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Alex. By the time you walk into the venue for an event the quotes have been accepted and the contract is signed and the check has cleared the bank. No way would I refund one dime unless there was some sort of disaster concerning my services. Plus I require all the money up front ... half when the contract is signed and the rest 2 weeks before the date. Do you really believe that the financials are NBD? Unless I make a nice profit I won't accept a job and I would not...
Sadly yes. mimi
 Do you think it has anything to do with the bleeding technique? mimi
 *gasp* you mean he doesn't  ? mimi
Once upon a time there was a brilliant chef on this site. He always answered questions like yours with great math as well as advice to back it up. Sometimes he made the OP angry as he assumed if said OP was REALLY a hospitality pro the OP would have developed a thick skin (something that can make or break  you).   His name was Pete McCracken and sadly he was called home (followed that brite white light to the great kitchen in the sky). He is sorely missed...not only...
 Who is doing the meat?mimi
The walk in reefer makes a great conference room (esp when the BOH is slammed) as it is insulated and you don't have to drag the cook too far from the line.     mimi
Want to add... WELCOME !!!!! mimi
A reefer with a Kuerig installed on the door.... Oh wait. They already did that.   mimi
 Not so much once you prep everything.....For example.... 10 lbs of fish will yield (once cleaned) enuf for about 6-8 entrée portions.It all hinges on the weight of the head (don't leave those cheeks behind...cooks treat!) and the carcass. mimi
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