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The freezing process breeches the cell walls then as it thaws the (the only word that comes to mind is mucous) kinda oozes out.Another great dish that uses okra...combine with stewed tomatoes and corn , add chicken stock and season (I add a tiny bit of sugar, salt, pepper and a hit of lemon juice or vinegar).Serve over hot buttered rice.Yum.Comfort food.mimi
IMO heavily saturated artificial colors leave a bitter aftertaste (esp red and black). But...I can get a deeper red by adding freeze dried strawberry powder (mix in with the almond flour and 10X when grinding) then a few drops of a " no taste" red gel color at the end of the meringue stage with the flavoring. There ya"ll have my last best secret tip. Enjoy! mimi
Even if there is fresh okra available I reach for the frozen cut up styles.It does a better job of thickening.Toss however much you think is needed into the pot just before you add the shrimps/ pre cooked proteins.Then place whatever is leftover back in freezer before it defrosts.Whatever you do don't leave it out to thaw or you may never eat again Trust me on this lol.mimi
To stretch the life of sour cream (to the sell by date) NEVER double dip.For example...you spooned a dollop of sour cream on your potato and decide you want more.Discard that spoon for a fresh one.Yeahyeahyeah....I am certain the spoon never touched the potato.Doesn't matter.Ditch it.Has never failed me.Of course I have never been able to get that darned OCD under control either lol.mimi
Which fridge lol? mimi
Toss that recipe in the circular file and toss a match in with it (although keep that flavor profile IMO sounded divine). Really...Goldi! If you have become proficient enough to work with meringue and folding techniques required for a mac shell, you can easily handle a Italian buttercream! If I remember correctly Petals posted a source for Italian bc the other day. It is in this thread.... Hope that helped! mimi
I seldom do a whole loin...the hubs slices them about 1.5 inches thick then vacuum wraps. When we feel porkish I remove from freezer, butterfly and pound the heck out of them and from there I do a flour dust then egg wash and flour again for a take on chicken fried steak. This is a bone in roast...about 8 lbs of which 2 lbs will be ground and seasoned for breakfast sausage. I just want to brine for flavor not tenderness. Thanks guys I am off to check out "equilibrium"...
I have brined many turkeys as well as chickens (Gma Van always brined the chickens she fried so of course I do as well) but this will be my first pork roast. Yes I have searched and have the actual salt/sugar base down. My question is....what (if any) aromatics and/or spices will be most compatible with pork. Another question is how long do I leave it in the brine. The roast weighs six pounds...bone in with a nice fat to lean ratio. My sides? Cornbread...
Search key words(cheesecake no bake chocolate) here on CT. Almost certain there was a recent thread. If that is a bust go to Pinterest and try these search words (cheesecake no bake chocolate). Definitely saw a pix there yesterday.   mimi
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