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I came across this a couple of years ago and tried a few of the ideas that made sense and was really happy with the results. Really fun to take something so unexpected to a party . http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/709238 mimi
I know most of yall don't routinely gather enuf leftover cake to do these desserts, right? A quick box cake mix is a quick sub and a worthy sacrifice lol. http://www.cakespy.com/blog/2011/9/13/30-uses-for-leftover-birthday-cake.html   mimi
 Bourbon balls dusted with cocoa.   mimi
Speaking of the Astros.... I cannot find my rally monkey... autographed by Craig Biggio himself. Stuck one of the Grands up at the rail with the brand new monkey and a sharpie. I realize this is behavior of the lowest sort but it was his 3000 hit year!!!! Have turned the house upside down and even checked Ebay.   Nope. Nada. Nowhere.   mimi
Just added favas to my shopping list. Will it be sacrilegious if we eat this instead of roasted peanuts while watching baseball? Do you think this sub will break the Astros winning streak?   mimi
Have you ever tried to edit a lengthy post to add a link or a cut and paste and you end up deleting the whole thing? Thanks for the recipe @Steve TPHC (post #106)
 My bad for not fact checking.Much worse than I initially thought.....Run (or power walk lol) Forrest Run as fast and as far away from this wacky diet plan as you can!There are lots of web sites dedicated to healthy whole food eating.Couple that with 20 min or so of exercise every day and you will not only obtain  the physical body changes you are seeking but you will feel so much better! mimi Actually the best diet plan you can have is washing dishes in a busy...
Welcome to Chef Talk! Wow. That is a lot of eggs. One (size large) boiled egg has around 100 calories. That would be 1500 calories per day. Pretty sure as long as you got some sort of exercise every day (I used to be a runner till my back blew out...now I swim) you would indeed slim down. Altho to lose weight and keep it off takes a change in lifestyle. You will eventually get tired of eggs and start eating everything in sight ....will gain back what you lost and probably...
@French Fries those look really yummy. What do you fry them in? Do you just take them out of the bag, rinse,  dry and then fry? Or do the dried favas require rehydration? Do tell plz.   mimi
 The larger and older the fish the higher the mercury present in the flesh (as a rule).Can you post a picture of your sleeve fish ?I may know it by a different name and could maybe help you a bit better. OBTW welcome to Chef Talk. mimi
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