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Do you have to use chocolate? Do you have to jam all of the components into one piece? If not think of a duo and save the orange for a Turkish Delight?. Simple and stand out among all of the other students heavy chocolate bites. Just a thought.   mimi
 I'll take that answer.Fairly standard with the rejects chalked on the blackboard as nitely "specials" to recoop the cost...I have had a taste of some great juices I would not buy for myself this way.By the glass NP.... dump it....if it becomes a nitely trend maybe someone in charge should thing about switching out for something more palatable to the masses. mimi
By wine tasting do you mean the waitperson splashes a couple of fingers in a glass and the house allows them to send it back if it is not "pleasing" to the palate? If so...a frickken nitemare waiting to happen. What happens if they go thru 4-5 bottles? Does the house still eat the cost?   Altho if this has been going on for the past 18 years and the place is still standing...NBD I s'pose.   mimi
Great poem @danilovesfood. Updike is a favorite of mine as his messages are easy to decipher but always profound IME. Thanks....   mimi
My only regret is not keeping an actual journal of this sweet time. Do have bits and pieces... including what I have noted here. Prolly plenty for a scrapbook...I will print everything out and give it a go.   She can display it on her wedding memory table along with the pix of her in the bluebonnet fields. A southern thing...along with the embarrassing video of the lovely couple growing up. The fisherman of course never wants that day to come....I only pray I am not...
Only 3 more days until "graduation". The little royal purple cap and gown (complete with gold tassel) arrived all bunched up in the bottom of her (Shopkin's) backpack. Horribly wrinkled and of a fabric I have never seen but hey...what should I expect for "only" eighteen bucks? Sent it to the cleaners as am terrified to get within 5 feet of the thing with an iron. The instructions suggested the "cool" setting and am looking forward to see how many kids have iron shaped...
Up early and kinda bored so checking up on my old threads....   No longer have a song spinning 'round up there... now it is vivid dreams. My pain meds usually prevent dreams or at least makes them too foggy to remember.   The one I seem to have the most ...                                                            I am scaling a fish I have never caught or even seen.                                                          Fat and thick and maybe 14 inches from...
 Congrats on the job....I knew 3 lines in you were a bit clumsy so just some advice from another person who sometimes  trips over her own feet.Slow down...get your head in the game and focus on one task at a time.You will gain muscle memory and then the speed will come naturally.The badass part takes a bit longer..... mimi
Great thread. Kudos. I am sure it is difficult to have to take your life out and examine it inch by inch in order to figure out where everything went so horribly wrong. Suggested reading for anyone dealing with depression and working towards a happy ending.       mimi
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