say it is the best when compared with one that uses all fresh ingredients and takes days to prepare but it is easy to use as well as quick when you need enchiladas NOW!!!! You just "fry" it briefly in a bit of oil then add water and whisk like crazy until thick and lump free. So perfectly balanced that if you close...
Thick cut bread, buttered and toasted on both sides. Slathered with grape jam and stuffed full of bacon. Made my sibs gag. Yummy I could eat one right now. My doc would kill me so maybe just a half portion lol. mimi
Breathtaking.... mimi
Guess I wasn't clear lol. The bays we fish are so full of fresh water run off from the spring rains and then TS Bill that the deer and other wild animals are having to swim to their usual feeding areas. These animals don't usually swim so it is a bit of a struggle and leaves them vulnerable to their only predator ( other than man) the alligator. A few days ago my fisherman came back with the news of a 10-12 foot grand daddy eyeing him from no more than 25 yards...
Has anyone tried this....... http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2015/06/10/aquafaba_baking_with_chickpea_liquid_for_vegan_meringues.html If not I think I will pick up a few cans of chick peas and give it a whirl. Still having some leftover Tropical Bill fresh water runoff and my spots are a bit deeper than I am comfy with. The fisherman experienced more than usual alligator movements plus one estimated 10-12 footer on Friday. As far I am concerned they can have all my...
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