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As Nicholas said, you are introducing air to the heavy cream, thus making it foamy. Adding sugar would add some stability, but if it fell apart that might be a sign that you overwhipped it. Most likely, your bakery is not using whipped cream. btw, I am a current student at Le Cordon Bleu.
My name is Charbel. I am currently a pastry and baking student with one more class left.   I choose this career path about ten years too late (cliché: it's never too late!). I have a bachelor in chemistry and an MBA. Neither of which brought me the satisfaction that I get from working in the kitchen, and creating original pastry!   In short, I am here to learn and share!
Hello everyone... I am a culinary student (Baking & Pastry) looking for an externship. If you are looking (or know of someone who's looking) for bakers or pastry cooks, please let me know.   Thank You!
1. Letter fold 2. 3 times 3. Make sure you let the dough rest about 20 minutes between folds, in the fridge 4. Butter is always going to leak a bit. Too much leaking might indicatenthat you are using too much butter. 5. I bake it at 400F until dark golden brown. 6. If the dough didn't rise enough (shouldn't bee too big of a rise anyways), maybe you can proof it at a higher temperature than the room temp. I hope this helps!
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