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http://www.webstaurantstore.com/ateco-829-11-16-open-star-9-pastry-tube-august-thomsen/144829.html http://www.amazon.com/Ateco-Pastry-Tube-Star-Size/dp/B0000VLEFE   mimi
Don't put them in with your work history. When you compose the cover sheet mention the 2 or 3 most successful caterers with whom you maintained a casual working relationship during school. I liked the description in your initial post, short sweet and you didn't come across like a egotistical a**.   mimi
I am not ignoring your question. Gimmie a min to think.   mimi
IMO you cannot go wrong with a mustard or spicy chunky tomato sauce. Delicate flesh so either fry briefly in olive oil or maybe hit with a hot smoke for a min or two. OR Put them in cans with key to open it glued to the top and save it for your deer stand snack next winter.   mimi   OBTW... you must have gotten up very early to score such beautiful fish. Is your che-burger truck on the streets today?
A gadget. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gadget   mimi
Depends. When you are young and just have a couple of years for your CV reference contacts I would say yes. Be sure to make it clear that this is on call work and not job hopping. Later on when you are an established rock star of the pastry world you can drop them . You know you are there when the person interviewing you has no need to see your portfolio ( as your rep has proceeded you lol). mimi
@kaneohegirlinaz So sorry! Been in full on hunter-gathering mode! I spent more than two hundred dollars at HEB on Monday (it is expensive to practice a healthy diet!) and shelled out almost that much today for the long weekend. Had to hip check someone to get to the briskets (come on! text the hubs someplace else!) and it must have been mommy and me day 'cuz everywhere I went there were crying kids! AGHHH! Been busy trying to prep so I can enjoy myself tomorrow. My part...
Welcome to Chef Talk ! Your brownie recipe sounds yummy! Chocolate is a finicky mistress. She can go from sweet and cuddly to a scorching beast in a heartbeat. First put a couple of oven thermometers in two different areas of your oven. This will allow you to check for oven temp accuracy so you can regulate the desired temp if need be. IMO the problem is the size of the pan (scorching on edges). Your pan is too big (or your oven is too small lol) and I would advise...
Color Catchers (same company as Shout pre-treat spray). Look like dryer sheets but don't let that fool you. Go ahead and test a few... the gauntlet I threw before it was a new red t-shirt and a few white pillow cases. The spent "catcher" was saturated with red dry and the pillowcases were still white. I always throw at least one sheet in with every load. A bit of insurance that has saved more than a few light colored shirts that got mixed in with jeans or navy blue...
http://www.cakescookiesandcraftsshop.co.uk/rainbow-dust-metallic-food-paint-dark-gold.html Have you even tried (the gold was what came up with a short Google sure there are many colors out there somewhere),With high end chocolatiers using it for truffles it cannot be all bad.With a rep to uphold I would think this has been carefully vetted.    RIP mac!Gone are the days of constant talk about feet and hollow shells. mimi
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