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A typical vegan cream sauce is made with cashews http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/savory-or-sweet-cashew-cream/  Tal Ronnen is credited with developing the concept. There are many good vegan cookbooks in print right now where you will find more ideas for plant based substitutions.
I have used Madhur Jaffrey's and Julie Sahni's books for years and love them. I also recommend Hari Nayak's My Indian Kitchen and Raghavan Iyer's 600 Curries.
I have a 12-quart All Clad stockpot that has a pasta insert. It's fabulous for soup and stock. I use the insert whenever I make veggie broth, which makes removing the veggies so easy. It's a wonderful pot and only costs $149, much less than the regular All Clad stockpots. You can order it from a variety of places like Chef's, Metro Kitchen, and Amazon. Williams Sonoma often has it on "sale" for $149, which is the standard price everywhere I've seen it.
I still use my tattered copy of Edward Espe Brown's Tassajara Bread Book as well as the others mentioned on this thread.
I grew up with the Fannie Farmer cookbook and use it often. My great-grandmother was a school cook, and my father still has her copy. That's the book I consider most essential. My second essential for home cooks is "Cooking at Home with the Culinary Institute of America."
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