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I ran a short search in my new fave recipe collection site (Yummly.com) and it claimed to have more than one hundred recipes for candied citron cookies. Looked at a few and your noted ingredients were present along with various spices as well. Maybe take a lookie loo.... mimi
A job well done Lady K! Anyone who can get mimi to actually plan a dish and follow it thru (even if it ends in disaster) should be the head of HR at a Fortune 500 company. Or a elementary school principle lol. A month of dishes well played eastshores.... Looking forward to whatever dastardly plan you have in mind for the month of love. mimi
Welcome to Chef Talk! Rule # 1 Don't work for friends or family. Rule # 2 See rule #1 Kinda wondering why she felt the need to have 2 caterers in place and didn't just order the dessert table items at your usual and customary cost per item + overhead+delivery and set up+whatever profit you had in mind (that was all noted on the contract before you even accepted the deposit)? Maybe she assumed a discount would apply since she not only is one of your BFFs but was...
I guess we would have an excuse to drink an extra six pack or three seeing how we have just FRIED our FRIEND the turkey lol.Don'cha love spell check as assassin?mimi
So we are being asked to help only with your labor cost ... You have all the food and equipment and paper supplies PLUS your profit already in line? Just askin' is all. mimi
We call this candy Angel Food and is one of my fave guilty pleasures. Pete posted his recipe during this last holiday season. Looks to be a good one and I really like the addition of the chocolate dip. mimi
Having so much fun so will add one last slow cooker item. How about a slather of apple butter on a hot and buttery biscuit? Gave most of the jars away but found this one hidden behind a box of yogurt in the "drinks" fridge. The apple butter from last fall. The biscuit and butter a bit fresher. mimi
Moving right along..... Wanted to add another dessert so started digging thru my well stocked pantry and came across a can of condensed milk that was just this side of expiration and had another brilliant idea. Sorry if I am bragging but there were so many "not" hits that I thought I was due for some luck coming my way lol. The easiest way in the world to make caramel is to take a few cans of condensed ( not evaporated) milk and submerge in boiling water for a few...
After the disastrous first attempt I decided to think out of the box. Was up late last nite and the last thing I did before retiring was to throw together a slow cook breakfast. Who doesn't love oatmeal...right? After my previous experiments decided to skip right past the quick cook kind (which are barely usable for cookies IMO) and went straight to the steel cut. Added water, salt, raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon and cranberries to the crock set on low and went to...
Dessert from a crockpot is not only delish but simple, or so I was promised by not only countless blogs but also one grey haired lady pushing her cookbook in the middle of the nite. Always have been gullible and told myself if those people can take a can of this and a jar of that and toss a box of whatever on top then I should be able to do it . No sweat.....right? Was able to salvage the last 2 jars of home canned cherry pie filling from one attempt and about half of a...
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