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Sorry the above looks wacky ... the WiFi is not the best at the end of the road (fishing village on Gulf of Mexico) but the fishing is great lol!!! m.
cI am a nibbler and it gets more pronounced the older I get.If I happen to stumble into chef boy's place at some point the above plate would make me happy indeed.After all it is the meat I am after.Nice to nibble the steak and spear a tiny piece of "tops" for a flavor twist every few bites.I am also a firm believer in our 1st Amendment ( realize this part does not apply to you @chefboyOG being a Canuck and all ;-) and tho I do not agree with your belief of sides with...
No bruised or broken toes, pan lol.Ross hit it head on when he pointed out the fact that the current BTB's don't wanna pay for all the really time consuming piping and certified organic flowers .Slap on a layer of fondant and quilt it lol.Rather take tango lessons and import a cigar roller lol.mimi
@JCakes Good old American Buttercream....makes my teeth ache just thinking about it. My 4.5 year old grand is already tearing pages out of magazines lol. Mostly just dresses...her fave is the one Angelina Jolie's kids designed (from People Magazine). Hope I am spry enuf to dance at her wedding. mimi
My reply, BB had more to do with reminding you of a little character flaw known as lack of work ethic. Not accusing you or anything..... just sayin'   If the Chef instructors expect a proper, perfectly rested overnite Brioche I doubt it will be on the exam. Prolly just a rumor born of panic... Here is a google recipe with a 4 hour cold resting period http://www.food.com/recipe/brioche-51546 Start it first and you may have time.   I have not personally tested it and...
Help how? By sounding like your mom and scolding because you did not practice enuf? Try the search option... there are manymany recipes as well as tips and trix. If you can hit every other component on the test maybe a half a## Brioche will give enuf points to squeak by. Luck!   mimi
I agree @Canele. Tho not so popular with the masses at the moment, fresh flowers bring a breath of life to the event IMO. I would rather place one perfect example of whatever than a hundred gumpaste reproductions. Elegant. mimi And don't even get me started on real fabric ribbon! I kinda like what "they" are doing with that plastic icing lace and Victorian lace molds and I do it if requested (and paid for ;-) but there is just something about a swath of sheer ribbon that...
's alrite @IceMan. It is kinda gross.   My go to is usually based on a stabilized meringue but living and baking on the Gulf of Mexico means sometimes I just have to go there. There are those brides who have planned their weddings since they were toddlers and they always insist on a beach or the middle of daddy's north forty ...in JULY. Not Crisco  but the hi ratio shortening (works better and is not as greasy on the palate IMO) and I call it DECORATOR ICING lol. Jam...
Damn! I outed myself lol! mimi
@Canele Egads woman! Did you torture defenseless animals during childhood? Not that I care one way or another.....think it is a marketable product and have some extra $$$ laying around if you plan to take it public lololol. mimi
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