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 Perfectly in my mind.......Not one word from you meeze  . mimi
I agree sounds a bit much (unless he is counting all foodstuffs plus dessert plus factoring in the greedy serve yourself cattle call at the buffet factor '-) If not maybe he will swoop down and explain. You have to admit he is doing something right as he is a super successful Swedish entrepreneur ...not many pies he doesn't have a finger in so I tend to trust his advice.   mimi   Then again sometimes our electronics have a mind of their own ........ 
  Seems somehow an upgrade occurred without my permission.....I have sent it to time out PLUS restricted it from all contact with other electronics.... memers
Redundant wrong thread....... Darn IPad has mind of its own. mimi
Wrong thread
A thick layer of buttercream conceals many sins . Or maybe break it up for a trifle.   mimi
 Well it must not be the cook who graduated before you.He would be in there rubbing it in already lol. mimi OBTW....this little ongoing saga is kinda interesting.Since retiring I miss some of the drama lol.
Now why didn't I think of that????We just had a whole thread on this.Good catch pan. mimi
@Lagom answered the portion question back in another one of your threads..... http://www.cheftalk.com/t/85638/how-much-should-i-cook#post_503793   Dude start writing stuff down.   mimi
Google is your friend. Lots of wedding/event support sites.   mimi
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