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I love your posts on the food truck questions chefbubba. I swear some pep just ask questions without thinking of any of the answers for them selves but you have away of pointing out the obvious with out saying duh.
You can use donut robots that take batter so no proofing or pans to take up space. You can get the robots that make full size and mini donuts too. The it's all about toppings
Very good info from some of these posts. Still not sure if I can cook in my kitchen in fl though, lol! I am a chef of 13 years and my wife and I are cockering moving to Virginia beach and starting a mobil kitchen. I am familiar with the rules for temporary stands for festivals and events but does any one know how the area is on food trucks and the commisary regs. I have found bits of info but nothing solid. Any info on the subject would be much appreciated.
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