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Good time to plan for the Round Top spring show (not RoundRock). 10 days of fun in the sun lol.   mimi
Google the shows you have your eye on. Their websites will have all that in the content or the FAQ page.   Like @BrianShaw stated it depends on the events and how popular they are as to what they charge you (most pay off the county after the fact for your convenience lol) The big 1-2 X per year antique shows will handle everything for you with the best spots going to longtime dealers and food vendors so the sooner you start the closer you will be to "in front center...
OK...don't laugh. One of the Grands left a Hershey "white chocolate" cookies and cream bar here the other day. Once I had a bite I couldn't stop. Think it was the little crunchy chocolate bits.....   Need to replace it but thinking of driving to a neighborhood where no one knows me lol.   mimi
 Bingo. mimi
I thought it was kinda heavy (re number of dishes and over garnishing) as well but maybe the client requested all this?   With that many dishes something is sure to not come out..... lookin' at the huge number of dishes in the main course and the odd palate cleanser. Pare it down and simplify. Fine dining refers to smooth and gracious service...nicely set table and good beverage pairings. As long as your guests feel comfy and have an "experience" they will be very...
 Join the crowd lol. m.
Welcome to Chef Talk, Al. Have you visited the knife forum? Pages and pages of threads.   mimi
Hi Lavona.... welcome to the forums. If you need help just ask.   mimi   Don't know which country or branch you served (doesn't matter anyway) and wanted to add... thanks for your service.   m.
Ask the inspector for advice. Most never get a civil conversation and you would be surprised at how friendly they can be when approached.   mimi
Like was mentioned above... there are lots of available options for those who either don't or won't consume. The local Spec's has pickled Cipollini  on the app bar... I keep some handy as the brine is awesome in a good roast gravy.   mimi
New Posts  All Forums: