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IMO seafood sausages are a more upscale item and the presentation should reflect that. The one time I helped do this we packed natural casings and after steaming the look was no where near hitting the mark. We were able to save the day by carefully peeling them (casings) away but given a second chance I would use the collagen sort. Again just my thoughts.   mimi
 Welcome to Chef Talk William..... mimi
I have never had sauerbraten. Don't think I have ever even been anyplace with it on the menu. I live in an area that (used to be) heavily populated by Eastern Europeans who came to the US to homestead land and farm. Mostly Czechs tho... noodles and kolach and sausage.   Back to equilibrium.... the process is called diffusion (can be the word of the day if you want ;-) The process by which all matter inside and around an object becomes the same...(equal). When...
Are you familiar with salt rising bread? The lack of yeast and the cheesy odor both fit but unless you followed the recipe for such my suspicion is your poolish was just in the right place at the right time and became "infected"? Good article in Popular Science.... "The Disquieting Delights of Salt Rising Bread". Is this what happened? Maybe maybe not.. to prove (lol ;-) it the poolish would need to be cultured and examined.   mimi   Thanks for this interesting...
 If whatever you are brining remains tightly covered and/or whatever fluid is lost thru evaporation is replaced (to maintain equilibrium) everything will remain hunky-dory.It is the loss of the fluid that changes the formula and forces whatever you are cooking to absorb more salt. mimi
What did it look like?   mimi   edit...the poolish not the bread.   m.
Mustard is not one of my fave condiments but if there is only grainy in the fridge I would put reg smooth yellow on the list....just more versatile in my kitchen.   Best candy....Easter or Christmas?   mimi
 Why does there always have to be an excuse?The walk in is dirty so go clean it up, document every scrap tossed out (along with how much) date and sign it.Place it on whoever's desk and walk away.Waiting for a pat on the head diminishes the deed.Adults should not need praise for doing the right thing. Enjoy the day off..go back...and kick butt...'cuz that's just the kinda guy you are.Right? mimi
What @foodpump said... BOTOH there is no reason to not be applying for paying jobs. There are some Chefs who prefer virgin cooks with some knowledge but not a lot of experience. Teachable without a lot of bad habits to break.   mimi
Santa ;-) left a gift card from in my stocking. I ordered a range of products and found the swirls to be a nice way to not only flavor but color... so far have only done cheesecake but planning ice cream for Easter ... They also offer oil based coloring pastes which may be useful for your cake ball icings. Kinda pricey but hey...if it saves product from the disposal bin the price evens out eventually IME.   mimi   OBTW...I saw that Amazon carries this...
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